Medford Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. at the Crossroads


  • I went down to the crossroads,
    Fell down on my knees.
    I went down to the crossroads,
    Fell down on my knees.
    Asked the Lord above for mercy,
    “Save me if you please.”
  • Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. is like Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters…at the crossroads.  The story on embattled detective Stephen LeBert opened up a can of worms that are now slithering around the chief’s reputation, and reaching up to the second floor of 85 George P. Hassett Drive. 
  • Let’s look at the facts one by one, and the dark specter of Michael J. McGlynn hanging over the chief like a diabolical shadow, pure malevolence steering Buddy Sacco right, left, up, down, sideways…you get the picture.
  • Long before Stephen LeBert’s wrongful conduct caught up to him thanks to a  dashcam operated by Malden resident Michael A. Coates, there was that huge problem with Sergeant James Lee, brother of the late budget director, Richard Lee.  In retrospect, had Chief Sacco handled the case of Jimmy Lee with more precision and strength instead of the slap on the wrist, had the police department showed a little outrage at the vicious split of a woman’s lip by the alleged philanderer, well, there is so much nepotism (or as Johnny Byers calls it, NEPHEWTISM) in Medford politics that it is disgraceful.

      Nephewtism in Medford Politics

      Stephen LeBert has Uncle Dickie

      Reprobate Paul A. Camuso has Uncle Bob

      Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has Uncle Gene

       Attorney Brian D. Skerry has Step Uncle-in-Law  Attorney Johnny Granara

      Sgt Jimmy Lee had brother Richard Lee in a position of power.

Paul A. Camuso also had Aunty Carol, the community organizer, as his de facto  campaign manager

Sgt Jimmy Lee allegedly was philandering with at least two women, and he’s a married man.  Was he philandering on company time?  While he was obligated to “protect and serve” the public?  With the Ashley Madison breach something very intriguing was brought to the public’s attention again – that adultery is unacceptable in the military.  Why did Chief Sacco not only stand for it, but Sacco attacked the victim and praised the offender!


In addition to turning a blind eye to Jimmy Lee’s alleged philandering, the Chief of Police in Medford decides to throw the victim under the bus:

“This young lady has had a number of issues,” Sacco said. “If Sergeant Lee struck her, it was wrong. But she has a history.”

As a victim of TV3 Medford, after the police had determined twice that this writer was the victim, the sole victim, I received a phone call to “mediate” with the attackers.

Only in the city of Medford, but now the chickens and sparrows and pigeons are roosting on the broken police station windows and at the corner officer where McGlynn stares out in total confusion

upside down mike 2

Then Chief Sacco has to encounter the Stephen LeBert national news story and eat crow about Marjorie McMillan’s complaints that were presumably ignored.

McMillan met with the mayor and Chief Sacco about the incident last fall. Sacco says now that he couldn’t believe LeBert would behave this way. He allowed his opinions of McMillan—who he called a repeat complainer—to affect his judgement. 

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has manipulated and abused the Chief of Police, handcuffed the police chief, so that perpetrators that are beneficial to McGlynn (think Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.) get away with the old proverbial term – murder – while citizens who complain are told by Sacco that:

a)they complain too much

b)they have “a history”


c) they get ignored.

That’s not protecting and serving the public. That’s protecting and serving the corrupt Mayor.

Chief Sacco appearing on August 25, 2015 at the Medford Public Library with the carpetbagger Facebook terrorist trespasser, Michael C. Ruggiero, is an embattled chief of police making another bad decision in a city that is fractured, upside down, and lawless beyond belief.



Lebert Unprofessional

Our previous article on Chief Sacco

A reader of the Transcript writes: 

  • Jeff Urciuoli
Sacco should say “I resign effective immediately, because I consider myself personally responsible for everything Stephen Lebert has done.” Then he should leave the stage, go home, and stay there.
*Stephen Lebert,  

*Sgt. Jimmy Lee,

*Alan Doherty and his bloated salary,

*Shawn Norton,

*Miguel Lopez, all five cops were on Sacco’s watch.

Look up each story. You’ll find them on or just Google the names of those officers to see how scandalous this truly is.

Sacco went from being the Colin Powell of Medford to its Roger Goodell. To pick one council candidate out of 16 is a huge error in judgment. That the candidate – Ruggiero – has only lived in Medford for 10 months, is one thing.  That Ruggiero was caught by residents allegedly trespassing, writing vicious, nasty, untruths on private  Facebook pages and harassing a senior citizen, it says it all.     Sacco’s poor judgment is mind boggling.  Showing up at the library with the likes of a “sneaky” individual like Ruggiero (and that’s what one of Ruggiero’s colleagues called him on Monday, “sneaky”) is just not right.

That’s not protecting and serving. That is enabling someone, Michael C. Ruggiero, that Chief Sacco should be investigating, not endorsing with this foolishness.



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