Dello Russo, Jr., Ed Finn, Adam Knight lack of public service

Citizens of Medford pay for public service. They don’t get it.

In tough economic times Paul Camuso, Rick Caraviello, Fred Dello Russo, Jr. and Adam Knight voted for their own pay raise.  Hold that thought about self service as you continue reading.

Citizens of Medford pay a fee on their cable subscriber bills that totals approximately 1 million a year.  That’s a lot of money, to quote Richard Gere in the film Primal Fear, and those monies are not properly accounted for at Medford City Hall, despite the City Solicitor, Mark E. Rumley making a phony demand that Rumley has yet to make good on.  It’s your money.

When a rookie city councilor voted for his own pay raise in January of 2014, and had tens of thousands of dollars behind him, it was money over experience, Adam Knight showing each week on camera how in over his head he was accepting the job of Medford City Councilor, a job Mark Crowley would have done much, more better, with more of an eye toward the community.

Citizens of Medford pay for public service that is public access TV.  A million or so dollars a year.  They don’t receive it.  Where is the money?

Where is the education?  Where is the free speech platform?



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