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Mr. Penta vs Mrs. Burke Thorough write-up of the #medforddebate from a liberal perspective


great debate

Watch the debate here


By Joe Viglione

NOTE: When Republican candidate Robert Cappucci ran for Democrat Pat Jehlen’s seat he and his campaign manager told me they were campaigning against President Obama.  My response was: Local elections are not about Democrat or Republican, they are about potholes, empty storefronts, schools, public access tv, painting crosswalks.   Pat Jehlen got my vote.  Right now Hillary Clinton has my vote for President.  Let’s see how the progressives battle it out in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The stakes are big.

The stakes are big in Medford. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more progressive and/or liberal than me.  Where some Republicans in Massachusetts use the term “independent,” I proudly say Democrat. 

Being a Democrat means being a RESPONSIBLE Democrat, and voting your conscience means that you vote for the RIGHT PERSON, not just lockstep check off “D” because Local 25 wants you to, or because a poor candidate is being bolstered by the party locally.

There is no doubt that Mr. Robert Penta is the better candidate, the one running the better campaign, the one with the bigger ideas, as evidenced by The Great Debate.  IN the mail he has sent out The Penta Plan three times.  Mrs. Burke, on the other hand, doesn’t have a plan, talks about resurrecting old plans that have been set aside (and are, most likely, out of date,) and more chilling, it felt – at the debate – like Muccini-Burke was dangling by McGlynn flypaper. You could see her struggle.   When Mr. Penta spoke you could see Muccini-Burke twitching with discomfort, her facial movements were as telling as her leg shaking non-stop.

“As Your Mayor I Will Hire an Outside Auditor” is something that Muccini-Burke would LOVE to be saying, but she can’t handcuffed by McGlynn, the Mayor of the past 28 years who has wrecked the infrastructure of our city.  McGlynn’s toxic endorsements may not have demolished the campaigns of Erin DiBenedetto for State Rep, Carl Sciortino for Congress and Martha Coakley for Governor, but they certainly didn’t help those candidates.  Muccini-Burke’s sputtering campaign can be placed solidly on the shoulders of her affiliation with McGlynn, and is an indicator that were she to become mayor, she would be standing in the shadows of Mike.  That is not good for anyone, certainly not for Democrats. 

Would you vote for Tom Finneran or Sal DiMasi knowing what you know now?  McGlynn’s relationship with former Speaker DiMasi and – even more chilling – McGlynn’s tight allegiance to crooked James V. DiPaola, the late Middlesex Sheriff who put patronage and malfeasance above honesty. McGlynn cannot be separated from DiPaola with temperamental Paul Camuso  hired by DiPaola, McGlynn cousin Johnny Granara – alleged campaign manager to both crooked Sheriff DiPaola and McGlynn – there in the background like Darth Vader, and the rotten-to-the-core Bob Covelle and his reprobate wife Patricia DiPaola Covelle, all part of the McGlynn inner circle that we Democrats, and this city, need to get away from.  Not to mention that Stephanie Burke’s alleged assistant was wife of the crooked sheriff Adeline DiPaola (all due respect, she is said to be a nice person…but she has that name and that relationship,) one of McGlynn’s secretaries, you see a stagnation that the residents need to RUN away from. 

But put aside Stephanie Burke’s sleazy associates, let’s go to the husband she never speaks about.  At #MedfordDebate 2015 “The Great Debate” – Middlesex Superior Court Assistant Clerk Brian Burke was abusive and nasty. The vicious hothead was demanding ALL of Bob Penta’s supporters be removed from a front row where they were seated, which included this videographer.    Burke made two comments about me, one being “Get That Motherfucker Out of There” or “Out of here” – and one prior about having me bounced out of there or something.  It was the use of the word “motherfucker” at an event where there were 1,000 people, by a candidate’s husband that she will show a photograph of, but not say the name of, that should be studied.  It’s actually a reason why Mrs. Burke should resign.

The Ascertainment hearing for Comcast on May 7th is something the Mayor wanted to slip through the cracks and have in secret, though the law demands it be very transparent. There is no transparency with McGlynn.   Mrs. Burke left her position as Budget Director around May 10.  She was still Director of Personnel/Budget when the May 7th hearing happened.  Why was she not there for this critical hearing?

Only Robert M. Penta was there supervising Comcast fees, Comcast’s work ethic, all aspects of Comcast’s 10 year contract the Mayor signed AFTER the Mayor said he would resign at the end of 2015.  No School Committee person showed up (and I believe my friend Robert E. Skerry had an obligation to do so,) no councilors showed up except for Bob Penta, and Mark Rumley ran from the event, as did Michael J. McGlynn. 

