How Paul Camuso and Frank Pilleri betrayed the public trust with TV3 Medford

bnewsTV3’s president says the station spent all of its savings — more than $130,000 — on operating costs before the now-defunct access station’s Board of Directors voted to dissolve the station last October.

But officials want proof, since Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (TV3’s legal name) is required to transfer all remaining assets to the city before it dissolves.

Now read this from the Transcript very carefully (we published similar information when the City Solicitor letter to Pilleri was published)

According to the 990-EZ tax form Pilleri filed with the Internal Revenue Service, MCC had $133,342 in cash, savings and investments on May 1, 2013.

According to Jacobson’s review conducted for MCC, the organization had only $95,555 in expenses for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2014, indicating a positive balance.

133,342.00 in cash, $95.555 allegedly in expenses (look at the monies spent on “station manager” when there was nothing to manage) and you have a discrepency, a BIT discrepency of over $37,000.00.  Where’s the money, Frank Pilleri?  Does Tufts Health even read all the situations Pilleri has gotten himself into?  Allegations of racism, the false bomb threat arrest of Pilleri’s good pal, a true Rogue’s Gallery with conflicting numbers and that moron, Ronald Delucia, telling the City Council he’s “Only guilty of sloppy bookkeeping.”  Sloppy Bookkeping with PUBLIC MONIES and a fiduciary responsibility that DeLucia was not honest enough to care about.


THE DVDs of the City Council meetings are going to reveal to the authorities how bad things were at MCC TV3

We’re also looking into how the Cable TV Committee came up with a whopping $500,000 for a “new” access station knowing the mismanagement and possibly worse that occurred at TV3.  Keep reading, because Allison Goldsberry has some serious questions to answer about conflict, why that half a million dollar number is out there (so the Mayor can say “NO” to it with a conflicted panel of novices that weren’t fully aware of how public access should operate.  IT WAS AN INTENTIONAL SCHEME BY MCGLYNN!  That story to follow!

Unlike Stanley Komins and Steven Komins at West Medford Hillside Little League where there was no public outcry before charges were pressed against the father and son,  the complaints on Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. were voluminous, with Pilleri coming up with lip service and propaganda in an obnoxious and arrogant way.

Wonder what Tufts Health thinks of their perpetually embattled Senior Messaging manager now?

So what is the “betrayal of the public trust?”


This study presents a simple model of government reputation (in which government type cannot be directly observed by households) with the variation that government type, rather than being permanent, follows an exogenous Markov process. This formulation captures three characteristics of bad policy outcomes: governments which betray public trust do so erratically, public trust is regained only gradually after a betrayal, and governments with recent betrayals betray with higher probability than other governments.

The 64,000.00 question is, of course, where is the money?  Why did Paul A. Camuso allow the public to endure such betrayal (that’s easy, because it benefited Camuso and he never thought we would get this far along in the investigation of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.)

Poster boy for Public Trust Betrayal, Paul A. Camuso


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