Mrs. Burke’s Disaster of a Campaign Hurts Medford Massachusetts

A Special Report from Joe Viglione


Medford Massachusetts is a city that has fallen behind Winchester, Somerville, Woburn, Stoneham, Malden, Arlington and so many other communities in Massachusetts, and there’s a sad and tragic reason for it.

Do a timeline on the hideous news reports resulting from the poor management of Mayor McGlynn, Solicitor Rumley, ex-Budget Director Stephanie Muccini-Burke, City Clerk Ed Finn and the henchmen and cronies the lame-duck Mayor surrounds himself with (Jack Dempsey at the high school Exhibit A) you’ll find a level of dishonesty most other cities and towns are able to identify (especially after 28 years of it) and eradicate.  Of course when a McGlynn type is insulated by a powerful lobbyist brother, a mysterious alleged “campaign czar” cousin and a media blackout that turns the word transparency on its head, you have a prescription for trouble, trouble that embarrasses this once fine city and inhibits its ability to move forward.

The failed “leadership” of Michael J. McGlynn garners screaming headlines such as the New York Daily News

“Massachusetts cop threatens to shoot driver in head on dashcam video WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

or Silobreaker picking up The Medford Transcript article from July 10, 2013::

“Mayor orders Medford police investigation into allegations of hate speech at TV3”  or the article on swastikas in Medford on Channel 7 / WHDH news, March 29, 2015 to a similar event April 8, 2013:

“Swastikas found spray-painted on Tufts campus”  as well as April 8, 2013 – “Swastikas, Hate Speech Graffiti Afflicts Tufts University Campus, Medford (VIDEO)  to July 23, 2014

“Medford officials demand TV3’s financial records”

or the disgraceful connections between the DiPaola family and the McGlynn family resulting in these absolutely horrifying headlines – “

11/28/10 What drove James DiPaola to suicide?

The trouble that Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola was in before he committed suicide seemed — well, if not trivial, then certainly manageable.

He considered, then walked away from, a sleazy but perfectly legal scheme that would have allowed him to collect his $98,500 pension and his $123,000 salary simultaneously. And he may have been playing it fast and loose with campaign funds.

to  Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s secretary’s sister-in-law:

Corruption investigation wrapping; deal would let sheriffs sister avoid prosecution  Posted: Jan 24, 2012 6:54 PM EDT

to Mrs. Covelle’s corrupt husband, Robert Covelle:

Bocci With Bobby: The old Mystic River Two Step

Medford Housing Authority Scandal Speech Segment, Robert Covelle prior to resignation

 Medford officials demand TV3’s financial records

to the Boston Globe on August 1, 2015

Take away this bully’s badge

Boston Globe1 day ago

MEDFORD — Stephen LeBert is a roadside bully. Actually, he’s worse than that. He’s a bully …


November 24, 2010

Editorial: The sheriff’s double-dip pension deal – News ……/31124995…
The MetroWest Daily News

Nov 24, 2010 – When the Legislature enacted a pension reform act in June 2009, it was … County Sheriff Jimmy DiPaola tried to squeeze through this month.

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