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Camuso Must RECUSE himself from Council discussions of MCC

Dear Clerk Finn and Councilor Caraviello:
   Enclosed is a copy of my letter to Marian Ryan, the District Attorney of Middlesex County, regarding Mr. Camuso’s alleged conflict when it comes to MCC.
    I respectfully request that Paul A. Camuso recuse himself his role as President of the City Council when the topic is Medford Community Cablevison. As with the Brooks Estate when Mr. Camuso steps down, it is my opinion that there is an even more serious conflict with MCC.
    If Mr. Camuso refuses to do so, which I fully expect, Clerk Ed Finn and Council Vice President Rick Caraviello should advise the community of our rights and how to proceed.  This IS a formal request for Councilor Caraviello to oversee any discussion of MCC on July 15th at the Council.
   A judge in New Mexico ruled that a City Council cannot engage in censorship and violate the First Amendment, as Mr. Camuso does quite frequently with many members of the public as well as with fellow councilors.  I have lodged a complaint with the office of the District Attorney to see if Mr. Camuso’s alleged conduct rises to the level of malfeasance, and to investigate how closely aligned Camuso allegedly is with MCC
    Councilor Camuso strikes down speech he is uncomfortable with, such as my request to discuss Camuso’s immoral pay raise. This is unacceptable in the United States of America and the Council should actually vote to remove Camuso permanently from the City Council for engaging in such repugnant 1st Amendment Violations
Exhibit A

Federal judge strikes down New Mexico village’s ban on critical comments at council meetings

July 14, 2014
Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan
15 Commonwealth Ave 
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel 781 897 8383

RE: Medford City Council President Paul A. Camuso’s wrongful involvement with 501c3 Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.
Dear D.A. Ryan:
     This is a formal complaint and request for an investigation into the conduct of long-time city councilor Paul A. Camuso  (hereinafter “Camuso”) and his wrongful interaction with the embattled 501c3 Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (hereinafter “MCC”)
      Camuso’s conflict of interest is documented on programs produced and cablecast at MCC as well as programs on cablecast on the Government channel, specifically meetings of the Medford City Council (hereinafter “council.”)
     For the past two and a half decades MCC President Frank Pilleri has allegedly operated MCC in about the same fashion as Stanley Komins handled West Medford Hillside Little League, and for about the same length of time.  I believe Douglas Nagengast in your office is prosecuting the case against Komins.  The difference here is that MCC has an obligation to the city – the city owning 50 % of many of the tangible assets of MCC; I do not believe the WMH Little League had any such contract with City Hall.
    During the past ten years or so MCC, a 501c3 (formerly a 501c4) not-for-profit corporation promoted City Councilor Paul A. Camuso – which is possibly a violation of the Internal Revenue Code (see Exhibit A, below.) 
    Simultaneously the station did “hatchet jobs” on City Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Councilor Robert M. Penta, then-Councilor Stephanie Muccini Burke (now Budget Director of Medford) as well as the City Solicitor, all possible violations of the Internal Revenue Code.
   This benefited Camuso greatly, and benefited MCC.  They had a powerful friend at City Hall and that powerful friend not only came to their rescue on numerous occasions; Camuso would attempt to humiliate and embarrass opponents of MCC, the station that gave him so much promotion. 
     On MANY occasions Camuso engaged in outright censorship when it came to MCC, on one occasion Camuso put a vote forward to silence the City Solicitor and then-Councilor Burke from giving testimony to the Council about MCC.   It was so flagrant that it certainly looked like Camuso had as much to hide as MCC.
   This cozy relationship with MCC that Camuso has enjoyed helped him garner votes in ways that weren’t available to other councilors who had no such relationship with MCC.  A then-board member of MCC, Gary Zappelli (arrested on 9/4/13 for the alleged “false bomb threat” and indicted by a Grand Jury moving the case from Somerville District Court to Woburn Superior Court) would often have Camuso on via phone or in studio promoting Camuso for City Council while Zappelli was engaging in hate speech against anyone who failed to pay him for “video work.”   You can find the documents in the Registrars of Voters Office in Medford where a Bill O’Keefe (school committee candidate) and a Mark Arena (city council candidate) allegedly paid Zappelli $500.00 each and were not attacked.  Zappelli was fawning all over Mystic Valley NAACP President Neil Osborne promoting Osborne while being paid by MCC as an independent contractor.   The Internal Revenue Code notes that anyone “directly or indirectly” involved in the non-profit cannot engage in political speech.  See Exhibit A
Exhibit A
it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.
       MCC knew about this rule and violated it with impunity.  Zappelli most likely used MCC equipment – cameras and computer programs –  meant for residents, not for an independent contractor and/or board member, as Zappelli was. Zappelli’s close alignment with Camuso created a “bully team” to besmirch critics of MCC in the most vindictive, vicious and nasty of ways.  Zappelli published a digital image of himself committing an act of violence against me, and cablecast that image repeatedly without allowing me “equal time” to respond to his assault. Camuso not only enabled this, Camuso enjoyed it and relished such attacks, as one can see viewing past council meetings where Camuso made a point of mocking this resident when I attempted to speak at “the People’s forum.”
      I have twice been approached by Camuso OUTSIDE of Council chambers, once while he was driving his SUV at a high rate of speed on a one way (the wrong way) blasting his horn at me, pointing at me, and then running through a Do Not Enter sign.    Can you believe Camuso works for Sheriff Peter Koutoujian and also worked for the late, embattled Sheriff James V. DiPaola?     I have filed a separate complaint on Camuso with LaDonna Hatton, General Counsel for the Sheriff’s office, and Sheriff Koutoujian.
      I would be happy to provide your office with more information about Camuso’s wrongful conduct and close alliance with MCC.  IF MCC is found to have embezzled any monies, your office should take a close look at Camuso  as a possible accomplice. Camuso is tied at the hip to Zappelli and MCC President Pilleri and has only voted against them when he sees the writing on the wall at the City Council; when his fellow councilors vote unanimously against MCC
    Camuso has allegedly benefited, wrongfully, from MCC’s violation of the Internal Revenue Code. Camuso should be held to a higher standard, being employed by the Sheriff’s department and being employed by the citizens of Medford at the City Council.   There is no doubt that Camuso betrayed the public trust.  This complaint is a request for your office to see if it rises to the level of malfeasance.  This complaint is to see if Camuso’s benefit from working in concert with MCC goes deeper if MCC board members are found to have engaged in embezzlement.
    As we see with the James J. O’Brien trial, people have a very good reason not to have confidence in local government.   I have personally filed many complaints with your office and many other oversight agencies about this travesty, which Councilor Adam Knight calls a “fiasco” (his word for MCC TV3.)  The Mayor of Medford is the sole oversight, the “Issuing Authority,” and he seems terrified of being bullied by MCC, so the cable TV subscribers are at a distinct disadvantage when a Mayor claiming he employs “leadership that works” is giving lip service; his actions speaking louder, his running and hiding from Frank Pilleri giving evidence of a weak Mayor pushed around by a group of alleged bandits.
      Your office has an absolute obligation to help the cable TV subscribers and the citizens obtain some kind of relief from Camuso’s censorship policies at the City Council, and your office has an obligation to look deeper into the MCC problem.
     Some additional information:
   On or about June 18, 2014 MCC President Frank PIlleri filed a Administrative Dissolution Petition with the Attorney General’s office.  City Hall sent Mr. Pilleri a letter demanding financial documents to be handed over to City Hall Medford no later than 4:30 PM on Thursday, July 24, 2014.   It is my belief that, despite receiving Fifty Five Thousand Dollars per quarter, allegedly leasing equipment, allegedly selling sponsorship and/or advertising time on the station, and allegedly having members pay approximately $45.00 each to join, with potential grants as other possible income, Mr. Pilleri filed “o” (zero) as the amount of money left in the bank accounts, despite the fact that the station had produced no new programming since on or about December 17, 2012.
     A former member of MCC, Salvatore “Jim” Tuberosa, phoned me via a “conference call” with a John Byers also listening and speaking, and informed Byers and myself that Harvey Alberg of MCC informed Tuberosa that they, MCC board members, intended to “collapse the corporation” and, as we heard, “abscond with the monies.”   Tuberosa lives in Boston but claimed – falsely – that he lived in Medford as MCC required people be a citizen of Medford, and used this rule to ban a woman who owned property in Medford, the late Mary “Tina” Fiorello.
      I am requesting that your office fully investigate Camuso’s cozy relationship with the embattled 501c3.  I am requesting of the City Clerk and the City Council Vice President that Camuso recuse himself or step down when MCC is being discussed at the City Council, as it will be on Tuesday evening, July 15, 2014. As Camuso has to step down for discussion of Brooks Estate because of conflict, it is my opinion that his conflict with MCC is far more serious and far more obvious, and for the discussion to move forward should happen with no interference from Camuso, the individual who benefited greatly from MCC’s benevolence to him.
   If you find evidence of something more serious in the cozy Camuso / MCC arrangement, I request you bring it to the attention of Sheriff’s General Counsel LaDonna Hatton, Sheriff Koutoujian, Mayor Michael J. McGlynn of Medford and the Medford City Solicitor, Mark Rumley.
    I request your prompt attention to this serious matter.

