How McGlynn STOLE the 2015 Election for unqualified Stehphanie Muccini-Burke


When I lived in Woburn there was never questions about stolen elections. The variety of mayors Woburn has had indicates that things are workable.   In Stoneham, Reading, Winchester, Malden, Arlington, I’ve never questioned the results of elections.   In Medford I do question the results, and a huge indicator is that one mayor could be in power for thirty years.  The alleged “election” of the unqualified Stephanie Muccini-Burke – a woman who ran a terrible campaign and who mumbled and stumbled, when she wasn’t dodging all sorts of stories, like the October 30 theft at the high school hushed up until after the election was over on November 3, 2015.

When you ask people in Medford if they think the election of 2015 was stolen they say “I know.”  The citizens are terrified of the gangster Michael J. McGlynn.

The popularity of my website, Medford Information Central dot com is exhibit A.  How does a blog get over one half a million hits?  It happens when all the other media fails to investigate, fails to report the news, when the other media – Medford Mercury, Medford Transcript, certainly Inside Medford (give Allison credit, she’s never hidden the fact that she answers to McGlynn,) the Patch, the pretty much defunct YourTown/Boston Globe Medford online.  McGlynn had a free ride with no access TV, until a blog came along and started gathering steam, attention and eyeballs.


Residents are frustrated over pay-to-park, the useless trio of Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., Rick Caraviello and Adam Knight, and the thought of Stephanie having stole the election has sent shock waves through the broken police station, the broken school system, the broken roads, the broken access TV, the mess perpetrated on citizens by the one person who supervised the installation of all voting machines, Michael J. McGlynn, the cheater, the creep, the liar, the thief.


McGlynn stole your access TV – or as a businessman on Salem Street who once wrapped himself up in a flag said awhile ago: “McGlynn, MutherfXXker.,” 



You have no free expression here, Medford.  The only expression appears to be criminal facilitation by the gangster and his cronies. People are too afraid to speak up and express their First Amendment rights, and that’s how their dishonest structure is kept in place.



What Marco Rubio Paid for With His Florida GOP Charge Card

Movie tickets, Costco and grocery store runs, Walt Disney World trips, flowers and flights for his wife –- those are some of the charges listed in two years of statements for Marco Rubio’s American Express card issued by the Republican Party of Florida.

Rubio charged a total of $160,000 to the card from 2005 through 2008, according to his book, and according to the Washington Post he paid off over $16,000 in personal expenses.

In 2010, a Florida man filed an ethics complaint against Rubio for the charges, but it was dismissed.


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