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Chief Buckley Puts Officers at Risk

John Buckley Said He Would Work to Gain the PUBLIC TRUST at the City Council 10-1-19… An Essay From Joe Viglione

Unpopular Medford Police Chief Jack Buckley is now on the ropes, and Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn’s inefficiency in these matters both create a combined major threat to public safety. The Public Trust may sound like a nice catch-phrase to throw around, but Buckley purportedly doesn’t even have the trust of the women and men on his staff. The 27 page meandering letter from Buckley removes all doubt…see if you can get through it without scratching your head…repeatedly: Notice how on page 1 the chief allegedly writes to “the community,” but truth be told, Buckley is writing to Motivate Medford as you can see before the signature on page 13.

What is this “Mobile Medford” group and why do they strike such fear into the heart of the fellow who is supposed to enforce the law in the city of Medford? My perception, and perhaps I’m wrong, is that they are individuals who aren’t even sure of what they want except to get attention and bully the community.

Neil Osborne’s Disability panel a couple of years back was chock full of bullies. And remember, the police chief is part of this Human Rights Commission that never upholds real human rights. Mayor McGlynn appears to have hand-picked members of the disability community for that board or commission – and they were chosen not for skill or experience – but to simply find votes for Stephanie Muccini-Burke. The anger and arrogance you could almost touch.

I was very nice to those individuals, as I was to Mobilize Medford. I brought a candidate over to a woman in a wheelchair and she was downright mean and unprofessional. She tried to humiliate the person running for office. Then, the eventual chair of the disability commission, whom I served on a board with in Somerville, got angry with me for using the “wrong gender” in reference to the rude person in the wheelchair. Now, excuse me, I’ve been a member of the LGBTQ community before these people were even born and if you aren’t going to put a sticker on some arrogant person’s forehead “male to female,” “female to male,” to come at a caring sould like me means that you don’t give a damn about civil rights – you are merely using your disability to beat me over the head with.

I informed Neil Osborne that I would be taping the Disability Commission meeting and the chair told me “the disabled people might not want to be filmed.” My response: the disabled people can step down, this is a public meeting and the public has a right to see it. I filed an Open Meeting Law violation complaint against Osborne and the chair, Rachel Tanenhaus, and the Attorney General’s office found in my favor, they had violated the Open Meeting Law via the arrogance and abusive attitude.

Mobile Medford and the so-called Medford Revolution sometimes employ the same tactics. And Chief Buckley along with Mayor Lungo-Koehn cave in and get bullied where yours truly stands up and fights for the community. That math is simple to do.

While the mayor and the chief of police ignore long-time residents, they have thoroughly caved in to a new organization chock full of people many in the community do not know.

What is the solution to this dilemma and what damage has been caused by Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn and Police Chief Buckley’s ignorant approach to law enforcement?

1] Rumor has it that Buckley has lost control of those in his command. There are rumors of police officers wanting transfers, the belittling of Buckley personally and an atmosphere of chaos over at 100 Main St.

2]Lungo-Koehn has her own issues at city hall. Chief-of-Staff David Rodrigues is a joke in the community where his purported cousin, Erin DiBenedetto, commands respect.

3]the current city council was built by former mayor McGlynn to benefit exiled mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke, exiled by the voters. Stephanie still has a monster amount of cash in her war chest but look for school committee person Paul Ruseau or Council President Falco to go after the corner office come 2021.

Meanwhile the honeymoon is over for Lungo-Koehn and rather than take control with new faces she has slid into a “comfort zone” of Stephanie Burke sycophants- Neil Osborne, Mike Nestor, the aforementioned police chief, the change Breanna promised nowhere to be found – to the detriment of the community