If Camuso is removed, then Mark Crowley is on the Council

mark crowley

The next in line to be Councilor in Medford is Mark Crowley if  Paul A. Camuso is impeached, steps down or is otherwise removed.  Since Medford, Massachusetts has no term limits, the stagnation created by Camuso’s insistence on being on the council (while he works for Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, who should know better!) is what is holding the city of Medford back.


Camuso is classless, a bully, and was deeply aligned with the 501c3 Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., a “non-profit” so dilatory and sluggish when it came to “quickly dissolving” that antenna went up all over Medford: something wasn’t kosher with TV3. Yet Camuso was aligned THOROUGHLY with them, and used them for political advantage.


Paul Camuso benefited in a BIG way from the abuse of TV3 and needs to be held accountable. Restitution can start with Camuso stepping down from the council, which will allow an honest and forthright Mark Crowley the opportunity to serve the citizens of Medford with fairness.

The only people in Medford who BENEFIT from a Camuso presidency (and residency) on the council are Camuso, Aunty Carol -from her alleged world headquarters in Boca Raton – and the 27-year incumbent Mayor. The citizens who believe Camuso’s antics don’t realize how bad he is for them.  And why should some woman in Boca Raton have more influence over Medford life than the taxpayers and cable TV subscribers in Medford itself?

If you want to complain about your water and sewer rates, the residential parking fiasco and TV3 write to:

Catch Me If You Can Aunty Carol /
P.O. Box Never You Mind,
Boca Raton, FL
Zip Code: “I left my heart in 02155 but took my wallet to F.L.A!”

The breach of Public Trust exacted on Medford by the woefully unqualified Paul Camuso and possibly by the alleged “Queen of City Council Texting,” Boca-bound Aunty Carol, is an indignity to all of us who love living inMedford and appreciate its beauty in spite of Camuso’s intolerable, vicious,  corrupt interaction with Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.

     Camuso has something else in common with self-appointed MCC president Frank Pilleri along with their mutual abuse of P/E/G access – arrogance.

    Pilleri never thought he’d be shown the door (indeed, the Agreement with the City, now torn up – thank God – was pushed back to August 2015 instead of April, 2015, where it was to be concurrent with the Comcast contract. Another bit of Pilleri “sleight of hand” – you betcha, to quote Sarah Palin, and you KNOW Camuso knew all about it!)

   My camera removed the Mayor’s uncle, Gene McGillicuddy, from Medford Housing Authority’s board of directors (coincidentally, Uncle Gene was the president of TV3 when Pilleri allegedly had to step down, was FORCED to step down allegedly, though Pilleri’s resume’ on Linked In allegedly lies and says Pilleri was “president” for 25 years.) Someone in-the-know said “You removed Uncle Gene, you’ll get rid of Frank Pilleri.” Truer words were never spoken.

    Removing Uncle Gene and Frank Pilleri was like hitting back-to-back Grand Slams. Paul Camuso, a smaller nuisance by comparison, will only take a single or a double against a tough pitcher, Michael J. McGlynn.

    McGlynn’s arm is tired, it’s the ninth inning, and this writer has the eye of the tiger, and the fat, juicy target, Paul A. Camuso, should be easier to find than the broad side of a barn.  Here comes the pitch, my baseball bat is ready to hit it out of the park and usher in our newest City Councilor, Mark Crowley.

   Cleaning up the city of Medford, removing the crony-infested Camuso/Zappelli ticket at long last.







Replacing Paul A. Camuso


Public Trust Betrayal! Camuso’s Zap Code, not Zip Code – Removing a bogus Council President


The Anti-Camuso Manifesto!

Unreasonable PAUL A. CAMUSO cannot be trusted and must be removed from the City Council of Medford, Massachusetts. 


With a “rule of necessity” Camuso gave himself a nice raise, yet when a citizen, this author, Joe Viglione, went to the City Council on the agenda, Camuso refused to hear the citizen, Camuso abusing his authority, engaging in censorship, denying First Amendment rights at the People’s Forum, and antagonizing not only this speaker but others. 


I was merely there to ask the Council to roll back the unwarranted pay raise. But Camuso, acting as if the “blasphemy” (to him) was speech from a Neo Nazi or a member of ISIS, shut the talk down before the taxpayers could have a voice exposing Camuso’s sleight of hand and self-enrichment.  Camuso’s action was immoral, violated the 1st Amendment, and was a dishonest act by an elected official who should be held to a higher standard.


News flash to Camuso, when I signed up for the draft in 1972 it was to put my name in the hat to serve my country, if need be. Men and women have fought for the 1st Amendment rights which you denied me. 

And here is where Camuso’s exposure becomes all the more precise: Camuso was one of the three misguided voices, along with novice Adam Knight and that ignoramus Freddy Dello Russo, Jr. that voted against the taxpayers. They voted against the taxpayers and the four councilors protecting taxpayers, Camuso and his gang of three voting for McGlynn in the minority. They lost.  They are the same three (of four) that voted for the self-enrichment that was the bogus pay raise.