Because they call themselves “Democrat” but not doing the job is no reason to vote for them.  This liberal has had enough of the phony Democrats as Michael J. McGlynn is every bit as abusive as Dick Cheney could ever hope to be.  McGlynn IS Dick Cheney, and just because he wears a D on his sleeve only means that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be duped, Democrats, McGlynn is not honest with the residents of Medford and is one big phony. A Dinosaur and a Dino – Democrat in Name Only who is an anachronism.   Medford doesn’t need that, and Mrs. Burke did NOTHING to distance herself from the very Rogue-Republican-acting Michael J. McGlynn.   There are good Republicans and good Democrats, Michael J. McGlynn is neither.    But local elections are about the right person.  That the Supreme Judicial Court now is looking at a complaint on Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s husband for possible violation of canons, ethical violations at the Great Debate, speaks volumes. The letter from the Trial Court is dated October 20.  Mr. Burke was invisible in Muccini-Burke’s campaign until the great debate.  Acting like a Local 25 thug on steroids, those indicted for allegations of violence against woman recently, is very telling.  Muccini-Burke never gave that union money back, never denounced such ugly behavior, her supporters saying “just a few bad eggs” is a “just a little pregnant” moment. Reprobate Sean O’Brien, with his own troubled past of documented threats, said that ALL of Local 25 was behind Muccini-Burke. That includes those indicted.  Yet Burke and that hideous “councilor” Adam Knight hold tight to their FIve Hundred Dollar bills from the suspicious Local 25.

Do you want more outside interests like Republic Parking taking sixty five percent of our monies, or unions telling you to take Stephanie or else?   This liberal doesn’t condone that behavior or like the prospect of old friend Mrs. Burke, someone I once admired, going to the dark side and turning this city into McGlynnville.  Stephanie Burke is Mike McGlynn in drag and Medford cannot afford a phony Democrat besmirching the Democratic brand.

“A police officer captured on video, threatening a motorist” is a question from Kerry Kavanaugh  Mr. Penta gave the appropriate answer, not about Stephen Lebert specifically, about ANY cop that goes rogue: “There’s the door.”   Mrs. Burke couldn’t even compete.

Post Script: When Mrs. Burke left the City Council we the people felt that she would be our Ombudsman (Ombudswoman) at City Hall. Instead, she worked with McGlynn and became a loyal lieutenant. In a perfect world one would hope that Mrs. Burke and Solicitor Mark Rumley would turn State’s Evidence against McGlynn.  Hopefully, they’ll have to, someday soon.


COMMUNITY MEDIA MEDFORD IS A COMPANY listed at Medford City Hall as an official business.  The company put the sole proposal for a public access TV station in to City Hall on March 26th, 2015.  Joe Viglione has interviewed over 1,000 guests on radio and television, and is published in many books including the genres of soul, blues, jazz, country and rock music.


1:31 in on the 2 hour video

ALLEGATION: Did Nell Escobar Coakley Dismiss a High School Sex Scandal to Benefit McGlynn?

Is the Editor of the Medford Transcript attempting to shape Election 2015 by promoting dumb press releases from Muccini-Burke while burying key stories???

9:29 pm October 11, 2015

Nell Escobar Coakley, as a mother, should be concerned about how Mayor McGlynn evaporated the racism allegations, the dismissal of teachers from the Medford school system including TV3’s Ron DeLucia and Jenna Tarabelsi with the public not getting proper updates.  

Did Ron DeLucia resign or was he booted?  A School Committee person told me “and they don’t want him back.”

How can parents make an educated evaluation when the weekly newspaper doesn’t look into Mr. Delucia of TV3’s background at the school, doesn’t do proper follow-up on the Jenna Tarabelsi case, and any other “dismissal” in the Medford school system.

     It’s too important an issue to get the usual Nell Coakley “TV3 gives me a headache” excuse when she doesn’t feeling like working for the citizens of Medford.  Re-typing press releases from reprobate Arthur Alan Deluca or Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s smear campaign is not journalism, it is playing politics to the point where Escobar Coakley BECOMES the story, and every article she posts is suspect for lacking objectivity.

    How does this serve advertisers? How does this serve people who purchase the paper or who buy goods and services from the Transcript’s advertisers and sponsors.  How does the laziness from Nell Escobar Coakley help our fractured community? 

