MEDFORD’s former BUDGET DIRECTOR OUT CAMPAIGNING FOR MICHAEL J. MCGLYNN –  it’s the same old same old as McGlynn Fatigue sets in on the citizens of Medford, Mass.

An Editorial by Joe Viglione


The woman who would be Mayor, Stephanie Muccini Burke as McGlynn shill on a Saturday


MEDFORD had not heard much from Stephanie Muccini Burke until she emerged from her turtle shell in the Mayor’s office as Director of Budget and Personnel on May 15, 2015, about a month ago.   A person with integrity would have resigned in April when Mrs. Burke announced she was running for office.

Stephanie was a good city councilor five years ago. She listened to her constituents, but she was blocked by Paul Camuso and Freddy Dello Russo, Jr. when Mrs. Burke attempted to bring City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley to the council to discuss Paul Camuso’s suspicious, reprobate friends at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the failed access TV station forced out of the city by McGlynn after they had given McGlynn’s enemies smear jobs (including Burke) for decades.


McGlynn sat by and did NOTHING while the Solicitor was attacked with the lurid “Chumley Report,” and when Stephanie Burke’s nose was maligned allegedly by the twice-arrested Gary Zappelli, the good friend of McGlynn’s who perpetrated the alleged False Bomb Threat at Station Landing (where Zappelli is forbidden from stepping foot these days) or giving alcohol to a 16 year old cadet in Provincetown on or about July 8, 2014, that disgusting character molested Mrs. Burke’s name and features with impunity.

Why Mark Rumley and Stephanie Muccini-Burke would put up with such very personal and mean-spirited attacks from a 501c3 non-profit PROHIBITED from attacking Burke as she was an elected official, just shows the lack of integrity that both Burke and Rumley have publicly exhibited. They are an embarrassment to this community for not standing up for themselves.    Rumley, in fact, viciously attacked this writer for a funny little poem (my lawyer had to set him straight saying, reportedly, “Mark, my client thinks you’re a hypocrite.”)  It is hypocrisy when Rumley came to me for a DVD transfer of the Chumley Report and, rather than use the DVD to bring Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. to justice, Rumley just listened to his lord and master, Michael J. McGlynn, and failed to protect the public and the public monies from TV3 Medford.

So, voters, do you want more of this nonsense?   Really, are the voters of Medford suffering from Battered Wives’ Syndrome or something?   Do they like the abuse exacted on them by a Mayor of 27 1/2 years,


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