PAUL A. CAMUSO is no stranger to voting against the residents, taxpayers and cable TV subscribers.  Camuso got free use of the embattled and broken Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., thwarting then-Councilor Stephanie Muccini Burke and CIty Solicitor Mark Rumley from bringing a motion forward.   MCC TV3 has until Thursday, July 24, 2014, to hand the checkbook over to Medford City Hall.  The possible repercussions  could  blow back on Paul A. Camuso, in a very serious, serious way.  And should.  Because residents have witnessed the alignment of Camuso with the untrustworthy “board of directors” of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., a group which kept no meeting minutes, eviscerated Robert’s Rules of Order, and engaged in criminal harassment so extreme that the then-City Council President, Camuso’s uncle-by-marriage, called the police who listed this writer as the VICTIM (that was the determination by the Medford Police Department) with Camuso’s friends at TV3 the “persons of interest.”  Read the police report. Mayor McGlynn received a copy from me, by hand, the day after the assault on me @ the City Council, as did Judge DIane Kottmyer, because McGlynn told me to bring it to the judge.  Like Pontius Pilate the Mayor washed his hands of it because HE was afraid of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. at the time.  Even the Mayor was in fear of Paul Camuso’s friends and colleagues at the now broken TV3 Medford.


That is why I am asking Clerk Ed Finn and Council Vice President Rick Caraviello to DEMAND that Camuso step down during all discussion of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. for the obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Not only just on Tuesday, July 15, but any time the issue of MCC TV3 or Public Access – P/E/G is on the agenda or spoken about at the Council.


PAUL A. CAMUSO hurt the cable TV subscribers while benefiting the fractured TV station that fawned all over Camuso (in violation of the Internal Revenue Code) while maliciously attacking Camuso’s colleagues on the City Council.   It was a pure conspiracy and one wonders if Camuso’s de facto campaign manager was involved, she being the “puppet master” telling the buffoon, Camuso, what to do and when to do it.

What is the Public Trust?  The public trust doctrine is the principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public’s reasonable use.


PAUL A. CAMUSO committed a serious breach of the public trust, at the City Council, and should be held to a higher standard.  Camuso sets the bar low for himself and very high for the residents who pay his outrageous and underserved salary.


What is the Public Trust?  The public trust doctrine is the principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public’s reasonable use.


Paul Camuso’s many TV3 votes BETRAYED THE PUBLIC TRUST.  Also, Camuso has antagonized residents for years.  With multiple sources, including individuals from the Medford Democratic City Committee attributing Camuso’s strategies to a family member, one must wonder why that woman would not STOP Camuso from engaging in unprofessional behavior and wrongful conduct designed to bully, intimidate and to harass.  If that woman wants to hitch her wagon to the Camuso train, should she be held responsible when he’s a bad boy while under her direction?   Subpoenas can go out to the Medford Democratic City & Ward Committees to find out what they know and when they knew it!


Paul Camuso and his de facto campaign manager, the mysterious “Aunty Carol,” should bear the full weight of the justice system if Camuso’s friends and colleagues at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. are found to have embezzled the funds, the hard-earned monies cable TV subscribers are forced to pay into a system, and if the connection can be proven via texts, emails and witnesses.  Please keep in mind that the allegations in this essay are just that, allegations.  The citizens are working hard to get to the bottom of this nonsense.  It just seems strange that Mr. Camuso appears to get his marching orders from a community organizer/relative and that Camuso has voted lock-step to protect those who promoted him at the 501c3.  An investigation and subpoenas could result in citizens knowing exactly how deep the relationship between Camuso, the Community Organizer and Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. actually goes, with texts and e mails that the public has a right to see and scrutinize.

Has anyone noticed that three of the areas where City Hall Medford has not protected ratepayers (who are also taxpayers) – residential parking, sewer and water, as well as cable tv, are all front and center in the press AND all front and center on the City Council agenda this week.



Paul A. Camuso subverted free speech rights at the City Council exactly in the same manner that Frank “could not prove the assertion of perjury to be false” Pilleri cheated, bullied and defamed cable TV subscribers that he took advantage of, while also cheating and defaming politicians who stood watch over the city co-owned equipment, elected officials and candidates running for office getting cyber-bully rocks thrown at them in violation of the Internal Revenue Code prohibiting Pilleri and TV3 from promoting Camuso while defaming Councilors Lungo-Koehn, Penta, Muccini-Burke and others.

Camuso enjoyed airtime from a then-board member, Gary Zappelli who, after he stepped down from the board, remained a member and independent contractor.  But Zappelli was always the de facto board member, he only stepped down after people got wind of something askew.  The Rumley Report noted that Arthur Alan Deluca, Steve Marra and Gary Zappelli, all board members, got paid from the 501c3 non-profit.  But with no MEETING MINUTES no one knows if Marra, Zappelli and Deluca VOTED for their own cash, therein lies the problem. Without legitimate meeting minutes (not doctored up ones manufactured in July of 2014 because City Hall is finally putting its foot down on the corporation that had an agreement with city hall which included Medford co-owning some of the assets) the board of directors cannot be trusted.  They cannot be given the benefit of the doubt because everything is beyond “a little suspicious.”  It’s the 9th inning and there are 3 outs.


(four pages of notes from 7 PM being transferred at 10:28 PM. Be patient readers. Thanks)


How to Recall a City Council Member


 The recall of any public official doesn’t happen every day but it is most common at the local level. When city council members don’t keep their constituents happy, often those constituents push for a recall. This is a complex process but can be achieved with enough support.




What is the Public Trust?  The public trust doctrine is the principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public’s reasonable use.



de fac·to
di ˈfaktō,dā/
adverb: defacto
  1. 1.
    in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not.
    “the island has been de facto divided into two countries”
adjective: defacto
denoting someone or something that is such in fact.

Breaking News: Paul Camuso’s Alignment with Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.










utterly mad 2


July 15, 2014 Medford Mass. City Council to discuss TV3, Budget etc.

See FULL City Council agenda here

Friday, July 11, 2014


14-566-Offered by Councillor Penta
Be It Resolved that the use and who is in charge of the City’s web page be discussed.

14-567-Offered by Councillor Penta
Be It Resolved that the Mayor’s comments to WHDH news  investigator Hank Phillipi Ryan  be discussed

14-568-Offered by Councillor Penta
Be It Resolved that a brief discussion be made regarding the city solicitor’s most concerning information forwarded to the council regarding the dissolution petition of Medford Community Access a/k/a channel 3 and its former president.


Petition by Robert L. Cappucci, Jr.; 71 Evans St, Medford, MA to address Council on Mayor’s veto to budget amendment.

Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. files for dissolution and claims no dollars left in bank account

If we cooperate all this goes away

Breaking News Story
By Joe Viglione
      In a letter dated July 7, 2014, City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley responded to the dissolution papers filed by Francis R. Pilleri, Jr., the “president” of embattled 501c3 non-profit Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.     Rumley has given MCC TV3 and Frank Pilleri until 4:30 PM on Thursday, July 24, 2014 to turn over pertinent data, including canceled checks (both sides) and bank records or “the City of Medford will take appropriate legal action which will include but not be limited to filing an objectix>n—to the request of Medford Community Cablevision Inc. to voluntarily dissolve as a Massachusens not-for-profit corporation.  “
    Which begs the question:   if the City objects, will MCC TV3 lose its non-profit status and will board members be held accountable for back taxes for the past 25 years or so?   This is just a cable TV subscriber thinking out loud and wondering what the repercussions would be.
     What is deeply troubling for cable TV subscribers who see no public access television that they pay for on Comcast and Verizon P/E/G channels is that the individuals on the board of TV3 were found by a retired judge to have been operating a “private MCC access” as far back as 2008.     That Mayor Michael J. McGlynn failed to even respond to the approximately $10,000.00 taxpayer-funded audit by the respected firm of Melanson Heath & Co PC and the $3900.00 hearings and recommendations from the equally respected Judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson (retired) indicates that despite documented problems, including the February 10, 2008 “Rumley Report” filed by the City Solicitor, Mayor McGlynn utterly failed to lead, allowing the bleeding of cable TV subscriber funds to continue.
    In light of the troubles West Medford Hillside Little League president Stanley Komins and his son Stephen Komins are facing in Somerville District Court over leaving $100.00 in the non-profit account, the wording of the Solicitor’s letter appears to indicate that this situation with TV3 could be much worse and much more damaging to the citizens.  Remember, TV3 co-owned the equipment with the city, the West Medford Hillside Little League had no such arrangement.  Did TV3 lease equipment and where are the revenues generated if they did?  Clearly they weren’t operating for the benefit of the public, which was the station’s mandate.
   The recent 8 year sentencing of the Bolton Cable access head for embezzlement as well as mismanagement in Portland Oregon indicates the TV3 Medford saga is far from over. Indeed, from the rumblings around town and the July 15th City Council meeting expected to take up the topic, the story is just developing.

Current and past employees of the Community Voice Channel told a Vernon Superior Court judge Thursday that they had to delay buying holiday gifts, taking vacations, and even having children because of financial uncertainties as their former boss was stealing nearly $380,000 in company money to fund an extravagant lifestyle. They told Judge Jorge A. Simon that the woman, Deborah Hilton, 48, formerly of Bolton, was able to steal for five years because they trusted her and considered her a friend

Frank Pilleri has until End of Business July 24 to turn over checkbook of TV3


Frank Pilleri’s Deadline from City Hall LOOMS Thursday 7-24-14  Click here:


July 7, 2014

Frank Pilleri 
16 Water Street 
Medford, MA 02155

re: Dissolution of Medford Community
Cablevision, Inc.  Attorney General   #021285

Dear Mr. Pilleri:

On or about June 20, 2014  a representative of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. {hereinafter referred to as “MCC”} left copies of the following documents at the Law Department. 

FIVE PAGES FROM CITY HALL AND THEY ARE QUITE SPECIFIC.  STAY TUNED.  Let’s fast forward to the end of page 3 for now:   

Since MCC has filed the Administrative Dissolution Petition under the provisions of G.L.c.180 11A(c)4, the issue of whether it has “remaining assets” is relevant and must be supported with objective clarity. 



July 7, 2014

Frank Pilleri

Page 4 

(Editor’s note: $38,000 plus not accounted for???  What genius at TV3 – and the term is used loosely – slowly barbecued these books?)

Second on Form 990-EZ MCC states that its Revenue for the period May 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014 was $10,737.00   Yet the same form states that it began the year May 1, 2013 with $133,342.00 in  “cash, savings and investments”  In the same Form MCC states that its Total Expenses for the same period May 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014 is $95,555.00.   Without more data, these figures indicate a surplus not a deficiency. 




$37,787 surplus that allegedly isn’t accounted for!  To be continued…


July 7, 2014 

Frank Pilleri
16 Water Street 
Medford, MA 02155

Re: Dissolution of Medford Community Cablevision Inc.               
Attorney General # 021285

Dear Mr. Pilleri:

On or about June 20, 2014 a representative of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. [hereinafter referred to as “MCC”] left copies of the following documents at the Law Department.

1.A copy of a two (2) page “Administrative Dissolution Petition” signed by you  on June 18, 2014, addressed to the Attorney General’s Office, Non-Profit  Organizations/Public Charities Division;

  1. A copy of Final Form PC (Form PC-F) for the period of 5/1/2013 through April  30, 2014, consisting of five (5) pages;
  2. A copy of Form 990-EZ consisting of twelve (12) pages;
  3. A copy of the Financial Statements of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc as  of April 30, 2014, consisting of nine (9) pages;
  4. A copy of a letter from me to you dated October 2, 2013, consisting of one (1)
  5. A copy of the Officer Certificate of Board Action of Medford Community

Cablevision Inc, signed electronically by you on October 2, 2013, consisting of one (1) page;

  1. A copy of a Payment Confirmation, dated June 19, 2014, from the Secretary of
    State consisting of three (3) pages;
  2. A copy of a one (1) page Continuation Sheet marked “4A”.

page 2

July 7, 2014 Frank Pilleri

Page 2

The basis of the inquiry/request contained herein is the representation made by MCC to the Attorney General’s Office that ‘all of its assets have been distributed to the City of Medford’. This representation can be found in the following documents:

  1. The statement contained in the Administrative Dissolution Petition that
    “Medford Community Cablevision Inc. has distributed all of Us assets to the City
    of Medford to be used in the future for the .same purpose as that of Medford
    Community Cablevision Inc”].
  2. The statement made in Form PC-F line 5 that “All of the organizations assets
    were distributed to the City of Medford for use in their cable TV programs in the
    future. This was done in conformity with MGL Chapter 180 and the Articles of
    Organization item 4B (attached)   .
  3. The statement made on the Financial Statements, Note 2 that “All assets of the
    organization have been transferred to the City of Medford in accordance with the
    requirements of law “,

As you are aware, the sole ‘distribution’ from MCC to the City of Medford occurred during January, 2014 when the City, at its own cost and expense, moved all of the equipment/contents located at 32 Riverside Avenue3 to a location ovvned’by the City of Medford, This move included, but was not limited to, all cameras, microphones, monitors, production equipment, control room equipment, furniture and the like that were located at 32 Riverside Avenue.

Outside of the City’s move of the equipment/contents in January, 2014, there has never been any ‘distribution’ from MCC to the City of Medford, Unquestionably, the City of Medford never received any funds from MCC.

Since MCC has filed the Administrative Dissolution Petition under the provisions of G.L. c 180 § 1 lA(c)4, the issue of whether it has “remaining assets” is relevant and must be supported with objective clarity.

1 See Administrative Dissolution Petition, paragraph 7

21 presume that this reference is incorrect and that the proper reference is to “Item 4A” since, indeed, there

is no attachment that is marked “4B”.

3 32 Riverside Avenue was the then location of Medford Community Cablevision Inc.

* G.L. c 180 § 11A (c) states: “If the corporation has no remaining assets, the petition for dissolution shall

be submitted to the division of public charities of the office of/he attorney general setting forth hi

substance the grounds of the application for dissolution together with the forms, affidavit.’! and information

as the division may from time to time may prescribe. If the division is satisfied that the corporation has o will become inactive and that its dissolution would be in the public interest, the division may approve the  dissolution of the corporation. “




July 7,2014 Frank Pilleri Page 3

The following facts underscore the need for MCC to provide additional data and information with a ‘higher level of assurance’ than the data it has presently produced.

