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TERM LIMITS – Medford’s Mayor McGlynn deficient in civil rights at Access TV

How Michael J. McGlynn   dropped the ball on access television.

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Medford’s Mayor McGlynn asked me in an October 2006 meeting “How can I discuss term limits? (at TV3 Medford)   Now, dear readers, tell me, isn’t that ridiculous?  The Issuing Authority finds an excuse as to why he can’t be authoritative – because he himself – @27 going on 28 years in office has no “term limits.”

The questions swirling around embattled non-profits comes into focus when one sees how lax the Issuing Authority in Medford is and how absent the Issuing Authority in Winchester has been.   That’s why you get horrific stories about Medford Pop Warner’s Steve Cloutier (defended by the same individual that represented TV3 Medford, an attorney who is the Mayor’s cousin by marriage) and the recent conviction and sentencing of Stanley Komins and Stephen Komins in the West Medford Hillside Little League disaster.   When long-time board members are abusive and power-hungry it hurts the kids.   Does anyone out there want to tell me that the kids weren’t abused when Pop Warner denied three children access to the sports in order to retaliate on the parents and legal guardian who stepped forward to do the right thing?  That kind of retaliation is what WinCAM is alleged to engage in, what Medford’s TV3 definitely engaged in.

So who do you go to for “oversight” of the tv stations when they operate in an incorrect manner?