Paul A Camuso went too far on the last day of June, 2015

June 30, 2015, Medford City Council

Paul A. Camuso of the Middlesex Sheriff Department embarrassed himself again at one of the most expensive city councils in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This was yet another vital topic on June 30, 2015, water and sewer, and Mr. Know-it-all Camuso inserted foot in mouth again, to the detriment of the community.   Each week it is either “I misspoke” or “I apologize” but the laughingstock of the council, Paul Camuso, ill-prepared and arrogant, has become a malignant tumor on the city of Medford’s poor health.

It is time that the City Council policed itself and excised the tumor and its effects –  invasiveness, instability and the awful end result: the Camuso disease that spreads quickly and ruthlessly.   The situation is most urgent, beyond critical, Camuso eating away at Medford’s resources like a plague of lethal termites, undermining the very structure of Medford, resulting in a bloated 155 million dollar budget, a pay-to-park horror show, no access TV, and Camuso’s unbridled evil – blaming the one councilor who has fought the hardest for access TV as a deflection for Camuso’s own destructive behavior.  Years ago Camuso was caught participating with an ugly crew who cheated the city out of the free speech platform and the monies cable TV subscribers pay into it.  Camuso engaged with the reprobates while allowing the bashing of his council colleagues.  It was despicable behavior and despite Camuso’s declaration that he’s in Alcoholic’s Anonymous, it is queer that Camuso won’t adhere to Step 8:

“Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all”

You read that correctly, the pathological liar, selfish Camuso, not only cheats other members of AA, Camuso snubs Step 8, acts in a vengeful and vindictive way, is just a vicious and pathetic person bound for hell on a runaway train.

Camuso, rather than embrace STEP 8 of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, actually tried to paint the one guy fighting the good fight FOR TV3 by claiming, falsely, that the access proponent “shut down” public access.

FACT CHECK: The funds from TV3 were not accounted for, AIDED AND ABETTED BY CAMUSO.  For the perpetrator to turn around and try to blame the councilor who attended the ascertainment hearing and try to turn it around is hardly adhering to STEP 8.  Which means that drunk Camuso used Alcoholics Anonymous as a kind of “badge of honor.”  When people in AA are supposed to remain ANONYMOUS.  Camuso can’t even be honest with an organization attempting to help a mean old drunk.  At 37 years old Camuso behaves like a seasoned con straight out of prison.   Camuso behaves like an immature thug, but appears to be some recently released over 50 con man, locked away behind bars for many years, lashing out upon tasting freedom.  Angry, hot-headed, and dangerous.

Camuso,  like a typical drunk – never owning up to his many deficiencies, deflecting  his own extreme behavior on his victim(s) like an abusive old drunk – is seen at council meetings never taking stock, never holding himself accountable.

Camuso branded himself as a drunk, and branded himself as a lame-duck. His lack of self-respect, his yearning for adulation he doesn’t deserve, his greedy power and money grabs, all documented on DVDs from his own actions at the council; caught red handed by the cameras on the government channel.  Camuso is obligated to hold himself to a higher standard, but he doesn’t.   The low standards Camuso has for himself are light years away from the high standards Camuso demands from everyone else.  He’s a sick individual.


Which brings us to Camuso’s employer, Sheriff Peter Koutoujian.  Attorney Koutoujian promised he would remove the remnants of the failed and deceptive regime of deceased sheriff James V. DiPaola.  Camuso is living proof that the sheriff was not honest with the voters.   So why would a person with a somewhat decent reputation, Koutoujian, bow down to the will of Mayor McGlynn when McGlynn stabbed Koutoujian in the back when Koutoujian ran for Ed Markey’s seat in Congress.  It is truly puzzling as to why Koutoujian would say he won’t accept campaign contributions, yet had Camuso contributing time and holding a sign WITH Koutoujian

see photo:


The individual who voted for his own pay raise uses the bully pulpit of the city council like some kind of political assassin, issuing false statements, abusing colleagues, the proverbial wolf in a hen house.

Paul A. Camuso is a very bad man in a position of power because of his alliance with the highly unpopular Mayor of the past twenty-seven and a half years, Michael J. McGlynn.   McGlynn’s father Jack set the table for his son, and with Plan A government the citizens are at a huge disadvantage.  McGlynn has a “Media Blackout” and his lieutenants all march with the deceitful McGlynn, as evidenced by McGlynn’s closeness to such a disreputable and repugnant character as Camuso. 

Bullying his way into the seat of Council President, Camuso was totally out of his depth, unaware of the rules surrounding the Open Meeting Law until this editor had it explained to him in Council Room 207 at City Hall.  In the corporate world, in the private sector, Camuso would not have the latitude to abuse co-workers, cheat the employer by walking out on company time (a weekly newspaper noted that Camuso had the worst attendance of all councilors one year,) and constant haranguing of senior citizens and colleagues on the council.


The city council has an obligation to police itself.  Medford, Massachusetts is worse off with the admitted alcoholic sitting on the council and being abusive.  Senior citizens are often victimized by Camuso’s frequent deceptive speeches, from a respected doctor to this editor, the senior member of the city council, anyone who the bully, Camuso, perceives as an enemy, including the late Pat Fiorello, a senior citizen who only wanted to present his Golden Memories show on public access TV.


Camuso must be impeached.

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