First, the Financial Statement submitted by MCC to the Attorney General is based on a “Review” which, by accepted accounting standards, does not result in a very high level of assurance.

In his letter to the MCC Board of Directors which is included in the Financial Statement, David M Jacobson, CPA states that he “reviewed the accompanying statement of financial position ofMedford Community Cablevision Inc, as of April 30, 2014…All information included in these financial statements is the presentation of the management ofMedford Community’ Cablevision Inc”

Mr. Jacobson went on to clearly describe the scope of a “review”. He said:

“A review consists principally of inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data. It is substantially less in scope than an audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, the object of which is the expression of an opinion regarding the financial statements taken as a whole. Accordingly, I do not express such an opinion” [emphasis added]

Mi’. Jacobson’s statement is consistent with accepted accounting standards. In a publication compiled by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants [A1CPA] entitled “AR section 60, Framework for Performing and Reporting on Compilation and Review Engagements” there is a description of the limitations of review engagements. This is found in AR § 60.08 states:


“.OS A review differs significantly from an audit of financial statements in which the auditor obtains a high level of assurance (expressed in the auditor’s report as obtaining reasonable assurance) that the financial statements are free of material misstatement. A review does not contemplate obtaining an understanding of the entity’s internal control; assessing fraud risk; testing accounting records by obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence through inspection, observation, confirmation, or the examination of source documents (for example, cancelled chech[Pi [bank images); or other procedures ordinarily performed in an audit. Accordingly, in a review, the accountant does not obtain assurance that he or she will become rnvare of all significant matters that would be disclosed in an audit. Ttierefore, a review is designed to obtain only limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for the statements to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework. ” [emphasis added]


Page 4


Second, on Form 990-EZ MCC states that its Revenue for the period of May 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014 was 10,737.00,5   Yet the same form states that it began the year on May 1, 2013 with $133,342.00 in “cash, savings and investments”6. In the same Form MCC states that its Total Expenses for the period of May 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014 is $95,555.00. Without more data, these figures indicate a surplus not a deficiency.

Third, MCC held money in two accounts at the Century Bank as late as September, 2013. According to a report to the Board of Directors dated September 4, 2013 from Treasurer Cornelius Murphy the balance in one account was $23,566.99 and $12,627.73 in the other- for a combined total of $36,194.72. Multiple copies of the Treasurer’s report were strewn about on the main floor at 32 Riverside Avenue. The report was issued just one month before the MCC Board of Directors October 2, 2013 vote to dissolve.

Fourth, presuming that MCC had a budget to make improvements at 32 Riverside Avenue, it is likely that any such expenditures would have ended as of the October vote of the MCC Board to dissolve. If so, what expenditures were made after that time?

Fifth, having had a few conversations with the owner of 32 Riverside Avenue, all of which took place in early 2014,1 suspect that there is a possibility that MCC’s rental payments to the owner ceased sometime after October, 2013,1 base this suspicion on his asking me if the City would be paying the monthly rent at 32 Riverside Avenue. Of course 1 informed him that the City was not an obligated to do so and therefore would not do so. If MCC stopped paying rent- how was it spending it’s cash assets after October.

Thus, there is uncertainty- Was there a surplus? What happened to the money in the two Century Bank accounts ? What about other accounts, such as an operations account?

Accordingly, in the interest of objective clarity on the issue of whether MCC has “remaining assets”, I hereby request that MCC provide the following data to this office:

  1. Copies of the ledgers of MCC containing the details of every expenditure made
    by it for the period of May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014;
  2. Copies of each report of the Treasurer of MCC to the Board of Directors for the
    period of May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014;
  3. Copies of the monthly statements7 from each bank or financial institution with
    whom MCC had funds on deposit during the period of May 1, 2013 through April
    30, 2014, including the final statement showing a zero balance if the final
    statement was issued after April 30, 2014;

5   See, MCC’s Form 990-EZ line 9

6   Sec, MCC’s Form 990-EZ line 22


The statements should include copies of cancelled checks-both sides,



  1. The date and amount of any and all rental payments made by MCC during the
    period of May 1, 2013 through April 1, 2014;
  2. The date and amount of any and all payments made by MCC to its employees,
    consultants or independent contractors during the period of May 1, 2013 through
    April 1,2014;
  3. The date and amount of any and all payments made by MCC to any present or
    past members of the Board of Directors of MCC during the period of May 1, 2013
    through April 1,2014;
  4. Copies of all comparable data [“comps”], inventories, acquisition documents or
    other data that support MCC’s conclusion that the fair market value of the “office,
    cable and TV equipment” as of April 1, 2014 was $400,000.00*
  5. A description of what did MCC do with the dollars that it received from its
    membership for their annual dues after it ceased operations? When was the last
    time that MCC offered a class to any of its members? When did it last broadcast
    the production of one of it members? Did MCC refund any membership dues,
    either in whole or in part, received by it? If so, how much and to whom?

I respectfully request that you send this data/information to me at Medford City Hall on or before the end of business on July 24, 2014.

Hopefully, the data will reflect the accuracy of the reports that MCC has filed with the Attorney General with a sufficiently higher level of assurance than presently exists.

However, should it fail to do so or should you fail or refuse to comply with this request
on or before July 24, 2014, the City of Medford will take appropriate legal action which
will include but not be limited to filing an objectix>n–tolhe request of Medford
Community Cablevision Inc. to voluntarilyxfissolve as^a Massachusensjiot-for-profit
corporation.                                        /

Ve^/Jruly yo^rs,

‘**•   .

MarkE. Rumiey       ,J)              ff

Cc: Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, Assistant Attorney General, Non-Profit, Public harities MER/mr

See, MCC’s Form 990-EZ Part II “Sale, Exchange, Disposition, or Other Transfer of more than 25% of the Organization’s Assets.


G.L. c. 12, § 8 states: “The attorney general shall enforce the due application affunds given or appropriated to puhlic charities within the commonwealth and prevent breaches of trust in the administrationt hereof.”

CONSUMER PROTECTION: Leadership Needed on Channel 3 Issue

The Residential Parking scandal on WHDH’s Hank Phillipi Ryan newscast and the failure of City Hall to provide computer classes to residents and cable TV subscribers providing funding for access television are huge examples of Mayor McGlynn’s failure to lead.  McGlynn’s kind of leadership that is not effective and doesn’t work.



Surrounding cities and towns, Somerville, Malden, Burlington and more, have state of the art equipment and flourishing access tv centers.  Their communities thrive because of it. In Medford millions of dollars are paid into a system that has abysmal Educational television and worse Governmental television, with Councilor Adam Knight getting the brunt of the bad audio for the better part of the past month.   Now it is easy to blame the Mayor for things that go wrong, but in this case, the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, is the guilty party, as guilty as the Mystic Valley Development Commission in the case


NO. 01-4535

Where was the Consumer Protection with this case?



