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Open Letter to Attorney Jonathan White of Medford Chamber of Horrors

Jonathan White
Rick Caraviello
Fred Dello Russo
Chamber of Commerce
Medford, MA 02155
Dear Attorney White and Chamber of Commerce:
The outrage from business owners is palpable – and you, as a community leader, have an obligation NOT to betray the public trust by your implausible, cockamamie discussion with me – outside of council chambers – about your being FOR something everyone else in the community is against. You need to admit you were wrong and work to end the madness, remove the parking kiosks
Today in Haines Square the parking spaces were empty…on a holiday.  I walked! from 5 blocks or so away but it is clear that EVEN ON A HOLIDAY people don’t want this burden.
A co-owner of a store (will not give names) was telling me how much the water has gone up on businesses, and now this.  People seated across from me, a man and a woman, were discussing the pay-to-park.
Yesterday a fellow was looking at the kiosk (on a Sunday) and I informed him he did not have to pay. He was outraged.  I tell people to show up on Tuesday at the Committee of the Whole, 5 PM,
Room 207.
Yet there are problems with that proposed meeting:
a)It should be televised from Alden Chambers
b)It should be heavily advertised since we have no access TV and no access to the “Reverse 911” (CTY-Connect)
Mayor McGlynn pushed the envelope too far, and the natives are restless.  Having Paul Camuso as the cheerleader for it is true arrogance by McGlynn.
This parking scam is being forced on a community that has already suffered the hijacking of our cable TV funds, kids denied resources and an individual sentenced to prison for hijacking funds from little league athletes – and the Mayor acting like he’s clueless when he is the most clued-in person in the city.
What kind of Chamber of Commerce do we have when some non-profits around the city from Pop Warner to TV3 to West Medford Hillside Little League have no oversight, and the Chamber has no concern about residents losing financial resources they invest in these situations.
Public Access TV
Hank Phillipi Ryan Residential Parking ripoff
Water and Sewer
West Medford Hillside Little League
Pop Warner
TV3 Medford – missing monies, meeting minutes, no programming, racism and homophobia
And Attorney Jonathan White thinks everything in Medford is just dandy…as he (allegedly) runs up to Salem and spends his days outside of the city.
Jonathan White has been exposed.  How can he make amends to this community?   He can leave and take Camuso, McGlynn, Dello Russo and Adam Knight with him!
Or White can do the right thing and demand the Mauyor rescind this ridiculous pay-to-park nonsense.
Community Media


For those of you interested in the Public Access TV Situation in Medford, Mass. read on:


“I’m here to make sure that this TV station is the best it can be for
ourselves and for our children,” said
the Honorable Judge Marie O.Jackson-Thompson (retired)

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