   I worked for Escobar Coakley and have a strong indication of her political leanings in our city, where she does not live.  She works out of the office on the north shore, so how does that put her anywhere near the news, except for what she receives via e mail, phone or fax? But as a mother, how can Escobar-Coakley turn a blind eye on stories when ignoring follow-up on TV3, ignoring follow-up on the Jenna Tarabelsi story indicates that other stories, possibly, are swept under the rug.   “How Do You Sleep” is a song by John Lennon; it would be nice if Escobar Coakley gave it a listen.



Medford Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. at the Crossroads


  • I went down to the crossroads,
    Fell down on my knees.
    I went down to the crossroads,
    Fell down on my knees.
    Asked the Lord above for mercy,
    “Save me if you please.”
  • Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. is like Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters…at the crossroads.  The story on embattled detective Stephen LeBert opened up a can of worms that are now slithering around the chief’s reputation, and reaching up to the second floor of 85 George P. Hassett Drive. 
  • Let’s look at the facts one by one, and the dark specter of Michael J. McGlynn hanging over the chief like a diabolical shadow, pure malevolence steering Buddy Sacco right, left, up, down, sideways…you get the picture.
  • Long before Stephen LeBert’s wrongful conduct caught up to him thanks to a  dashcam operated by Malden resident Michael A. Coates, there was that huge problem with Sergeant James Lee, brother of the late budget director, Richard Lee.  In retrospect, had Chief Sacco handled the case of Jimmy Lee with more precision and strength instead of the slap on the wrist, had the police department showed a little outrage at the vicious split of a woman’s lip by the alleged philanderer, well, there is so much nepotism (or as Johnny Byers calls it, NEPHEWTISM) in Medford politics that it is disgraceful.

      Nephewtism in Medford Politics

      Stephen LeBert has Uncle Dickie

      Reprobate Paul A. Camuso has Uncle Bob

      Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has Uncle Gene

       Attorney Brian D. Skerry has Step Uncle-in-Law  Attorney Johnny Granara

      Sgt Jimmy Lee had brother Richard Lee in a position of power.

Paul A. Camuso also had Aunty Carol, the community organizer, as his de facto  campaign manager

Sgt Jimmy Lee allegedly was philandering with at least two women, and he’s a married man.  Was he philandering on company time?  While he was obligated to “protect and serve” the public?  With the Ashley Madison breach something very intriguing was brought to the public’s attention again – that adultery is unacceptable in the military.  Why did Chief Sacco not only stand for it, but Sacco attacked the victim and praised the offender!


In addition to turning a blind eye to Jimmy Lee’s alleged philandering, the Chief of Police in Medford decides to throw the victim under the bus:

“This young lady has had a number of issues,” Sacco said. “If Sergeant Lee struck her, it was wrong. But she has a history.”

As a victim of TV3 Medford, after the police had determined twice that this writer was the victim, the sole victim, I received a phone call to “mediate” with the attackers.

Only in the city of Medford, but now the chickens and sparrows and pigeons are roosting on the broken police station windows and at the corner officer where McGlynn stares out in total confusion

upside down mike 2

Then Chief Sacco has to encounter the Stephen LeBert national news story and eat crow about Marjorie McMillan’s complaints that were presumably ignored.

McMillan met with the mayor and Chief Sacco about the incident last fall. Sacco says now that he couldn’t believe LeBert would behave this way. He allowed his opinions of McMillan—who he called a repeat complainer—to affect his judgement. 

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has manipulated and abused the Chief of Police, handcuffed the police chief, so that perpetrators that are beneficial to McGlynn (think Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.) get away with the old proverbial term – murder – while citizens who complain are told by Sacco that:

a)they complain too much

b)they have “a history”


c) they get ignored.

That’s not protecting and serving the public. That’s protecting and serving the corrupt Mayor.

Chief Sacco appearing on August 25, 2015 at the Medford Public Library with the carpetbagger Facebook terrorist trespasser, Michael C. Ruggiero, is an embattled chief of police making another bad decision in a city that is fractured, upside down, and lawless beyond belief.



Lebert Unprofessional

Our previous article on Chief Sacco

A reader of the Transcript writes: 

  • Jeff Urciuoli
Sacco should say “I resign effective immediately, because I consider myself personally responsible for everything Stephen Lebert has done.” Then he should leave the stage, go home, and stay there.
*Stephen Lebert,  

*Sgt. Jimmy Lee,

*Alan Doherty and his bloated salary,

*Shawn Norton,

*Miguel Lopez, all five cops were on Sacco’s watch.

Look up each story. You’ll find them on or just Google the names of those officers to see how scandalous this truly is.