Leadership has been needed on this issue for all the years McGlynn has been installed as Mayor.   That we had one of the worst access tv stations in the history of the world is not even an arguable point – no matter how many movie ballots were stuffed or how much of our monies were sent to the Alliance for Community Media to get cheesy awards for bad public access.  Keep in mind, ACM is a non-profit too, and the “awards” show brings in huge revenue.  ACM should FIND the best talent WITHOUT charging a fee, not have people send cash and submit a video “for review.”  So when TV3  allegedly forked over allegedly thousands of “their” alleged dollars (your cash,)  the ACM non-profit responded in kind, to the bewilderment of those who knew the truth about the MCC TV3 scam, and how scandalous it was to award a private access station under review by the Solicitor’s office, a retired judge, the auditors of Melanson Heath & Co PC, the public paying into it, and some of the news media.  “Embattled” took on a new meaning when it referenced Frank Pilleri’s Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., arguably the ONLY non-profit in Medford’s history to have the word “embattled” attached to it over such a lengthy period of time.



Now, had Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. had one ounce of integrity, he would have allowed the election to happen on January 19, 2008.   If Pilleri believed the nonsense he was spewing, he would have let the people decide.  Pilleri couldn’t.  Pilleri cannot let you see the “sloppy bookkeeping” both TV3 self-appointed Vice President Ron Delucia and the embarrassing station manager admitted to.  You had Alfred E. Newman, Jr. running around Medford with that gap tooth stupidity running up to the City Council to yap about Non-linear editing because the johnny-come-lately couldn’t bear to hear this writer eloquently inform the citizens that they can learn Final Cut Pro (for Macs; Adobe Premiere for PCs) at other TV stations, but not under a juvenile delinquent too busy lying about why he put pornography on the air at 8 PM  while blaming a producer who didn’t exist.


Mike McGlynn needs a good CIVIL ACTION for his failure to lead; for his showing up in the Comcast Project Open Voice video with little bug-eyed Alfred E Newman the 2nd.  You see, the above lengthy examples are the failure that McGlynn won’t apologize for; will not admit to.   McGlynn turned a blind eye to the malfeasance, City Hall asking a sports host why he didn’t want to go back to TV3 after being humiliated at Stop & Shop with the infamous “G-Spot” episode of ZAPP TV, created by the fool who was indicted by a Grand Jury for a false bomb threat.    Read the newspaper report as to who was at Mr. Zappelli’s apartment shortly before Zappelli’s arrest and ask yourself why they lived at 75 Station Landing, got bounced, and ended up at Overlook Ridge Terrace (as did Mr. & Mrs. Money Manager, Harvey Alberg and Doria Pizzotti Alberg,) and you might be outraged at the conclusion: McGlynn’s fingerprints are all over FOUR members of the TV3 crowd getting swank apartments when Zappelli admitted to a judge that he’s on food stamps and is indigent.

And let’s not even get started with the Dawn Natalia issue – just another example of McGlynn’s failure to lead. Natalia used TV3 monies to sue this writer.  She lost.   She ran out of Middlesex Superior Court as tarred and feathered as she was when she resigned from MCC TV3 rather than face a retired judge to answer tough questions.  Questions an honest woman would have answered.   In court it was learned that Natalia’s “great” experience was producing one show in Worcester for her conflict-of-interest, her husband.  Larry and Dawn Natalia screwed Medford residents, and they took those awful films and ran as fast as they could all the way back to Rhode Island.  Gary Zappelli sobbing on his Friday night filth fest to Dawn “I have so much respect for you.”  Yikes, you want to include such gibberish on your resume, Dawn Radican Natalia?  Good luck with that!




So some unknown hack filmmaker resembling the Wicked Witch of the South more than an access television Executive Director or Station Manager got bounced out of Westborough Television quicker than you can say “Open House with Ziggy Bush.”   She sued this writer over, among other things, a sweet piece of literature entitled “The Granny Snatcher.”  What Natalia did allegedly to a beautiful woman, now deceased, who owned property in Medford, is hideous and despicable.   The victory over the disgraced Natalia was a victory for Tina F. after the abuse she had to put up with at the hands of elder-basher Arthur Alan Deluca and Dawn Natalia.  But the specter hanging over this, the shadow who allowed elder people to be bashed and dragged into court or an autistic man to be sexually harassed by the Zapp TV host is Mayor Michael J. McGlynn.  McGlynn can’t escape his responsibility and his guilt at aiding and abetting the frauds who infected access TV in Medford, damage which has yet to be addressed, damage which the cable TV subscribers deserve compensation for.  Damage which still lingers as there is no access TV station operating in Medford to this day, Independence Day, an hour and 15 minutes from July 4th.


July 4th – Part II  10:44 PM

Mayor McGlynn told Frank Pilleri this when Pilleri willfully and maliciously shut down the election, an election already skewed in Pilleri’s favor with VOTING RIGHTS set to be purchased for $15.00 a piece (and free membership to TV3 with that $15.00 entry fee; they’ll say it was a half price membership and free voting, but rest assured, it was a tax on those voting for a new board of directors.  So Pilleri already had the upper hand and it still wasn’t good enough for him.) This is what McGlynn told Pilleri:

“I told him in a meeting that I stand in front of the city every two years, as do all the elected officials,” he said. “I think the members of the board should do the same thing.


That Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg, Ronald Delucia, Steve Marra, Daniel Ryan Mailhiot, Jay Ricci, Deric Dyer, Arthur Alan Deluca and others from the TV3 crowd are going to burn in hell for all eternity for their fraudulent activities at our public access station is reality.  It’s a given.  Cable TV subscribers want those individuals brought to justice in this world as well.  But the common theme, how those bad people got away with their bad behavior, falls squarely on the individual who relishes the control he has over this community with an impunity that would make Fidel Castro blush: Michael J. McGlynn.

McGlynn owes this community that he has taken advantage of. Seventy Five Thousand Dollars for Jack Dempsey to follow the Mayor around with our videocameras to make the Mayor pretty much the sole face on the P/E/G channels is the pairing of two unqualified egomaniacs who think nothing of putting themselves first and community last.  Teaching watercolor at the McGlynn School is a nice job if you can get it, but there’s a problem.  Your qualified child can’t get the gig with two daughters enjoying a little nepotism; daughters who would rather hang on to daddy’s apron strings than go find real work on their own – go to a school and demand their father not endorse them.  They can’t do it!  They don’t have the motivation or the talent.  They have Daddy Warbucks McGlynn and taxpayer monies, and they have those jobs your son or daughter could have.  And they get a free ride from the taxpayers when more qualified individuals are available. It is exactly why you have no access TV in Medford.  The last thing a suspicious Mayor wants is your suspicions on TV.

“That’s why we are here” an honest Executive Director of a TV station said to me this week, to allow for Free Speech.  Frank Pilleri stole it from you.  Paul Camuso continues to steal it from you, lying to your face, telling you HE has the keys to the First Amendment on the Government channel while the Council President – clearly not operating with a full deck and down a few quarts – censors people in public, on television, and securely documented on the DVDs of teh council meetings.  Camuso is a terrible liar and a terrible person who defended TV3 while they were eating our resources like damn termites, sucking the life out of Medford free speech, “breaking the spirit of access” according to our Budget Director when she was on the City Council.  Paul Camuso engaged in that behavior, that bad conduct, and he struts his stuff like the Emperor’s New Clothers: his malfeasance obvious to everyone but his blind self.   Guess that comes with the territory when someone shows they are mentally deficient in public on a weekly basis.  At least with summer vacation we don’t have three more weeks of Camuso putting his obvious mental illness on public spectacle on the Government Channel.  Throw the bum out.



