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This Editorial is being sent to 60 Minutes  as well as other national and local news media, government oversight and interested/concerned citizens and public access stations and producers.

We are going to be demanding that the office of the Attorney General and the office off the District Attorney interrogate each and every board member and ex-board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. regarding an allegation allegedly from a former vice president of MCC who claims Frank Pilleri intentionally used former board members on the corporate papers, signed under the pains of perjury, to keep up the illusion that a real board existed.  The Rumley Report of 2-28-10 has information on that which was brought to the attention of Mark Rumley, City Solicitor, when former board member Brian Mahoney was approached with the document.  Mahoney told me he hadn’t been on the board “in years” since he had moved to Somerville.  He was shocked that his name was still being used by Pilleri, ostensibly to have the illusion of a board that didn’t truly exist.  Without proper voting, with that kind of sleight of hand, Pilleri ran roughshod over the citizens of Medford, suing people and being a belligerent bully who abused the station for his own personal use; the “private MCC access” that Judge Jackson-Thompson referenced in her recommendations. .



The goal is three-fold: establish a new Access TV Station in Medford, Massachusetts, fight to retrieve the assets the dishonest board of directors of TV3 Medford did not preserve for the community and to pressure the government to bring Frank Pilleri and his cronies into a court of law to give them their day in court.  Or bring them to justice if they turn out to be less trustworthy than they assured the community that they were.

(Alleged) Purpose of Cable TV Committee (the true purpose was to stall for time so that McGlynn could keep pushing the goal posts back towards April of 2015)

The Community Access TV Committee will develop the guiding principles for the future of community access television in the City of Medford.

The Community Access TV Committee failed the city of Medford.  The thin, 3 page document, is in direct conflict with the mission of the TV Committee   Let’s explore how the committee, positions accepted by Fred Laskey, George “Chip” Hines and Allison Goldsberry were obligated, owe it to the city and the cable TV subscribers, to press the Mayor to move forward with access tv.     Judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson (retired) took $3,900.00. By comparison, Judas Iscariot’s alleged 30 pieces of silver seem irrelevant by comparison:  “Another account was preserved by the early Christian leader, Papias: “Judas walked about in this world a sad example of impiety; for his body having swollen to such an extent that he could not pass where a chariot could pass easily, he was crushed by the chariot, so that his bowels gushed out.”[18]”   Yikes: file under: Toxic Mold Syndrome.


The Committee seeks to develop a plan for vibrant community access television in Medford that includes educational and community programming, locally produced content, broadcasts of public meetings and events, increased learning opportunities for students interested in media production, community classes, and enhanced online video capacity.


    The unspoken mandate would have been for Fred, Allison and Chip to work with the community members who supported them, who showed up, shared e mails and ideas and even videotaped the events.  But, sadly for the community, this is, yet again, McGlynn cronies kissing-the-behind of His Majesty, Michael J. McGlynn.   All this time I thought Jesus was the focus of Rev. Hines prayers but, alas, he seems to have chosen political mammon over God.  After abusing Judge Jackson-Thompson’s robe as well as Reverend George Hines’ collar, McGlynn threw them both in the recycling bin like useless old dish rags.

If we cooperate all this goes away

The above October 1, 2013 document from Frank Pilleri promising to “dissolve” the corporation “quickly” is something Pilleri, who used his e mail at the HMO Tufts Health to conduct MCC TV3 business, never thought the citizens would see.  Well see it they have, the document popular on the internet via a variety of different websites

      • TV3 officials speak out on hate speech probe, other allegations

  • Already reeling from the denial of a $39,000 quarterly payment, TV3 last week became the target of a police investigation after allegations of hate speech and racism were lodged against the access station.
  • By Nicholas Iovino/
    Posted Jul. 17, 2013 @ 12:01 am
    Updated Jul 17, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    Already reeling from the denial of a $39,000 quarterly payment, TV3 last week became the target of a police investigation after allegations of hate speech and racism were lodged against the access station.

    Former TV3 Board of Directors member Doreen Wade told the Medford City Council on July 9 that she was victimized by racist and threatening comments posted about her on the Internet by TV3 board members.


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