Sacco went from being the Colin Powell of Medford to its Roger Goodell. To pick one council candidate out of 16 is a huge error in judgment. That the candidate – Ruggiero – has only lived in Medford for 10 months, is one thing.  That Ruggiero was caught by residents allegedly trespassing, writing vicious, nasty, untruths on private  Facebook pages and harassing a senior citizen, it says it all.     Sacco’s poor judgment is mind boggling.  Showing up at the library with the likes of a “sneaky” individual like Ruggiero (and that’s what one of Ruggiero’s colleagues called him on Monday, “sneaky”) is just not right.

That’s not protecting and serving. That is enabling someone, Michael C. Ruggiero, that Chief Sacco should be investigating, not endorsing with this foolishness.



Bob Penta Quietly Helped A Constituent During Tragedy

When a Medford resident lost his life partner, a man who had lived with him for close to two decades, the most traumatic moment of the man’s life, one person made a phone call to see if he could be of assistance.  The man who had the integrity to reach out to a constituent in that constituent’s time of need was Robert M. Penta.

Without Bob Penta’s assistance in helping make the funeral arrangements, I absolutely don’t know what I would have done.  It was inconceivable of me to think that a crisis of this magnitude would be upon me when life was good and getting better.  Two guys who would have dinners at Carroll’s, Bickford’s, Bertucci’s, Joe’s American Bar and Grille, Applebees, the 99s, Outback in Medford and in Burlington – we had our rotation of dinner establishments and had great conversations with the members of the staff at each restaurant.   We had our vacations planned for 2014, we had lots of plans, but one very cold week in the winter of 2014 ended a partnership of two guys who just got along so very well.   As a lovely woman at one of the restaurants said “He was the yin to your yang.”

yin yang



In ancient Chinese thought, the concept of two complementary and opposing influences, Yin and Yang, which underpin and control all nature. 

In traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine, the goal is to have a proper balance of such forces.
A woman who I invited as a guest to Paul Donato’s breakfast at Anthony’s was divorcing her husband.  I was closer to her but always got along with her husband, so we had breakfast together a few weeks ago, he and I.  He has a new girlfriend, she has someone else, but we wanted to stay in touch on our own now that their lives had changed, as had mine.   He, an attorney, has a sharp mind, so I posed a question.  “We had a commitment to stay together forever.  When he passed on did he make good on the agreement?”  My friend said “He didn’t have a choice.”   Wise man, good answer.      I kept the passing as private as possible as my friend was a very, very private man.   Me being outgoing, into rock and roll, he being quiet and introspective, and into classical music, it really was a pairing of opposites that worked wonderfully.
Bob Penta had met my friend at Carroll’s – as had Rick Caraviello and a few others.  Robert Cappucci never realized it, but he and my partner had struck up a conversation at Carroll’s one night when I wasn’t there, and my friend had planned on voting for Cappucci after meeting him in person.  He found Mr. Cappucci genuine.  Every birthday my friend would get a birthday card from State Rep Paul J. Donato and it made him smile.  He looked forward to them actually, and voted for Donato many times.

The 2014 vacations to Maine and elsewhere did not happen.  When I picked up his ashes at Casper’s in Dorchester (thanks to the kind people at Cincotta’s in West Medford) I came home holding them tight, not letting the heavy box go from my arms, and a TV movie was on, strange, the only time Casper the Friendly Ghost was on my set, not something I would watch.  It was a message.   Lieutenant JJ McLean phoned a few days later offering condolences, and he said to phone the police anytime if I felt ill and they would be there for me.  Bless them.  It’s a private matter that I didn’t discuss on the internet, it was personal…and still is personal
Bob Penta phoned a man in distress and made the right phone calls to somewhat ease an emotional burden that I would not wish on anyone. The unexpected and excruciating task of burying a loved one.
On Christmas day, 2014, I received an e mail from another city councilor, one who is not running for reelection.  It was one of the most abusive and appalling things an elected official could do.  The content was meant to destroy the holiday – it was a cruel and vicious note about being alone on the holidays.  
That individual threw salt in the wound because he, clearly, got a sick pleasure from kicking a dog when the dog was down.
City Councilor Robert M. Penta, on the other hand, showed dignity, concern, sensitivity and compassion.   Both men want to be Mayor of the City of Medford.   Thankfully, only the right person out of the two is running for Mayor.  When a resident lost the most important thing in his world, one man stepped up to the plate, very quietly, with no fanfare, not looking for anything in return.  Bob Penta didn’t need my vote or my life partner’s vote.  He already had them.  Bob Penta reached out for no other reason but because it was the right thing to do.    
For years a 501c3 violated the Internal Revenue Code rules and would relentlessly bash Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Stephanie Burke, Rick Caraviello and Robert Penta, but they – with a special delight – used the ugly word “homophobe” in reference to the senior member of the city council.  My experience in this city is proof that the 501c3 in question was not being honest with the citizens.  The councilor, now a lame duck, aligned with the 501c3 was the one who harassed a gay household in Medford.  The candidate belittled by the 501c3 was the person who showed compassion.
In my time of need one man in Medford had the dignity to reach out and help in a truly sad time of total distress and catastrophe.    That’s the man my late life partner would have voted for to be Mayor of our city.  That’s the man I’m voting for to be Mayor.  It’s exactly what my life partner would do had I been the one to pass on first.  It will be 19 months this week that my friend passed on. If Bob Penta hadn’t been there for my family at that crucial moment, I really don’t know what I would have done.