The Mayor certainly doesn’t want you to know ANYTHING about how he does business and how his family gets first dibs on everything while you, dear reader, pay through the nose and more.   Look at this document received from a public records request and see how ignorant McGlynn is to the needs of the citizens; and how complicit he’s been with Frank Pilleri’s underhanded tactics.

If we cooperate all this goes away

Pilleri’s lies to City Hall continue, as evidenced by the above e mail sent out on Tufts-Health’s e mail account, Pilleri not even able to differentiate between a professional job, writing to City Hall, and being the “president’ of a 501c3. The lines were always blurred with lazy Frank Pilleri.  It was all about his huge ego and sad lack of qualifications.   Pilleri is a sad and pathetic figure, but that doesn’t mean he should not be tried and convicted in a court of law for the damage he inflicted on Medford citizens repeatedly.    Where was McGlynn’s protection for the consumers when that insubordinate joke, Frank Pilleri, did so much harm to the community?   McGlynn was ill-prepared to be a leader if the allegations of Pilleri holding McGlynn over a barrel are to be believed. And why shouldn’t any logical citizen give some credence to the allegation of some sort of exaction being committed by Pilleri to keep the Mayor cowering in fear and failing to demand the books, meeting minutes and monies that belong to the citizens of Medford and the cable TV subscribers?

Where oh where are the Consumer Protections when a cowardly Mayor like McGlynn runs from a powerless fraud like Frank Pilleri?     No one else is running away from the creep and his accomplices.  It is scary fighting off psychopaths like Mr. Pilleri, Mr. Alberg and his hideous wife, Ronald Delucia and Arthur Alan Deluca, the sorriest and most putrid bunch of deviants to invade an access TV station and pollute it with their dishonesty and their filth.  To open the Medford Mercury and read Doria Pizzotti Alberg’s stupidity and clueless rants makes a mockery of Consumer Protection.  There’s Mrs. Fraudberg in all her fraudulent glory praising a juvenile delinquent and telling the citizens they don’t really need the access TV that her husband, Harvey Alberg, raped, pillaged and plundered, so to speak.


Those frauds at MCC TV3, Pilleri, Alberg, Delucia and their sorry bunch, were supposed to allow Freedom of Expression for the residents, not themselves.  They stole it from us, the police did little, the Mayor did nothing, the City Solicitor was harassed by the Chumley Report, Stephanie Muccini Burke was vilified, poor Pat Fiorello and his wife were terrorized, and the RICO act should have been employed to rid Medford of the filth of the cronies in the despicable Frank Pilleri gang.

So how do we protect the assets of the cable TV subscribers?


When the U.S. Attorney decides to indict someone under RICO, he or she has the option of seeking a pre-trial restraining order or injunction to temporarily seize a defendant’s assets and prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property, as well as require the defendant to put up a performance bond. This provision was placed in the law because the owners of Mafia-related shell corporations often absconded with the assets. An injunction and/or performance bond ensures that there is something to seize in the event of a guilty verdict.–directors-of-a-massachusetts-nonprofit-corporation

  1. Be sure that the board includes directors with the appropriate expertise
    In this regard, the board should include directors who have financial management experience, who understand financial statements and budgets, and who can interact effectively with the corporation’s auditors. Depending on the mission of the nonprofit corporation, board expertise in other areas will be necessary.

Six Hundred Thousand Dollars Is Easy To Find if you put your mind to it

Coming soon

Sins of McGlynn Inventory

Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.

joe viglione

Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.

You want to find money?   It’s easy!

The McGlynn Inventory of spending foolishly is coming your way!  Soon.

Also, big BIG news on our #1 issue on the horizon.  We’re sworn to secrecy but, as always,

you will hear it here first!

Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.


Mayor McGlynn can find a million dollars for a park, but he is livid over Six Hundred Thousand Dollars the City Council kept from the budget.   Has the Mayor, Mike McGlynn, considered handing Seventy Five Thousand or more dollars from his bloated paycheck back into the City coffers?  Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.   The City Council can take 10K each and hand back $140,000.00  There’s $215,000.00 – we’re a third of the way there (and, NO, I’m not quoting the Kevin Kline movie Dave, even though it sounds like his solid math.)   Now, after Jack Dempsey’s awful, hideous audio, Dempsey gets fired and 75K is now available, money taken from the Government Channel. Oh, what the heck, Lisa Dunphy and Allison can go find work, there’s another 200K, we’re up to $415,000.00.  This is EASY

Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.

God bless Krystle Campbell and her family, and God give the citizens strength to tell the Mayor that a water taxi, a garage, a memorial park and ribbon cutting are not why we are paying him $150,000.00 or more a year.  Have McGlynn fire his daughters from working at the McGlynn school and we get another huge chunk of change for the city budget. Mayor McGlynn is a pure megalomaniac, but not a pure human being.  Charter Review is absolutely essential.  More essential is Charter Change and our form of government.  There are six forms of government in Massachusetts and Medford has the worst.  It’s time for the citizens to unite and put this rogue Mayor and his crackpot Council President in their respective places: boot them out.

Challenging times need accountable leadership, something to print on Paul Camuso’s forehead with a magic marker.

Here’s an OpEd piece from Robert Cappucci, candidate for State Senate

Published with  permission of the author.

Mr. Cappucci is responding to a Malden resident, a self-professed “troublemaker” who has no love for Medford and who has given evidence that she’s an obstructionist; in it to just get attention.

We have some serious work to do and distractions from someone who doesn’t even live in the city are to be ignored.

July 01, 2014 at 02:07 PM

Robert Cappucci
This is by no means an attempt to do anything else but review the Plan A Charter that Medford adopted in 1987. We are one of only a few municipalities that operates under Plan A. Most cities and towns have a Charter Review every few years. It is just prudent to do so as times change, new technologies develop, and to question authority and the status quo. Those of us involved in the present attempt to garner enough signatures are doing so not out of hatred of any one person but out of love for our community. There are no secret meetings and only one meeting has taken place so far. In attendance was myself, Neil Osborne, Jean Martin, City Councilors Michael Marks, and Robert Penta, as well as former Mayoral Candidate, and Chair of this committee to review the charter, Mr. Anthony D’Antonio. Yes, there were many other residents in attendance including Dr. John Storella. A WWII Veteran and conscientious Medford resident who love’s Medford, loves Massachusetts, and loves America. I asked Mr. D’Antonio openly at the meeting, “was Mayor McGlynn invited to this meeting?” His reply was that the meeting was made public and open to everyone. It deeply saddens me that you, Julie, are jumping to conclusions and name calling (“delusional”) without even being in attendance of this meeting and knowing first hand what it is we are actually trying to accomplish. Again, only one thing, a review of the Charter. It is a long process that will take the collaborative efforts of concerned citizens. A process I, and many others, are willing to embrace and engage the Medford electorate and community at large in hopes we can bring a vote to the people to do something that is long past due which is, again, to review the Plan A Medford Charter. You wish to cite us for “hating McGlynn.” I have a few questions, if you please. Where is our dog park? Where is our new police station sorely needed? Where are our excess water rates collected in surplus of over $6 million dollars? Why are we a city of 58,000 understaffed on the police force? Why are our fire stations in dire need of repair? Why are there so many pot holes? Why aren’t our water pipes being fixed? Why has the property tax gone up for 27 consecutive years? Finally, who hates who? Do we “hate McGlynn”??? Or, does he hate us? You decide.

