CONSUMER PROTECTION: Leadership Needed on Channel 3 Issue

The Residential Parking scandal on WHDH’s Hank Phillipi Ryan newscast and the failure of City Hall to provide computer classes to residents and cable TV subscribers providing funding for access television are huge examples of Mayor McGlynn’s failure to lead.  McGlynn’s kind of leadership that is not effective and doesn’t work.



Surrounding cities and towns, Somerville, Malden, Burlington and more, have state of the art equipment and flourishing access tv centers.  Their communities thrive because of it. In Medford millions of dollars are paid into a system that has abysmal Educational television and worse Governmental television, with Councilor Adam Knight getting the brunt of the bad audio for the better part of the past month.   Now it is easy to blame the Mayor for things that go wrong, but in this case, the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, is the guilty party, as guilty as the Mystic Valley Development Commission in the case


NO. 01-4535

Where was the Consumer Protection with this case?



Leadership has been needed on this issue for all the years McGlynn has been installed as Mayor.   That we had one of the worst access tv stations in the history of the world is not even an arguable point – no matter how many movie ballots were stuffed or how much of our monies were sent to the Alliance for Community Media to get cheesy awards for bad public access.  Keep in mind, ACM is a non-profit too, and the “awards” show brings in huge revenue.  ACM should FIND the best talent WITHOUT charging a fee, not have people send cash and submit a video “for review.”  So when TV3  allegedly forked over allegedly thousands of “their” alleged dollars (your cash,)  the ACM non-profit responded in kind, to the bewilderment of those who knew the truth about the MCC TV3 scam, and how scandalous it was to award a private access station under review by the Solicitor’s office, a retired judge, the auditors of Melanson Heath & Co PC, the public paying into it, and some of the news media.  “Embattled” took on a new meaning when it referenced Frank Pilleri’s Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., arguably the ONLY non-profit in Medford’s history to have the word “embattled” attached to it over such a lengthy period of time.



Now, had Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. had one ounce of integrity, he would have allowed the election to happen on January 19, 2008.   If Pilleri believed the nonsense he was spewing, he would have let the people decide.  Pilleri couldn’t.  Pilleri cannot let you see the “sloppy bookkeeping” both TV3 self-appointed Vice President Ron Delucia and the embarrassing station manager admitted to.  You had Alfred E. Newman, Jr. running around Medford with that gap tooth stupidity running up to the City Council to yap about Non-linear editing because the johnny-come-lately couldn’t bear to hear this writer eloquently inform the citizens that they can learn Final Cut Pro (for Macs; Adobe Premiere for PCs) at other TV stations, but not under a juvenile delinquent too busy lying about why he put pornography on the air at 8 PM  while blaming a producer who didn’t exist.


Mike McGlynn needs a good CIVIL ACTION for his failure to lead; for his showing up in the Comcast Project Open Voice video with little bug-eyed Alfred E Newman the 2nd.  You see, the above lengthy examples are the failure that McGlynn won’t apologize for; will not admit to.   McGlynn turned a blind eye to the malfeasance, City Hall asking a sports host why he didn’t want to go back to TV3 after being humiliated at Stop & Shop with the infamous “G-Spot” episode of ZAPP TV, created by the fool who was indicted by a Grand Jury for a false bomb threat.    Read the newspaper report as to who was at Mr. Zappelli’s apartment shortly before Zappelli’s arrest and ask yourself why they lived at 75 Station Landing, got bounced, and ended up at Overlook Ridge Terrace (as did Mr. & Mrs. Money Manager, Harvey Alberg and Doria Pizzotti Alberg,) and you might be outraged at the conclusion: McGlynn’s fingerprints are all over FOUR members of the TV3 crowd getting swank apartments when Zappelli admitted to a judge that he’s on food stamps and is indigent.