Duplicitous City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley Reneges on Promise…again

A Special Report by Joe Viglione


City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley promised the citizens of Medford, Massachusetts an election for a new board of directors for the access TV station, to be held January 19, 2008.     Rumley was warned when a business partner of Harvey Alberg’s spilled the beans that there would be no election. Rumley, on the board of directors of MCC TV3, knew in advance that Frank Pilleri had no intention of holding an election.  The Solicitor absolutely failed the city by not having the appropriate amount of board members at a December 2007 board meeting. That phony individual, Frank Pilleri, who couldn’t prove in a court of law that an assertion of perjury against him was false (meaning, Frank Pilleri couldn’t prove that he didn’t commit perjury in the filing of corporate documents, under oath)  broke his agreement and “counteracted” the city-wide election.   Rumley called it “the darkest day in the history of Medford Public Access,” but the lip service(s) from the solicitor couldn’t disguise the fact that the solicitor did NOT do his job.  

     The result was a lawsuit against the city of Medford, court action against an 82 year old man, multiple lawsuits against another former member, TV3 going down to defeat in spectacular fashion, but the Mayor’s cousin, David Skerry, enriching himself at the expense of cable TV subscribers.  Skerry was the best friend of the late brother of Mark E. Rumley and don’t think that this charade wasn’t orchestrated by Michael J. McGlynn because it was.  It’s part of McGlynn’s “Medford Media Blackout” which has served the dishonest Mayor very well over the past few decades.


What’s truly vulgar about how Rumley approaches victims of TV3 is that he re-victimizes them either with his legalize – ignoring TV3 crimes to make them look permissible or by trying to put the victims on the spot.  “Well, Joe, I think public access is obsolete.”  That’s lawyer-speak for “get the fuck out of my office, the Mayor stole your access, Fuck You, Joe.”   But the response from the citizen who is not a lawyer was quite telling.  “Oh, education is obsolete? Seniors in Stoneham learning computers, kids learning computers in other cities” (paraphrased.)   “Duh” – Rumley looked like a deer caught in the headlight.     You see, that is how Rumley operates, and it is NOT why the citizens pay him so handsomely…what, $102k one year?    If you use the term “Mickey the Dunce” Rumley will scream from the rooftops “ethnic slur” (on what planet? that was NEVER the intent!)  If you say “Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette” Rumley’s associate that he shared an office with, State Rep Paul Donato will say “Stalin said that.” (purportedly it was one of Stalin’s henchmen that said it…but that wasn’t the INTENT) the point is, they have an answer for everything and Rumley tries to put you, dear resident, on the defensive when he knows that he has done wrong. 

     You just have to know how to deal with the hypocritical son of a bitch who bullies the weak while cowering in fear if there’s a gang like Frank Pilleri’s thugs.  Rumley is SO OBVIOUS.   Not man enough to fight on a level playing field, Rumley chooses words to bash you over the head with, or puts your lawyer on the phone for an hour attempting to drive up your legal bill. That’s not an honorable City Solicitor when Rumley picks fights with those of us helping the community, while FAILING TO DO HIS JOB ON THE DIFFICULT TASK OF BRINGING FRANK PILLERI TO JUSTICE, BRINGING HARVEY ALBERG TO JUSTICE, BRINGING RONALD DELUCIA TO JUSTICE.   Rumley runs and hides like a coward when it comes to doing the real job, and will victimize the victim because, like Steve LeBert proved, in Medford, they use their positions of power to bully the weak.  How is Mark Rumley’s actions, on record, any different than the bullying by Detective Stephen LeBert?

