Breanna’s First 100 Days as Mayor of Medford

January 6, 2020 to April 2, 2020 = 88 days Rep Christine Barber, Mayor Lungo Koehn, Senator Pat Jehlen and photographer Joseph Fortunato 26 days in January from Jan 6, 29 in February, 31 in March, two in April thus far… Photo by Joe Viglione.

As we enter the fourth month of the Lungo-Koehn Administraton – twelve days away from the first 100 days – three full months as of Sunday, April 5, we are looking at one eighth of Breanna’s term in office. 1/8th already. Keep in mind that I like Breanna Lungo-Koehn so there is true and real objectivity here. This is a report card on the first 100 days. If I didn’t like Breanna I would write some Ken Krause puff piece with no facts and mere propaganda. Y’all know me better than that. All this article is for you is a reflection of Breanna’s documented actions. Keep that in mind at 11:11 am 4-2-2020 as I continue this investigation.

To be commended is better transparency.

It’s light years ahead of Mayor McGlynn and Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke, however this journalist has had to submit too many public records requests for my liking. I was looking forward to a city hall that would just publish pertinent information without us having to employ the law. A law that forces their hand to do what they promised to do in the first plce.

“The night, or administration, is still young…but not for a new mayor who has worked in city government as a city councilor lo all these years.

Having known Breanna for well over a decade she is one of my two favorite councilors. That speaks volumes, doesn’t it, about the city council that fell into her lap. A council designed for Stephanie Muccini-Burke with individuals who cannot behave on camera, fail to adhere to their oath of office, and who take a wrecking ball to the city council rules. How is this helpful to a new mayor to have such agent provocateurs and saboteurs voting for Breanns’a issues?

And along with bad eggs on a city council comes a worldwide pandemic to potentially rupture any momentum new politicians in office have.

1)COVID-19 vs The Medford Brady List: …and the world comes to a halt.

It is a pickle. A new mayor after thirty-two years of McGlynn/Muccini-Burke and the first item of business is The L’Italien Report. The Brady List still needs to be addressed despite the interference of the corona virus, a.k.a. COVID-19. Public safety is mandatory and having the most dishonest city employees in all of Middlesex when it comes to the police department should not and cannot be buried, ignored and treated as if these cops were merely jaywalking. On our sister site, Medford Information Central, the L’Italien Report – from Nov 22, 2019, leaped back to #1 April 1 and April 2.* (see below for the facts)

2)City Council Needs a Do-Over: In a bizarre and unnatural way, it was a rescue raft from the discussion of the Brady list, the L’Italien Report, Pay-to-Park, some not quite ready for prime time players in Breanna’s administration, the continuing public access fiasco – comletely negligent during a crisus when the adults are separate from the children, and Breanna Lungo-Koehn’s puzzling penchant to reach out to people who hate and despise her like Adam Knight, George Scarpelli, Rick Caraviello – yes – the Stephanie Muccini-Burke crew.

If those three individuals in particular are found to be violating their oath of office or some other alleged misdeed that can remove them for a violation of the public trust which is alleged by this writer, they would be replaced by Natalie Breen, Erin DiBenedetto and Jean Nuzzo. And do you know what that would do to city government in Medford? It would be an earth-shaking event giving Breanna Lungo-Koehn HER council, not Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s rubber stamps, and it would make Michael Marks the King of the Council rendering John Falco irrelevant. As it stands Mr. Falco would be next in line to be Mayor should Breanna step down, so that is how essential it is to ensure the ouster of Caraviello, Knight and Scarpelli. They are a clear and present danger to life in Medford and I am living proof of that. Defeating Caraviello 1/31/17 was a victory for all the people of Medford. A huge victory. So that’s where we are in regards to the politics of politics. Let’s get back to the situations other than Covid-19.

3)The Brady List and Medford having the WORST record, by far, in Middlesex County

Breanna’s Intentional Negligence on Investigating THE BRADY LIST

So Police Chief Jack Buckley WANTS the public trust without earning it? That’s not the way the world works and after Chief Buckley told the city council that on October 1, 2019 – six months ago yesterday, well it was an April Fool’s prank six months in advance.

