How Effective is Republic Parking for Medford? An Editorial by Joe Viglione

republic parking on the sidewalk

Exhibit 1  6:20 PM

Key elements of this story:

1)”Parking Enforcement” had plenty of room to legally park, look at the photo and see the LEGAL parking spaces on the right. The employee should be DOCKED PAY for parking on the sidewalk.

2)Cars in bus stops should be towed.    Hydrants and bus stops should be ENFORCED, not just given a ticket.

3)A person who is supposed to enforce parking putting his vehicle on a curb and a sidewalk, allegedly not legally parked, should know better than to do that in front of a journalist’s home and be so outrageously arrogant about it.

“[a]t base, plaintiffs had a constitutionally protected right to record matters of public interest”); Channel 10, Inc. v. Gunnarson, 337

This media outlet does the people’s business.  This media outlet provides proof that Mayor Michael J. McGlynn’s Administration has failed, that McGlynn is a poor leader and is never held accountable.

Parking Commissioner Diane McLeod
Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.
100 Main St.,
Medford, MA 02155

Dear Chief Sacco and Commissioner McLeod:

The photo above, Exhibit 1, is of a “parking enforcement” vehicle at 6:20 PM, June 12, 2015 parked on the sidewalk at Tony’s Gas on Garfield Ave. off of Salem Street.


The representative had left the vehicle.  There were two cars parked in the bus stop across from 370 Salem St.

EXHIBIT 2   Also 6:20 PM

have a nice day


Rather than deter the incessant blockage of access to the bus, something that has gone on for years in Medford under the McGlynn Administration (some years back this writer/witness personally saw Mayor Michael J. McGlynn jaywalking from the odd side of Salem to the even side to go into 370 Salem St.)  and when you talk about leading by example, here’s an SUV allegedly registered to Michael J. McGlynn’s father, and parked at a bus stop in South Medford -allegedly across from Bocelli’s.   So much for the individual paid by citizens to lead allegedly not leading at all, but allegedly breaking the law and not being held accountable by your police department.

Exhibit 3   SUV with McGlynn bumper sticker parked at a bus stop

McGlynn car

Exhibit 4   2 vehicles parked in bus stop 6/12/15 6:21 pm

6:21 PM June 12th, 2015

6 21 june 12

“[a]t base, plaintiffs had a constitutionally protected right to record matters of public interest”); Channel 10, Inc. v. Gunnarson, 337

This is prima facie evidence that the pay-to-park “enforcement” which McGlynn went rogue on the city to institute, is an abject failure.   The individual in Exhibit 2 left yet the cars were still there.  A bus came by with the cars still there.

“[a]t base, plaintiffs had a constitutionally protected right to record matters of public interest”); Channel 10, Inc. v. Gunnarson, 337

The woman in the car got out, leaving her car in the bus stop, and said she was going to the store.  This is outrageous, while Republic Parking allegedly waits for people at the meters, here, where parking ENFORCEMENT rather than “gotcha meter watching” is needed, cars stayed in the bus stop, a clear danger to public safety.   Now those who take the bus have to step out into traffic and take their lives into their own hands, for the discussion of Salem Street as the speedway from Route 93 to Malden and Revere is an old conversation.

EXHIBIT 5  6:21 pm

woman from car

The woman – seeing my camera/phone said that the parking enforcement person was her “brother.”   She than hurled invective at me that I was “over 60″ (true; which means she shouldn’t be disturbing the peace by loudly yelling at me) and she made a threat of an assault.

EXHIBIT 6   6:24 PM

6 24 transit

At 6:24 pm the Transit police arrived. Two men discussing the situation with the woman from the vehicle STILL in the bus stop. So while the woman ILLEGALLY PARKED and caused a ruckus, her car is STILL in the bus stop, not abiding by the law.   The Transit police should have their report; it sounded like they were telling the woman she was being disorderly, you should read their report.

Exhibit 7   6;37 pm


The transit police were still talking to the woman at 6:37 pm along with one officer of the Medford Police Department. As I left I believe I heard the officer mention “disorderly conduct” to the woman.  What you see in these photos are:

a)”Parking enforcement” on the sidewalk of Garfield making it difficult for pedestrians. So much for leading by example.

b)A rather rude “agent” of the parking enforcement who in a very condescending manner kept saying something like: “have a nice day. I’m having a great day.” (paraphrased.)

c)allegedly the Mayor’s father’s vehicle in a bus stop a few years or so ago

d)two cars in the bus stop, which is a FREQUENT OCCURENCE at that particular bus stop on Salem Street

e)AFTER the “parking enforcement” car (my first photo of it from my window was at 6:18 pm) was on the sidewalk, and after it left, it had NO ENFORCEMENT, the cars remained in the bus stop, though the “agent’ allegedly of Republic clearly had spoken with the woman.     IF Medford had real parking enforcement, towing vehicles in a timely manner, the alleged perpetrators wouldn’t “run to the store” while illegally parked; the alleged perpetrators wouldn’t be hurling invective at a man over 60, the traffic would not have obstructions from the parking agent (*allegedly from Republic,) the alleged Mayor might not be found allegedly jaywalking or allegedly parking his dad’s alleged vehicle in a bus stop, and the chief of police in Medford wouldn’t be spending too much time on an idea of Mayor Michael J. McGlynn’s that is a BAD idea, an idea that has caused a ruckus in our city.

This journalist has spoken hundreds of times at the city council about car crashes on Salem Street, a body laying in the street near Cherry and Salem years ago, all sorts of chaos because we have no parking enforcement; we have a lame-duck mayor looking to bleed the citizens dry, to punish good, honest citizens who park legally, and not towing the cars that are causing the problem.

There is something very wrong with the failed leadership of Michael J. McGlynn.  Who are you going to believe?  The lame-duck Mayor, or these photos?


MEDFORD’s parking fiasco was enabled by City Councilor Adam Knight, City Councilor Paul Camuso and City Councilor Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.  They marched lockstep with Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and the city is at a disadvantage from those councilors and that lame-duck Mayor’s failure to do “the people’s business.”

McGlynn’s failure to lead on parking is like so many elements of his broken Administration.   A police station falling apart, no access television (though overcharged cable-tv subscribers pay through the nose for it,) a fire station or two or three in need of repair, schools needing repairs, broken streets, infrastructure for water and sewer most likely not updated in years, and now McGlynn is taking a walk, forcing other people to clean up his mess.


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