Where is Pat Jehlen? Deposition allegedly from one of 5 members of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.

McGlynn’s failure to have an access TV station up and running for Election 2014

Where is Pat Jehlen?   The Senator – obviously -benefits from the censorship policies of Michael J. McGlynn.  Medford and its surrounding communities, Somerville, Arlington, Winchester, Malden, Stoneham all need to look at the situation with parking meters. It impacts all the surrounding communities in a big way.

Does anyone think                       ERIN DIBENEDETTO was going to solve the access TV problem?     Carl Sciortino?  Paul Camuso?

Not in this reality, or this lifetime.   Meanwhile we have it on good authority that – allegedly – five cronies from the dysfunctional MCC TV3 were supposed to give depositions and allegedly only Arthur Alan Deluca complied.  Furthermore, DeLuca told one of our sources that Frank Pilleri has finally decided to “distance” himself from the ex-webmaster of TV3 after the second arrest in a year.  Allegedly Deluca stated that “we” (the cronies from the dissolving TV3) “have all distanced ourselves from Gary except for the ex-manager.”  Paraphrased, heard from a third party.     We have plenty more on this issue that we’re not allowed to publish just yet, but do stay tuned.  More to come.                                                                               Pat Jehlen needs to take a stand on access television.  Where are you, Ms. Senator?

Coming soon: Video from the 9/10/14 parking meeting in Room 207…stay tuned, MadeinMedford.com will have the new footage next week, as well as other sites.


Robert M. Penta on Medford Parking in Medford Transcript 1:30 PM Friday  9-12-14

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