ALLEGATION: Did Nell Escobar Coakley Dismiss a High School Sex Scandal to Benefit McGlynn?

Is the Editor of the Medford Transcript attempting to shape Election 2015 by promoting dumb press releases from Muccini-Burke while burying key stories???

9:29 pm October 11, 2015

Nell Escobar Coakley, as a mother, should be concerned about how Mayor McGlynn evaporated the racism allegations, the dismissal of teachers from the Medford school system including TV3’s Ron DeLucia and Jenna Tarabelsi with the public not getting proper updates.  

Did Ron DeLucia resign or was he booted?  A School Committee person told me “and they don’t want him back.”

How can parents make an educated evaluation when the weekly newspaper doesn’t look into Mr. Delucia of TV3’s background at the school, doesn’t do proper follow-up on the Jenna Tarabelsi case, and any other “dismissal” in the Medford school system.

     It’s too important an issue to get the usual Nell Coakley “TV3 gives me a headache” excuse when she doesn’t feeling like working for the citizens of Medford.  Re-typing press releases from reprobate Arthur Alan Deluca or Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s smear campaign is not journalism, it is playing politics to the point where Escobar Coakley BECOMES the story, and every article she posts is suspect for lacking objectivity.

    How does this serve advertisers? How does this serve people who purchase the paper or who buy goods and services from the Transcript’s advertisers and sponsors.  How does the laziness from Nell Escobar Coakley help our fractured community? 

   I worked for Escobar Coakley and have a strong indication of her political leanings in our city, where she does not live.  She works out of the office on the north shore, so how does that put her anywhere near the news, except for what she receives via e mail, phone or fax? But as a mother, how can Escobar-Coakley turn a blind eye on stories when ignoring follow-up on TV3, ignoring follow-up on the Jenna Tarabelsi story indicates that other stories, possibly, are swept under the rug.   “How Do You Sleep” is a song by John Lennon; it would be nice if Escobar Coakley gave it a listen.



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