Muccini-Burke “adjusting” her story…and her campaign signs…and her Facebook…


CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Stephanie Muccini Burke:  adjustments needed

Stephanie’s Freudian slip !   She changes her campaign sign to look like Bob Penta’s …then she changes her Facebook campaign page to…you guessed it…look like Bob Penta’s Facebook page…now she’s doing an about face (or mea culpa) on Pay-to-Park   Just drop the words “parking program” from the Wicked Local headline and it reveals the truth,

It is Muccini-Burke that needs the “adjustments” – the pay-to-park thing just needs to go. Period.

Uninformed Burke lies to the community saying that she is “respectful” – then she writes this garbage: “It has been suggested by individuals that are not licensed to practice law in the state of Massachusetts, that there has been a breach in the contract. This is unsubstantiated by legal research. This issue should be decided by the city solicitor of Medford, who is chief legal counsel by law to the city.”

So unqualified Mrs. Burke, who is a CPA – not a lawyer – is telling residents who don’t have a law license to SHUT UP and TAKE PAY-TO-PARK.  She wants you to “trust” the duplicitous “City Solicitor” who has so many conflicts his Pinnhochio nose will, eventually, make it quite difficult for him to waltz into the legal office at City Hall.

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