Special Report by Joe Viglione
   Back in April of 2014 one of the Medford city councilors brought up
the idea of utilizing the Springstep building in front of City Hall for an
arts center and for a new TV station.  The question is, why did that
councilor, Rick Caraviello, stop fighting for this excellent idea?
    Caraviello told this journalist outside of City Hall that “because it
is my idea, it won’t fly” – meaning, the Councilor doesn’t believe the
Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, will go for an idea that is not his own.
    It’s absurd.  As an elected official who voted for his own pay raise after
completing only one previous term as Councilor, with three of the council
voting NO for the raise, Caraviello has an obligation to the citizens of
Medford who pay the freight on one of the most expensive city councils
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
   Elizabeth Grady Co. CEO John Walsh purportedly purchased the building
for two million dollars and reportedly wants to sell it for 4.5 million, according
   According to a press release on the Medford city website the Mayor received almost three hundred thousand dollars for a park.  But what if the Mayor had
applied that idea to a memorial building for Krystle Campbell? 
   Here’s part of the press release from the city:
    “Mayor Michael J. McGlynn was pleased to accept $299,350 in funding from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs’ Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Grant Program, which will be used towards the construction of the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden.
    The Mayor has over three hundred thousand dollars for access TV, which I believe he is contractually obligated to spend on access television.  That we
have had a primary and now a general election without access TV, that
Medford resident Martha Coakley is running for governor and has shown up
reportedly at Winchester’s WinCAM and Wakefield TV, is evidence that Madame Attorney General knows full well the power of access, and she
personally spoke to me about the access TV issue in September of 2013.
    The Mayor has received his report from the Community Access TV committee which the Mayor promised would ” develop the guiding principles for the future of community access television in the City of Medford.”
    On October 25th I spoke with MWRA Executive Director Frederick Laskey who was on that Committee and who had previously assured me “we will have access TV.” On Saturday, the 25th, I asked Mr. Laskey “What happened to
your personal promise to me?”  Mr. Laskey responded “I tried my best.”
    This Tuesday, October 28, 2014, I will be bringing up the issue of purchasing the Springstep building again.  Had the Mayor worked with Councilor Caraviello and put the Krystle Campbell Springstep Memorial Building together with the grant money for the park, and utilized the monies we have from the cable tv subscribers of Comcast and Verizon, we would have a nice down payment for a fully operational Arts and Television Center.

     Mr. Caraviello needs to do more than just come up with an idea. Any citizen can do that on a petition to the City Council.  Mr. Caraviello is obligated to do some follow-through for the money we pay him, and the Mayor needs to adhere to those contractual obligations in the contracts with Verizon and Comcast.  Where is our access TV station, Mr. Mayor?

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