The Ugly Politics of the Camus0/Muccini-Burke Ticket

CAMUSO VIOLATED STEP 8 of the 12 STEP PROGRAM Camuso falsely brags that he adheres to by desecrating the anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous at a City Council meetng. Some “family values” – NOT! A councilor admitting to being a drunk took the focus off of the residents of Medford – but it is all about Camuso and Burke, and their self-absorbed beauty pageants.
Far worse – Muccini-Burke allegedly enables her pit bull, Camuso, to use the council in an inappropriate manner to politicize issues and bash Muccini-Burke’s opponent relentlessly.   LAST NIGHT CAMUSO USED OUR COUNCIL TO GO AFTER MUCCINI-BURKE’S OPPONENT.  BEYOND VULGAR, WAS IT EVEN LEGAL?
Mr. Camuso’s uncivil and destructive behavior gets an exclamation point when you see the outright lies on Burke’s own website:
“I am humbled and honored to be endorsed by Councilor Camuso,” Burke said. “His unwavering commitment to the vitality of the city of Medford is evident. Paul’s character and work ethic is unmatched. His approach to all he endeavors is a credit to his parents and his strong family values. That is a thread that we share and I am proud to call him my friend.”
Muccini-Burke’s floundering campaign has made numerous missteps, but none as egregious as praising a lame-duck city councilor, Camuso, caught on camera at the council bullying residents and colleagues.
The documentation is long and lengthy.
Paul Camuso failed to do “the people’s business” when he used the city council to bash a candidate that Camuso has been fixated on for about a decade now.   The unseemly act on behalf of Stephanie Muccini Burke was a cheap shot, the kind of cheap shot that a desperate bully throws when a Paul Camuso type knows that he can’t win fair and square.
Camuso used these slimy tactics against Councilor Burke when his twice-arrested pal, Gary Zappelli, would put Camuso on the TV3 channel and give Camuso all the time that he needed, while Zappelli engaged in mean-spirited assaults on Muccini-Burke’s character, relentlessly.
Do you realize it was this writer that cleaned up the mess Camuso’s friend Zappelli made of Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s name and likeness on Word Press.  Burke didn’t even have the humility to thank me for my hard work on her behalf.
What Muccini-Burke does have is the temerity and audacity to act like she’s already the Mayor, her campaign sign, her rhetoric, and her lies about Paul A. Camuso having “family values.”
Tell that to the families grieving at the city council over losing loved ones to heroin addiction, only to have Camuso interject and make the story about him, breaking his “anonymity” and the alleged sacredness of Alcoholics Anonymous
How the worm turns when the worm is Paul A. Camuso. Allegations that Camuso raised his hand to his own mother or allegedly hit his own mother or allegedly raised a meat cleaver or butcher knife to his own mother, allegations of violence against women, not only were not addressed by Muccini-Burke (whose husband allegedly is a clerk of court,) Muccini – knowing what the allegations are against Camuso, prints this nonsense on her website:

Stephanie Burke was harassed by Camuso’s close friend Gary Zappelli for a long time.  Zappelli, allegedly sending a special needs person to Stop and Shop to sexually harass women, is a good, good friend of Camuso’s and Mayor McGlynn’s.  This is ugly politics, ugly, ugly politics


Camuso does not care about “family values” or about what is ethical and right.  Camuso doesn’t care about a level playing field. This is a war, and Camuso fights dirty, dirty, dirty.  Stephanie Muccini-Burke wants Camuso to be his hatchet man.  According to legend, Camuso is most proficient at that, and not much else.

Consider Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s poor choices and her praising of reprobate Camuso before you give her your vote and cast Medford back into the McGlynn dark ages.




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