Our response was to release the L’Italien Report and then the Middlesex Brady list. Breanna Lungo-Koehn espouses transparency, Joe Viglione delivers. But therein lies the rub, doesn’t it? How long have certain residents done the heavy lifting while the politicians and their surrogates take advantage. McGlynn certainly hijacked all my hard work and honest efforts investigating TV3 because McGlynn’s scarecrow to keep the public out WAS TV3.

Ex Solicitor Mark Rumley was thoroughly dishonest with the public paying him – of course he had to be. He was appointed to the very board that was behaving in a corrupt and malicious manner and did nothing to prevent it; Rumley and McGlynn enabled it spitting on your hard-earned money.

This is Breanna Lungo-Koehn’s Biggest Weakness as Mayor and McGlynn WILL Exploit it

Breanna is intentionally ignoring the Brady list. Like Donald Trump at his worst Breanna is putting her head in the sand in ostrich fashion hoping the public will ignore the fact that her police department – or the one she inherited 100 days or so ago – is the very worst in Middlesex County by far. THIRTY OFFICERS- that’s three beyond the twenty-seven involved in the L’Italien report and that doesn’t include reprobate disaster Stephen Lebert or his uncle or Paul Covino or Detective Mackowski.

How ugly is that?

More Medford officers SHOULD be Brady listed and your new mayor is dancing with the stars, throwing lollipops and confetti and auditioning for the role of Polyanna with the Harvard St. Glee Club and Sewing Circle. And along comes the Corona virus and your mayor is throwing rose petals. Oooops. Well, the virus stopped that error in judgment, didn’t it? But Breanna now has an excuse not to go after dirty cops, and that excuse is a virus.

So Buckley is up there at the podium equally deficient in the honesty department as his partner-in-crime Rumley that evening. As brass and as ugly as anything Donald J. Trump could come up with, screwing you and asking for the public trust. Yeah, like police officer/bank robber Gerry Clemente caught naked and exposed, these fiends do not give a damn about you.

Breanna Lungo-Koehn’s first three months in the spotlight are marked with a failure to take on the police department the way she did on the campaign trail.

This regrettable tendency towards caving in and not fighting for the people is intolerable. What we have is a mayor who is not as malicious as McGlynn or Muccini-Burke, but who – like her predecessors – fails to do the right thing because of perceived/imagined political consequences. Why am I the only guy putting into print what you are all thinking?

4)The Elephant in the Room – Mike McGlynn – the Hatfields to the Lungo Family’s McCoys

The wolf is licking his chops at the door. Purportedly the Hatfields and the McCoys had nothing on the Lungos and the McGlynns. “The 2022 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, in the middle of the term of the president elected in 2020. ” You know McGlynn is plotting and scheming for what comes in 135 weeks,

I don’t have to continue to beat this issue into the ground. if the public doesn’t see the McGlynn shadow lurking in the hallways of 85 George P. Hassett Drive and casting a dark cloud over everything the new mayor is doing, Breanna certainly sees it and can feel it. How will she handle the all-powerful Wizard of Oz, Mike McGlynn? That, ladies and gentlemen, we shall watch very closely.

5)Errors in Building New Administration

David Rodrigues and Neil Osborne are not classy gentlemen. Rodrigues needs to be open and honest when dealing with individuals while Osborne embarrasses himself with just about every tweet. This is a double-edged sword that is the result of listening to consultants rather than going with your women’s intuition.

This journalist was the first to uncover that Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s Chief of Staff, Teresa Walsh, was exiled on Main Street, like a great Rolling Stones double disc. I’m also the first guy to detect how Rodrigues has an alleged conflict of interest when dealing with the public and is not so transparent when he has an obligation to be. Why isn’t someone Breanna can trust like Bob Penta her Chief of Staff? She wanted Bob to be mayor and now she barely gives him the time of day??? The people who contributed positively to the community need a more active role in Breanna Lungo-Koehn’s administration and this failing could be her Achilles’ heel. Trusty Wikipedia can explain it to Breanna: An Achilles‘ heel or Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common.

Let those who have ears hear Matthew 11:15 Whoever has earslet them hear.

6)PaytoPark / Public Access

What the heck? Covid-19 has pushed the pay-to-park fiasco off the table for the moment. The MBTA isn’t charging for bus rides, Pay to Park would only further punish citizens tucked deep inside their homes and tucked even deeper into the fear of a worldwide pandemic. Do you know that the earth now has less movement and it allows scientists to monitor better? The Day the Earth Stood Still is more than a movie these days, isn’t it?