City Charter of Medford ! Read it here, plus – Charter Review hits the Medford Transcript


Here’s Alex Ruppenthal’s article on Charter Review, the meeting held last Wednesday night, June 25, 2014

Resident John Storella said the charter has been amended a handful of times since the city adopted Plan A in 1986, six times to authorize increases to McGlynn’s salary.

Storella, who started collecting signatures to initiate a charter review in 2008 but had to stop because of health problems, found residents at the June 26 meeting shared his criticism of the enormous power granted to Medford’s mayor under the charter.

Here’s Medford’s actual charter


Sec. 46. – Plan A.permanent link to this piece of content

The method of city government provided for in the ten following sections shall be known as Plan A.

Sec. 47. – When plan takes effect.permanent link to this piece of content

Upon the adoption of Plan A, it shall become operative as provided in sections one to forty-five, inclusive.

Sec. 48. – Mayor; election; term of office.permanent link to this piece of content

There shall be a mayor, elected by and from the qualified voters of the city, who shall be the chief executive officer of the city. He shall hold office for the term of two years from the first Monday of January following his election, and until his successor is qualified.

Sec. 49. – Party or political designations excluded from ballots.permanent link to this piece of content

No ballot used at any annual, biennial or special city elections shall have printed thereon any party or political designation or mark, and there shall not be appended to the name of any candidate any such party or political designation or mark, or anything showing how he was nominated or indicating his views or opinions.

Sec. 50. – City council; number; election; terms of office; officers.permanent link to this piece of content

The legislative powers of the city shall be vested in a city council, consisting of seven persons, elected at large by and from the qualified voters of the city. One of its members shall be elected by the council annually as its president. Thereafter, as terms expire, there shall be elected at each annual city election a sufficient number of members to fill the vacancies created by the expiration of said terms, each member so elected to serve for two years.

Preliminary and regular elections shall be held biennially in every odd-numbered year on the day fixed for holding such elections under the laws in effect in Medford immediately prior to enactment of this act. The first preliminary election after passage of this Act shall be held in September, nineteen hundred and eighty-seven, and the first regular election shall be held in November, nineteen hundred and eighty-seven.

The mayor and members of the city council elected at the first regular election after passage of this Act shall hold office for the term of two years from the first Monday of January following their election and this act shall be in full force and effect from and after said date.

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(7), (8))

Sec. 50A. – Filling of vacancies in city council.permanent link to this piece of content

Vacancies occurring in the city council shall be filled by that defeated candidate at the last regular municipal election who received the highest number of votes for election to the city council and is eligible and willing to serve.

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(2)(b))

Sec. 51. – [Repealed by 1952, 257, § 3.]permanent link to this piece of content

Vacancies occurring in the city council shall be filled by that defeated candidate at the last regular municipal election who received the highest number of votes for election to the city council and is eligible and willing to serve.

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(2)(b))

Sec. 52. – Mayor to make certain appointments without confirmation.permanent link to this piece of content

[Generally.] Upon the adoption of Plan A, all heads of departments and members or municipal boards, except the school committee, officials appointed by the governor, and assessors if elected by vote of the people, as their terms of office expire, shall be appointed by the mayor without confirmation by the city council.

[School committee.] The mayor shall serve as a member and as chairman of the school committee. Nothing in this act shall affect the election, powers or duties of the school committee, it being the intent and purpose of this act that the school committee remain as it exists under the laws in effect for the city of Medford immediately prior to the enactment of this Act.

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(3))

Sec. 53. – Certificate of appointment.permanent link to this piece of content

In making his appointments the mayor shall sign and file with the city clerk a certificate in the following form:

Certificate of Appointment

I appoint (name of appointee) to the position of (name of office), and I certify that in my opinion he is a recognized expert in the work which will devolve upon him, and that I make the appointment solely in the interest of the city.


Or in the following form, as the case may be:

Certificate of Appointment

I appoint (name of appointee) to the position of (name of office), and I certify that in my opinion he is a person specially fitted by education, training or experience to perform the duties of said office, and that I make the appointment solely in the interest of the city.


Sec. 54. – Removal of certain officials.permanent link to this piece of content

The mayor may remove the head of a department or member of a board by filing a written statement with the city clerk setting forth in detail the specific reasons therefor, a copy of which shall be delivered or mailed to the person thus removed, who may make a written reply, which, if he desires, may be filed with the city clerk; but such reply shall not affect the action taken unless the mayor so determines. This section shall not apply to the school committee, or to officials appointed by the governor, or to assessors if elected by the people.

Sec. 55. – Approval or veto of measures by mayor; veto override.permanent link to this piece of content

Every order, ordinance, resolution and vote relative to the affairs of the city, adopted or passed by the city council, shall be presented to the mayor for his approval. If he approves it he shall sign it; if he disapproves it he shall return it, with his written objections, to the city council, which shall enter the objections at large on its records, and again consider it. If the city council, notwithstanding such disapproval of the mayor, shall again pass such order, ordinance, resolution or vote by a two-thirds vote of all its members, it shall then be in force, but such vote shall not be taken for seven days after its return to the city council. Every such order, ordinance, resolution and vote shall be in force if not returned by the mayor within ten days after it has been presented to him. This section shall not apply to budgets submitted under M.G.L.A. c. 44, § 32 or to appropriations by a city council under section thirty-three of said chapter.

Sec. 56. – [Mayor’s salary.]permanent link to this piece of content

The salary for the office of mayor shall be $92,350 per year, and the Mayor shall receive no other compensation from the city. The term “Mayor” shall be exclusively reserved for that elected position as provided in this act and the presiding member of the city council shall hereafter be known as “President of The City Council.”

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(4); Acts of 1990, ch. 99, § 1; Acts of 1992, ch. 229, § 1; Acts of 1995, ch. 49, § 1; Acts of 1997, ch. 223, § 1; Acts of 1999, ch. 45, § 1)

Sec. 57. – [Applicability of M.G.L.A. c. 43, §§ 1—44G.]permanent link to this piece of content

M.G.L.A. c. 43, §§ 1—44G, as in effect for the city of Medford immediately prior to the enactment of this act, shall apply to the plan of government enacted by this Act except as otherwise provided herein.

(Acts of 1986, ch. 605, § 1(5))

And now, why we need Charter Change

Medford budget battle continues

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    Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has sent a letter to the Medford City Council regarding the budget and a $600,000 reduction vote taken June 24.

  • • Mayor’s Letter to Medford City Council
  • By Nell Escobar Coakley
    Posted Jul. 1, 2014 @ 12:15 pm
    Updated at 3:56 PM

    The budget battle between the Medford City Council and city administration continued this week, as the new fiscal year kicked in.

    Mayor Michael J. McGlynn on June 30 sent a letter to City Council President Paul Camuso, as well as the other six members, detailing problems with the $600,000 vote taken by the body on June 24.