    Now the new “rumor” they are spreading is that I hate the Catholic Church. You have to love the depth of their depravity.   From “ethnic slur” to “Stalin” to “he hates the Catholic Church” to “public access is obsolete” (so much for education unless the Mayor’s daughters are teaching you at their White Elephant special at the McGlynn school…God, what stupidity will they come up with because I properly used the term “white elephant” ???)  these creepy individuals, Mark E. Rumley, Mayor McGlynn, Stephanie Muccini-Burke, Paul Donato, they all have an answer for everything except for the answers to the pertinent questions about where our money has gone.

ANYONE so defensive to say that we don’t need access, or that Mickey The Dunce is an ethnic slur when THE INTENT WAS NOT THAT



1)THE PEOPLE’S FORUM – WHERE YOU ALLEGEDLY HAVE A FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO TALK TO YOUR COMMUNITY WITHOUT BEING BASHED BY PAUL CAMUSO AND MARK RUMLEY, AS THEY BOTH DID TO ME IN THE MOST HIDEOUS OF WAYS (Rumley, who should know better, and Camuso, painted this writer as a man with Alheimer’z, an 82 year old man who died at the age of 84 after being harassed by Camuso)
“Talking about lawsuits against the city is doing a disservice to the people who are watching this particular forum tonight,” Rumley said.

It doesn’t get uglier than that, people, Mark Rumley squelching free speech.


Nothing like catching a city solicitor lying through his teeth!
1)September 23, 2009   Mark Rumley silences a person helping cable TV subscribers at the People’s Forum.  Rumley is the one citizens were trusting to get us access, but the son of a bitch was squelching free speech, abusing his power and slapping citizens around while TV3 did their little Chumley Report dance on his head. 
What a bully!  He picks on the weak and cowers at the specter of Frank PIlleri     Posted Sep. 23, 2009 at 12:01 AM


 September 23, 2009 Medford Transcript: “Talking about lawsuits against the city is doing a disservice to the people who are watching this particular forum tonight,” Rumley said
Trying to silence a citizen flies in the face of these lies from Rumley:
“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”
City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley / Medford Daily Mercuryon or about Nov. 16, 2008 (quoted from the 2nd Judge Jackson-Thompson hearing)
    • By Alex Ruppenthal

      Posted Jul. 23, 2014 at 8:24 AM


      TV3’s president says the station spent all of its savings — more than $130,000 — on operating costs before the now-defunct access station’s Board of Directors voted to dissolve the station last October.

      But officials want proof, since Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (TV3’s legal name) is required to transfer all remaining assets to the city before it dissolves.

      TV3’s Board of Directors now has until Thursday, July 24 to produce financial records from the station’s final year or it could face legal action from the city.

      Last October, the board voted to dissolve the station following seven months of no broadcasting, allegations of racism and other problems.


    City Solicitor Mark Rumley said the city took possession of equipment from TV3’s former office at 32 Riverside Ave. in January. But Rumley said the city has not received any money from MCC, nor does it know how much money, if any, the organization still has.


    Medford officials demand TV3’s financial records 

    July 10, 2013 / Mayor orders Medford police investigation into allegations of hate speech at TV3 





    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Teary-eyed and angry Catholic parishioners across New York attended final mass services on Friday in some of dozens of churches closing or stopping regular worship services.

    The closures follow an announcement by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York in November that it would consolidate 368 parishes into 294, reflecting a national trend of parish closures in the United States caused by low attendance, a shortage of priests and financial troubles.


    Mrs. Burke’s Disaster of a Campaign Hurts Medford Massachusetts

    A Special Report from Joe Viglione


    Medford Massachusetts is a city that has fallen behind Winchester, Somerville, Woburn, Stoneham, Malden, Arlington and so many other communities in Massachusetts, and there’s a sad and tragic reason for it.

    Do a timeline on the hideous news reports resulting from the poor management of Mayor McGlynn, Solicitor Rumley, ex-Budget Director Stephanie Muccini-Burke, City Clerk Ed Finn and the henchmen and cronies the lame-duck Mayor surrounds himself with (Jack Dempsey at the high school Exhibit A) you’ll find a level of dishonesty most other cities and towns are able to identify (especially after 28 years of it) and eradicate.  Of course when a McGlynn type is insulated by a powerful lobbyist brother, a mysterious alleged “campaign czar” cousin and a media blackout that turns the word transparency on its head, you have a prescription for trouble, trouble that embarrasses this once fine city and inhibits its ability to move forward.