And let’s not even get started with the Dawn Natalia issue – just another example of McGlynn’s failure to lead. Natalia used TV3 monies to sue this writer.  She lost.   She ran out of Middlesex Superior Court as tarred and feathered as she was when she resigned from MCC TV3 rather than face a retired judge to answer tough questions.  Questions an honest woman would have answered.   In court it was learned that Natalia’s “great” experience was producing one show in Worcester for her conflict-of-interest, her husband.  Larry and Dawn Natalia screwed Medford residents, and they took those awful films and ran as fast as they could all the way back to Rhode Island.  Gary Zappelli sobbing on his Friday night filth fest to Dawn “I have so much respect for you.”  Yikes, you want to include such gibberish on your resume, Dawn Radican Natalia?  Good luck with that!




So some unknown hack filmmaker resembling the Wicked Witch of the South more than an access television Executive Director or Station Manager got bounced out of Westborough Television quicker than you can say “Open House with Ziggy Bush.”   She sued this writer over, among other things, a sweet piece of literature entitled “The Granny Snatcher.”  What Natalia did allegedly to a beautiful woman, now deceased, who owned property in Medford, is hideous and despicable.   The victory over the disgraced Natalia was a victory for Tina F. after the abuse she had to put up with at the hands of elder-basher Arthur Alan Deluca and Dawn Natalia.  But the specter hanging over this, the shadow who allowed elder people to be bashed and dragged into court or an autistic man to be sexually harassed by the Zapp TV host is Mayor Michael J. McGlynn.  McGlynn can’t escape his responsibility and his guilt at aiding and abetting the frauds who infected access TV in Medford, damage which has yet to be addressed, damage which the cable TV subscribers deserve compensation for.  Damage which still lingers as there is no access TV station operating in Medford to this day, Independence Day, an hour and 15 minutes from July 4th.


July 4th – Part II  10:44 PM

Mayor McGlynn told Frank Pilleri this when Pilleri willfully and maliciously shut down the election, an election already skewed in Pilleri’s favor with VOTING RIGHTS set to be purchased for $15.00 a piece (and free membership to TV3 with that $15.00 entry fee; they’ll say it was a half price membership and free voting, but rest assured, it was a tax on those voting for a new board of directors.  So Pilleri already had the upper hand and it still wasn’t good enough for him.) This is what McGlynn told Pilleri:

“I told him in a meeting that I stand in front of the city every two years, as do all the elected officials,” he said. “I think the members of the board should do the same thing.


That Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg, Ronald Delucia, Steve Marra, Daniel Ryan Mailhiot, Jay Ricci, Deric Dyer, Arthur Alan Deluca and others from the TV3 crowd are going to burn in hell for all eternity for their fraudulent activities at our public access station is reality.  It’s a given.  Cable TV subscribers want those individuals brought to justice in this world as well.  But the common theme, how those bad people got away with their bad behavior, falls squarely on the individual who relishes the control he has over this community with an impunity that would make Fidel Castro blush: Michael J. McGlynn.

McGlynn owes this community that he has taken advantage of. Seventy Five Thousand Dollars for Jack Dempsey to follow the Mayor around with our videocameras to make the Mayor pretty much the sole face on the P/E/G channels is the pairing of two unqualified egomaniacs who think nothing of putting themselves first and community last.  Teaching watercolor at the McGlynn School is a nice job if you can get it, but there’s a problem.  Your qualified child can’t get the gig with two daughters enjoying a little nepotism; daughters who would rather hang on to daddy’s apron strings than go find real work on their own – go to a school and demand their father not endorse them.  They can’t do it!  They don’t have the motivation or the talent.  They have Daddy Warbucks McGlynn and taxpayer monies, and they have those jobs your son or daughter could have.  And they get a free ride from the taxpayers when more qualified individuals are available. It is exactly why you have no access TV in Medford.  The last thing a suspicious Mayor wants is your suspicions on TV.