But in our greatest time of need Medford is still without a true media center. I’ll let you in on a little secret – when Michael Marks and Rick Caraviello and the other frauds endorsing Patrick Gordon on your city council actually spill the beans – that Seventy Thousand Dollars is going to one inefficient and unqualified person, Mr. Gordon, then – Houston – and Medford – there’s a problem. The little secret is that Gordon, much like Winchester (WinCAM) and Malden (MATV) cater to the politicians so they can run their little fiefdom and collect paychecks for not doing their jobs properly. And you know when it comes to access TV I have more than just a little experience in this, having started in 1979 on Day St. in Somerville.

In 2005 I applied for the job of TV3’s station manager and – instead – they hired a kid, Jason, who at least was a nice person, but the board of directors wouldn’t know a station manager if it bit them. So I bit them and forced McGlynn to remove them. You’re welcome, citizens.

Had I been installed in 2005 you would see my quick and efficient reaction to COVID-19 by having each and every elected official on the television station informing the public of what they are doing to help you and your families. Now you know – outside of Breanna – there’s been no visible signs of Rick Caraviello giving limo rides to the poor and the elderly, no sign of George Scarpelli fetching paper towels for incapacitated people locked in their homes, circus barker Michael Marks in the center of town handing out pamphlets on how to keep your family safe. Hey, if Wakefield’s Selectmen are all VOLUNTEERING their time to help their town, why are YOU paying Thirty Thousand Dollars each to a bunch of jokers clowning around in room 207 and laughing when Adam Knight is trying to change council rules to further inhibit your ability to exercise the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? That’s what you are paying for when Wakefield gets volunteers to work FOR – on behalf of – the public. And Stoneham and Woburn get free Gannett Wicked Local when you are charged two bucks for it in Medford.

Well, obviously I know things, and that’s why you read this popular set of news sites.

In conclusion of Part 1 of Breanna’s First 100 Days we have a nice lady, a good First Husband, a great family, an upgrade from the last administration. That’s a plus but it is not good enough. We need leadership. We need a woman who was against TV3 to step up and remove Stephanie Muccini-Burke’s leftovers. Divide the 70K paid to Patrick Gordon into two $35,000.00 checks and have an E.D. and a station manager. Be proactive during the Covid-19 crisis. The access TV station can benefit Medford and it isn’t. No outreach, no facilitation of programming, just some shmuck not-ready-for-prime-time doing the bidding of the Government channel, not the Public that is funding it. And when snickering Laura Duggan and loud-mouth Ken Krause show up to defend Pat Gordon, only to have Kenneth Krause yelling and disrupting a council meeting on March 10, 2020 because he objected to my plan of 500 new members by the end of 2020, well, it’s still a private access station. Self-serving Ken Krause thinks he knows it all. Yelling and trying to incite a fight at a city council meeting (shame on John Falco for not slamming the gavel,) is an indication that we still have a private access station. They don’t want 500 members, and Breanna failing to act is a problem.


Breanna is a nice lady. That’s better than having Stephanie, a not very ladylike mayor. So we’ve made an upgrade…frosting on the cake of the same old same old. You have 7/8ths of a term as mayor, Breanna, to right the ship. I know a few people who can help you do that, but – oh my God, you’d have to live up to your campaign promises to do so…and your consultants can’t have any of that. Let me remind you, your consultants don’t pay your salary, the citizens do.

PART 2 TO FOLLOW with an analysis of the city council and the inept and bungling Adam Knight and Rick Caraviello Show.

* (Editor’s note: The L’Italien Report was eclipsed at 11:18 pm April 1, 2020 as I was writing this, but that it jumped back to #1 April 1, even for a few hours, and is hovering in the Top 3 all these months shows amazing resiliency. NEW NOTE at 12:07 pm L’Italien report is back at #1 April 2) – It is a huge indicator of the great public interest in this story. Our sister blog has 1,584,053 page views as of 11:18 pm – 415,947 to two million page views to show the popularity of this information, which puts a glaring spotlight on two issues: Great Public Interest and the Public Trust. In the midst of it is – the Covid-19 issue changing the conversation, the tone and its addition of confusion. Upending what we thought was normal.

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