    The failed “leadership” of Michael J. McGlynn garners screaming headlines such as the New York Daily News

    “Massachusetts cop threatens to shoot driver in head on dashcam video WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

    or Silobreaker picking up The Medford Transcript article from July 10, 2013::

    “Mayor orders Medford police investigation into allegations of hate speech at TV3”  or the article on swastikas in Medford on Channel 7 / WHDH news, March 29, 2015 to a similar event April 8, 2013:

    “Swastikas found spray-painted on Tufts campus”  as well as April 8, 2013 – “Swastikas, Hate Speech Graffiti Afflicts Tufts University Campus, Medford (VIDEO)  to July 23, 2014

    “Medford officials demand TV3’s financial records”

    or the disgraceful connections between the DiPaola family and the McGlynn family resulting in these absolutely horrifying headlines – “

    11/28/10 What drove James DiPaola to suicide?

    The trouble that Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola was in before he committed suicide seemed — well, if not trivial, then certainly manageable.

    He considered, then walked away from, a sleazy but perfectly legal scheme that would have allowed him to collect his $98,500 pension and his $123,000 salary simultaneously. And he may have been playing it fast and loose with campaign funds.

    to  Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s secretary’s sister-in-law:

    Corruption investigation wrapping; deal would let sheriffs sister avoid prosecution  Posted: Jan 24, 2012 6:54 PM EDT

    to Mrs. Covelle’s corrupt husband, Robert Covelle:

    Bocci With Bobby: The old Mystic River Two Step

    Medford Housing Authority Scandal Speech Segment, Robert Covelle prior to resignation

     Medford officials demand TV3’s financial records

    to the Boston Globe on August 1, 2015

    Take away this bully’s badge

    Boston Globe1 day ago

    MEDFORD — Stephen LeBert is a roadside bully. Actually, he’s worse than that. He’s a bully …


    November 24, 2010

    Editorial: The sheriff’s double-dip pension deal – News ……/31124995…
    The MetroWest Daily News

    Nov 24, 2010 – When the Legislature enacted a pension reform act in June 2009, it was … County Sheriff Jimmy DiPaola tried to squeeze through this month.

    LeBert had NO WARRANT and wanted to SEIZE THE CAMERA

    See the entire video – go to 

    Tiny URL .com Detective Lebert Threat to kill “I’ll Put A HOLE right through your HEAD”


    Tell your friends to link to and bookmark:LEBERT3
    Medford Information Central Dot Com


    The story is outrageous and is snowballing out of control, readers.


    Medford Detective Stephen Lebert SKEWERED by the National Press

    Detective Stephen LeBert is getting destroyed in the national press.  It is time for Chief Leo Sacco to remove LeBert.

    Lebert Unprofessional

    The 839 comments on Yahoo thus far are beyond damaging to LeBert’s career. He’s “all done” to quote LeBert himself to the driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, facing the psychotic LeBert in all his raging bull glory.l

    The crackpot cowboy, LeBert, has quite the resume, and this waterfall of bad news for Muccini-Burke and McGlynn comes just 97 days before election 2015. Perfect timing to help finally remove the last remnants of McGlynn’s ugly Administration.

    The Atlantic calls LeBert’s actions road rage in its glaring headline:

    The Road Rage of a Narcotics Detective


    The Atlantic

    but it is the comments after Yahoo published the Atlantic story that are staggering, 839 and climbing, and almost all unanimously calling for LeBert’s head on a silver platter.
    In a city that had a “crooked sheriff” (to quote radio host Howie Carr) – James V,.DiPaola blow his own brains out, allegedly, in a Maine hotel, and with previous bad cop stories, from Officer Jimmy Lee whacking his bisexual girlfriend (not to be confused with Lee’s wife, or the alleged other girlfriend he was on the phone with) to officer Miguel Lopez* (see story below) who was indicted on two counts of witness intimidation with the investigation into the shooting death of a 27 year old Army veteran, well…
    …with Day 3 of LEBERTGATE exploding across the national news media, it is only going to snowball in the coming weeks.
    LeBert should stand trial.
    An ordinary citizen pulling a violent stunt like the one that LeBert pulled would be destroyed in a court of law  and locked up for a long, long time.
    Why should LeBert get any more “special treatment” than he already has received from an Administration in Medford, under the suspicious and unethical Mayor Michael J. McGlynn?
    tovrin 12 hours ago


    I am sick and tired of the brotherhood of police officers who protect each other when they do bad stuff. the time for this type of stupidity is over. you are civil servants, you are to protect civilians, not each other.

    The police officer had no right pulling anyone over in an unmarked car. the rule is in place like that to protect people from non cops pretending to be cops. NEVER pull over for an unmarked car, even if the officer is in uniform, call 911 immediately and move to a populated area.