“That’s why we are here” an honest Executive Director of a TV station said to me this week, to allow for Free Speech.  Frank Pilleri stole it from you.  Paul Camuso continues to steal it from you, lying to your face, telling you HE has the keys to the First Amendment on the Government channel while the Council President – clearly not operating with a full deck and down a few quarts – censors people in public, on television, and securely documented on the DVDs of teh council meetings.  Camuso is a terrible liar and a terrible person who defended TV3 while they were eating our resources like damn termites, sucking the life out of Medford free speech, “breaking the spirit of access” according to our Budget Director when she was on the City Council.  Paul Camuso engaged in that behavior, that bad conduct, and he struts his stuff like the Emperor’s New Clothers: his malfeasance obvious to everyone but his blind self.   Guess that comes with the territory when someone shows they are mentally deficient in public on a weekly basis.  At least with summer vacation we don’t have three more weeks of Camuso putting his obvious mental illness on public spectacle on the Government Channel.  Throw the bum out.



The Mayor certainly doesn’t want you to know ANYTHING about how he does business and how his family gets first dibs on everything while you, dear reader, pay through the nose and more.   Look at this document received from a public records request and see how ignorant McGlynn is to the needs of the citizens; and how complicit he’s been with Frank Pilleri’s underhanded tactics.

If we cooperate all this goes away

Pilleri’s lies to City Hall continue, as evidenced by the above e mail sent out on Tufts-Health’s e mail account, Pilleri not even able to differentiate between a professional job, writing to City Hall, and being the “president’ of a 501c3. The lines were always blurred with lazy Frank Pilleri.  It was all about his huge ego and sad lack of qualifications.   Pilleri is a sad and pathetic figure, but that doesn’t mean he should not be tried and convicted in a court of law for the damage he inflicted on Medford citizens repeatedly.    Where was McGlynn’s protection for the consumers when that insubordinate joke, Frank Pilleri, did so much harm to the community?   McGlynn was ill-prepared to be a leader if the allegations of Pilleri holding McGlynn over a barrel are to be believed. And why shouldn’t any logical citizen give some credence to the allegation of some sort of exaction being committed by Pilleri to keep the Mayor cowering in fear and failing to demand the books, meeting minutes and monies that belong to the citizens of Medford and the cable TV subscribers?

Where oh where are the Consumer Protections when a cowardly Mayor like McGlynn runs from a powerless fraud like Frank Pilleri?     No one else is running away from the creep and his accomplices.  It is scary fighting off psychopaths like Mr. Pilleri, Mr. Alberg and his hideous wife, Ronald Delucia and Arthur Alan Deluca, the sorriest and most putrid bunch of deviants to invade an access TV station and pollute it with their dishonesty and their filth.  To open the Medford Mercury and read Doria Pizzotti Alberg’s stupidity and clueless rants makes a mockery of Consumer Protection.  There’s Mrs. Fraudberg in all her fraudulent glory praising a juvenile delinquent and telling the citizens they don’t really need the access TV that her husband, Harvey Alberg, raped, pillaged and plundered, so to speak.


Those frauds at MCC TV3, Pilleri, Alberg, Delucia and their sorry bunch, were supposed to allow Freedom of Expression for the residents, not themselves.  They stole it from us, the police did little, the Mayor did nothing, the City Solicitor was harassed by the Chumley Report, Stephanie Muccini Burke was vilified, poor Pat Fiorello and his wife were terrorized, and the RICO act should have been employed to rid Medford of the filth of the cronies in the despicable Frank Pilleri gang.

So how do we protect the assets of the cable TV subscribers?


When the U.S. Attorney decides to indict someone under RICO, he or she has the option of seeking a pre-trial restraining order or injunction to temporarily seize a defendant’s assets and prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property, as well as require the defendant to put up a performance bond. This provision was placed in the law because the owners of Mafia-related shell corporations often absconded with the assets. An injunction and/or performance bond ensures that there is something to seize in the event of a guilty verdict.–directors-of-a-massachusetts-nonprofit-corporation

  1. Be sure that the board includes directors with the appropriate expertise
    In this regard, the board should include directors who have financial management experience, who understand financial statements and budgets, and who can interact effectively with the corporation’s auditors. Depending on the mission of the nonprofit corporation, board expertise in other areas will be necessary.

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