The Virus and Community Media – A Joe Viglione Essay

Joe Fortunato at work lining up a photo of Rep Christine Barber, Mayor Lungo-Koehn and Senator Jehlen

During this crisis Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn needs a strong a vibrant Twitter account.

Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn @MayorLungoKoehn The official account of the Medford Mayor. Sadly, there are only 98 Followers and 20 that city hall is following on the site: @MayorLungoKoehn . Even more discouraging is that the TV station manager sends out a Tweet with no hashtags of significance, no notice to the key Twitters in the city, like maybe the police and fire… just a wasted seventy-thousand dollars a year ,

Mayor Lungo-Koehn re-tweets the invisible message also not comprehending how Twitter works – Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn Retweeted Medford Community Media @MCM_MedfordยทMar 21Message from Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn How does this help during this crisis? There are some very talented people that Mayor Breanna knows that are, sadly, not in her inner circle.

Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn

27 Tweets – and only 27 tweets since January 2020? The followers are now 100 @ 1:12 pm up from 98 when I started writing this essay.

FollowingMedford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn@MayorLungoKoehn

Why isn’t Robert M. Penta Breanna’s Chief-of-Staff instead of someone who has bounced around from job to job and had a serious conflict of interest when telling me he would go to Patrick Gordon and ask about my show. I’ve not heard back from that individual since March 10th and he didn’t fully disclose to me who he is. THAT is what is running the ship in Medford and THAT is, ostensibly, why the Twitter account is so weak. Weak advisors lead to non-performance. Why isn’t Cheryl Rodriguez or Jean Nuzzo or Erin DiBenedetto or Natalie Breen more front and center when they have so much to offer? We believed Breanna that this would be about integrity and transparency and community and now, in a crisis, we have a video that is like a tree falling in the forest with no one there to hear it: does it make a sound?

Not with a Ben Brown type like Patrick Gordon as ineffective as Ben was, or worse. During a crisis!

This does NOT help the community AT ALL. The video Breanna issued is getting more traction from my websites –, and Real Medford Mass. Politics on Facebook, and now here. Stephanie Muccini-Burke hijacked my legitimate named filed at city hall, Community Media Medford, and Breanna is working with Stephanie’s leftovers – it is as preposterous as it is dangerous, and the word on this virus is NOT getting out under a novice like Patrick Gordon who should stick with editing and let the adults in the room help the community survive this pandemic. We’re not talking about a common cold here, we are talking about a friggin’ pandemic and Breanna has her finger in the air wondering which way the political winds are blowing? That is NOT what you do during a crisis.

The major media, the firefighter union, these individuals who need to hear the Mayor’s speech were left off of the Twitter hashtag or @ key triggers – so why even Tweet? Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 03:46 I sent the mayor and her husband information on how to promote with Twitter. I got a thank you when the mayor really needed to hire me. It is now 12:46 pm on Monday 3/23/2020 and the Breanna4Mayor campaign account has 39 following and 46 followers. The account was opened July of 2019. A book author who hired me to handle his social media didn’t like the idea of Twitter. But I pounded the point home and months after we oppened his account – joined in May of 2019, look at his activity 11.7k following, 11.5 k followers

The fellow has taught language in many countries – most recently Vietnam. I introduced him to my life partner on Thanksgiving, 2013 as my best friend taught English to the people of Europe as well. Eleven. 7 thousand following, eleven.5 thousand followers, and our mayor in a city of 60,000 or so people has 98 followers? Really?

I taught the author about putting hashtags in your bio. These “core hashtags” are smart and are key. Rex, the author, resisted my preaching the “Gospel of Twitter” but within four months he “got it” and he is hooked in with authors from around the world.

It didn’t happen by magic. It took hard work, and Rex flying to Vietnam where he spent a couple of hours a day working on Twitter. Now his message gets out and is highly effective.

We are in not just a crisis but a PANDEMIC. The mayor is shooting spitballs on Twitter and her speech is landing with a thud. Only 21 views because the inept and bungling Pat Gordon doesn’t do any work that I can see…lazy beyond lazy, and twenty-one people are viewing the Mayor as of 3/23/2020 @ 1:02 pm Now is the time Breanna Lungo-Koehn needs the real public access in Medford, Community Media Medford.

Truth be told, without an adult running access TV, people could die from this epidemic.

The mayor promised UNITY and TRANSPARENCY but has failed to contact me to straighten this access mess out. And you, dear resident and community member, are getting screwed by this lack of bringing together the community…and the very real threat is that any of us could die within a week. So you trust your children to Pat Gordon? Really?

Breanna – I am here to help. Let me work on your Twitter and get the word out

Joe Viglione

Founder and Executive Director

Community Media Medford

the name and ideas stolen by city hall under Muccini-Burke without the man who has the years of experience and the passion to make good, positive things happen at our public access station.

The master at work: Joe Fortunato getting ready for a photo of Christine Barber, Breanna Lungo-Koehn and Pat Jehlen
January 5, 2020 downstairs from the Chevalier Theater

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