Muccini-Burke’s Inclusion has same/old same/old Paul Camuso in charge?

breaking newsMrs. Burke’s promise of “inclusion” is an oxymoron when a suspicious individual, Paul A. Camuso, is the chair of Muccini-Burke’s “transition team.”   Along with lacking in qualifications, the city of Medford knows very little about the secretive character with serious allegations swirling around his head like a dark cloud.

As noted in earlier writings on another site, Mr. Camuso would go kicking and screaming to the conflicted City Solicitor when questions about his background were asked.  Sure enough, in a response to a public records request there was a CC to Mark E. Rumley, who works lockstep with Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and Paul Camuso.   This is proof positive that city hall is squelching your right to know.  There is no transparency in the McGlynn Administration, which is how Mark Rumley is ordered to do things: in the dark of (k)night, and in the shadows.


What we do know is that Mr. Camuso admitted to the residents of Medford via a comment made at the city council that he is in “Alcoholics Anonymous,” the key word being “My name is Paul and I am an A L C O H O L I C.  Muccini-Burke sure wants to be inclusive having an alcoholic chair her team.   Good for Paul Camuso, not so good for the city of Medford.   Then there’s the self-deprecating remark that Camuso made at the council that he is a “mental moron.”  No argument there, we have seen his foot inserted firmly in his mouth week after week after week engaging in censorship and worse, getting downright ugly with senior citizens.

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