Dereliction Of Duty – Citizens to Sue McGlynn for Dereliction of Duty

Dereliction of Duty.


Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, as Issuing Authority of Medford, Massachusetts, was obligated to the cable tv subscribers who pay for P/E/G access TV to allow for vibrant debate after McGlynn decided to step down and not run again. 

Instead, McGlynn chose to put restrictions on access TV when he allowed for a bidding process. 

McGlynn dragged his feet discussing access with the high school while simultaneously deceiving the residents with a phony three person panel of unqualified individuals including a priest, Father Chip Hines, who was arrogant and abusive on the internet to anyone not agreeing with his skewed vision of what public access TV should be.

This was, as well as a dereliction of duty as Issuing Authority – using the monies in a manner in which they were not intended to be used, but it was fraud, denying candidates for elected office and the voters to have any sort of transparency that other cities and towns – Stoneham, Malden, Burlington, Somerville, Boston, Arlington and others pay for and enjoy. 

This was a conspiracy concocted by Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and the city solicitor, Mark E. Rumley, that McGlynn appointed.  Involved in the deception was Stephanie Muccini-Burke, the woman who allegedly “won” the election – a victory tainted with the censorship policies that Burke, McGlynn and Solicitor Rumley perpetrated and benefited from.  

The intentional restrictions McGlynn put on bidders, including his ability to deny any bidder, is more proof of the fraudulent nature of what McGlynn’s so-called attempt at installing access truly was.   More proof is that Muccini-Burke was unqualified and not ready for prime time.  McGlynn couldn’t afford to have the books audited by Muccini-Burke’s opponent, not city hall’s books, not the financial records of the high school.  So fracturing the First Amendment of the U.S.Constitution is the first step McGlynn installed in his effort to control the election of 2015.   On June 16, 2015 the one individual who put the bid in to operate the access TV station was physically and verbally assaulted by violent Edward P. Finn, the City Clerk of Medford.  Witnesses seemed too terrified to come forward. The City Solicitor lied that there was no evidence and the police beat up the victim, claiming that they would arrest him for witness tampering.  So the victim had to drop the case.  

The victim has assisted the Medford Police with evidence regarding the Medford Housing Authority and the theft of copper; the victim helped the Medford police with their investigation of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., and the victim gave the police leads and information including potentially hard evidence of an alleged child porn ring operated by a close friend of Mayor Michael J. McGlynn.  According to a retired lieutenant, the police could not determine if the image of the alleged child was the appropriate age. But here’s the clincher: the police had the name of the victim and know where he worked. It is clear that the Mayor – McGlynn – did not want the blowback if his friend, the alleged child pornographer, was found guilty in a court of law.    Meanwhile, a police officer was under investigation for threatening to kill a motorist.  That officer was a detective in the same unit investigating the alleged porn ring and the offensive officer who resigned after the violent incident of July 26, 2015, may have been a close friend of the alleged pornographer.

Access TV doesn’t exist in Medford, while the police chief failed to control the bad apples on the force, made up excuses, and in many cases blamed victims of thug-like behavior from at least the resigned Stephen LeBert and possibly other members of the force.

upside down mike 2LEBERT3

Photo of Mayor Michael J. McGlynn at TV3 Medford on 40 Canal Street, photo (C)2015 by editor Joe Viglione, all rights reserved (left); photo of irresponsible ex-detective Stephen LeBert from a video cam shot during one of LeBert’s many indiscretions (right).


There was no vibrant debate on ANY issue in Medford because Mayor McGlynn, while enjoying a Ten Thousand dollar annual treat from Comcast to his “celebratory fund,” and another $2,500.00 for his golf tournament, cheated cable TV subscribers by paying exorbitant salaries to 3 teachers using those P/E/G monies designated for access TV while dumping the majority of the monies into the “General Fund,” not access TV.  

Meanwhile there were allegations of sex abuse at Medford High School by a teacher, Jenna Tarabelsi, who allegedly fled to Italy to escape prosecution when the District Attorney’s office took interest in the case.  There are allegations that a male teacher had sex with another student, allegedly the daughter of a candidate running for elected office, and there were problems with theft at the McGlynn School on or about October 30th, not reported to the parents until after the election, and allegations of two bomb threats not reported to the parents by Superintendent Roy Belson because, again, he allegedly didn’t want the voters to be informed prior to an election. 

On Halloween, City Councilor Elect George Scarpelli, currently on the School Committee, was on the front page of the Boston Globe as a defendant in a case filed by a plaintiff who was 17 years old when the horrific rape-with-a-broomstick happened in Otis Mass when Scarepelli and Somerville Mayor Curtatone were supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on the athletes.

To be continued.   Related story here:

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