    Another Yahoo Comment

    Gene 10 hours ago


    Is it a coincident that the only two things this detective ever did wrong just happened to be caught on camera? Definitely not! This Medford cop has a bad reputation. Reports also say Lebert was drunk. I am told he does things all the time that put grime on the police badge. Look at the you tube video of the incident where he says “railroad tracks and tell him to lie down”. You can see it in Detective LeBert’s face that he was so mad that he was being video and Lebert wanted to do more but had to restrain himself because of the camera. He even makes accusations that the video taker takes drugs. Lebert instigates the person videoing. Medford is not the best area. It’s a shame that Lebert makes the Medford police look bad. There are so many hard working good Medford police officers. The “put a hole in your head” incident is why I just purchased a dash camera.

     detective putting on a little weight
    Edward 11 hours ago


    I was taught while serving a 22-year career in the military that in order to get RESPECT, one needs to EARN it. Police Officers today appear to me to DEMAND respect. WRONG answer, folks. As long as Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States allow this type of “Abuse of Authority” continue, rogue cops will surely continue to bully citizens, just like the #$%$ in this story.

     LEBERT 2
    *Boston Globe story on Miguel Lopez


    Miguel Lopez, 53, was indicted Thursday by a Middlesex County grand jury on two counts of witness intimidation in connection with the investigation into the shooting death of 27-year-old Army veteran Joseph Puopolo on July 3, District Attorney Marian T. Ryan said in a statement.

    Muccini-Burke “adjusting” her story…and her campaign signs…and her Facebook…


    CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Stephanie Muccini Burke:  adjustments needed

    Stephanie’s Freudian slip !   She changes her campaign sign to look like Bob Penta’s …then she changes her Facebook campaign page to…you guessed it…look like Bob Penta’s Facebook page…now she’s doing an about face (or mea culpa) on Pay-to-Park   Just drop the words “parking program” from the Wicked Local headline and it reveals the truth,

    It is Muccini-Burke that needs the “adjustments” – the pay-to-park thing just needs to go. Period.

    Uninformed Burke lies to the community saying that she is “respectful” – then she writes this garbage: “It has been suggested by individuals that are not licensed to practice law in the state of Massachusetts, that there has been a breach in the contract. This is unsubstantiated by legal research. This issue should be decided by the city solicitor of Medford, who is chief legal counsel by law to the city.”

    So unqualified Mrs. Burke, who is a CPA – not a lawyer – is telling residents who don’t have a law license to SHUT UP and TAKE PAY-TO-PARK.  She wants you to “trust” the duplicitous “City Solicitor” who has so many conflicts his Pinnhochio nose will, eventually, make it quite difficult for him to waltz into the legal office at City Hall.

    city hall




    Stephanie Muccini Burke and McGlynn’s Lies

    Mayor McGlynn lies to the citizens of Medford.  The sleight of hand and deceptions have caught up to the ghastly charlatan who has ruled Medford, Massachusetts like a dictator over the better part of three decades.


    The Mayor is cheating you out of access television for your campaign.

    This is a deliberate and malicious ploy by McGlynn to keep “outsiders” from having a level playing field.

    By keeping new voices and new faces off of the school committee, McGlynn retains control for his “shadow government.”
    Mike R said on Saturday “We will have access tv” (for the election.) That is exactly what Fred Laskey said to me (he’s in the e mail above,) yet Mr. Laskey and his panel lacked experience, the experience that I have.
    Mr. Laskey is not fighting for access TV, but I am.
    The Mayor received my proposal, on time, on March 26, and the Mayor delayed access TV to keep YOU and your colleagues off of TV.
    The Mayor is putting huge resources into attacking me, including a felonious assault on my person by Ed Finn, the City Clerk on June 18th. April 27, 2010 I was also assaulted at City Hall – possibly the first time in Medford’s history that a resident was assaulted at the council.

    Because McGlynn is squelching free speech and I represent YOUR free speech.
    United we stand. I have the experience and knowledge, and it terrifies the Mayor. In fact, McGlynn, Solicitor Rumley and Ed Finn are doing everything they can to “poison the well” and try to convince people not to work with me.
    Why?  Because they know I can deliver.
    If my skills and experience didn’t matter they would ignore me.  But they don’t ignore me – they go on the attack.
    One person in Medford can deliver access TV.
    Everyone else is giving lip service.

    One man is on the front lines fighting for you.
    Work with me so that we have access TV in Medford in the next two weeks

    Mike, you never told me how you would deliver access TV.  I have a plan, do you?


    Mrs. Burke, When McGlynn tells you this, it is actually smoke and mirrors – watch this video – CITY HALL –  to see the true face of Michael J McGlynn…it is chilling

    City Hall with Al Pacino

    link to the credits, not the video