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An Editorial by Joe Viglione

For 28 years Medford, Massachusetts has operated like some third world country.  On April 12, 2015 I put a post on Medford Info Central that the Mayor should resign.    It was called “Time for a new Mayor”
Our focus is on fixing Medford

On May 13, Monday, McGlynn blurted it out. That he will not run.


Perseverance in filing public records requests, speaking at the city council, blogging, sending out mass e mails, videotaping, taking photos, relentless work that Pat Jehlen’s Chief-of-Staff noticed was obviously self-less, all designed to shine a light on a selfish Mayor who thinks about HIS family first.   Michael J. McGlynn hijacked public access tv as his own carefully crafted spin machine, with the notorious Jack Dempsey allegedly abandoning the school kids to tape the equally notorious Mayor who put Dempsey into power.

Here’s the Golden Opportunity for a new TV station, for charter change, for a new Mayor who won’t be a firewall to protect Michael J. McGlynn.

It is imperative that McGlynn lieutenants DO NOT GET THE JOB as they will shuffle papers and protect Michael J. McGlynn from any investigation that the people may want to initiate.  This means that voters need to ignore Paul Donato, Fred Dello Russo, Jr., John Falco, George Scarpelli, Neil Osborne, Stephanie Muccini Burke, Paul Camuso…the god-forsaken seven. 

Medford needs a breath of fresh air not affiliated with the sick and broken “McGlynn Machine.”   Adeline DiPaola must go, Linda Coletti must go, Lauren DiLorenzo must go, the Mayor’s “henchmen” as a City Councilor called them need to be given their pink slips.  They are a major part of the problem and cannot be trusted to be upfront with the citizens of Medford.

The first order of business may happen prior to the April 29th Comcast hearing.  Why is McGlynn having it in Alden Chambers at 2 PM?  Because he doesn’t want the community to have a voice.

11:27 PM  Time for Perry Mason.


To be continued.