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Medford Access Station Manager Ben Brown Let the Community Down


Ben Brown Let the Community Down
New TV3 Station Manager Doesn’t Know Medford…but he was warned!

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By Joe Viglione, Award-Winning Host of Visual Radio and the Pop Explosion

It would be easy to ramble on and on and on about the juveniles MCC TV3 hired in the past and how Stephanie Burke couldn’t find someone FROM Medford, she had to hire an obedient star-struck young man from Brookline. Go figure.

It is called censorship, people, and it is WRONG.

But here’s how we right the ship.  My letter to Attorney Scanlon at 11:39 pm or so August 30, 2017


Hi Attorney Scanlon,

Yes, I would very much like a digital copy via e mail as well. Thank you.
Wonder if Ms. Dever-Wood will allow the citizens to be on access TV for this election.
Is the Muccini-Burke Administration so terrified of criticism and Stephanie’s inability to speak clearly without being shrill any reason for the Issuing Authority/Mayor to take advantage of the children, senior citizens and cable tv subscribers?
City Hall serves at the pleasure of the Muccini-Burke Administration, not for the citizens of this municipality.
As one notable resident said to me 8:30 pm tonight in another city “Nothing has changed (under Stephanie.)
An unqualified woman, Mrs. Burke, hires a young man to run an access station when he knows nothing about Medford, and personally told me he didn’t know what kind of an agreement to put together for residents who use Verizon.
So Stephanie hires someone who admitted to me that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to know.
As you may have seen the e mail, you know that I sent him a document he can use as a model.
Of course when the mayor allegedly orders the impressionable young man not to do the job the citizens are paying him to do, there’s no access TV during a critical primary election.
This is not a competent mayor.
She’s as incompetent as Rick Caraviello mumbling under oath in a court of law.
You had to be there January 31, 2017 to believe such an incoherent dullard is actually the president of the Medford City Council.
And this is not digression, it is the sad reality of life under Muccini-Burke.
Thank you again for your sending the document, and reading my important thoughts and observations

Joe Viglione  


Now for some fun at the superintendent’s expense – he’s rich, he can afford it:


All you need to look at are the shifty eyes of Roy E. Belson, superintendent of schools, standing next to one of the reprobates from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the failed 501c3 that is being investigated by the office of the Attorney General, Maura Healey, to know that Medford Access Television has gone to hell in a hand basket in the era of Hurricane Harvey, and don’t ignore the irony within that statement.

Belson Bertorellirsz_snake_photo_2_img_2693

Bonus photo – ugly Dr. Rabies going to see Ben Brown.

Ben, Ben, BEN – what were you thinking?   If Ben knew about Medford he would have had his can of Raid ready to stop Rabies at the door!

dr rabies IMG_6636

Now there’s a dream date for all you gals on  Bertorelli or Deluca?

Decisions, decisions!  How about two for one?

Now to really ruin your day with the power of suggestion.  Imagine a porn movie with the three individuals in these two photographs.  That would not be rated X for prurient content…more like X for Too Terrifying!