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Sex In The City…of Medford, Massachusetts. Massive High School Sex Coverup?

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In the city of Medford, Massachusetts School Superintendent Roy Belson, he who did not fully declare information requested in a public records request/freedom of information act filing regarding a varsity coach, is just as sneaky on the school website: there is still “to be determined” on the official school website, smack dab in the middle of the school year.

Here is what we know: Roy Belson has acted sketchy when a woman allegedly stole from 8 teachers on or about October 30, 2015, the news not hitting Fox 25 (where Medford resident Kerry Kavanaugh allegedly is an “investigative reporter) until the night of the Nov. 3 election.  Belson has made no public comment that we know of regarding the lawsuit against councilor-elect George Scarpelli in regards to the rape of a 16 year old in Otis Mass when Scarpelli and Somerville Mayor Curtatone were part of the “chaperone” team, and Belson hasn’t made a comment that we are aware of on the press release of a crazed woman getting on a school bus to harass the students, your children, parents of Medford.

Why is Belson still the superintendent with all these problems on his watch?Breaking_News


You think Kerry Kavanaugh at Fox 25 gives a damn about Medford?

Kavanaugh’s mother, who lives at the same residence as Kerry Kavanaugh, gave money to support Stephani Muccini-Burke for mayor, despite the fact that Kerry, fired from a Tampa TV station for a nutty stunt, was the “moderator” of a debate at the Chevalier Theater on Oct. 15

With McGlynn/Muccini-Burke suck-ups Dan Kennedy and John Anderson on the panel, the “debate” was clearly tilted to favor Burke, and despite the advantage Burke was DEMOLISHED by her opponent, Bob Penta



It wasn’t even a toss up, it was a slaughter, with Muccini-Burke’s “pay-to-park” endorsement going over like a lead balloon, as well as Stephanie Burke praising Penta’s ideas on public access TV, basically, all of Penta’s ideas were embraced by the woman who was once his colleague.

Muccini-Burke’s colleague, being a gentleman, refused to ask Mrs. Burke, as Director of Personnel, why she wasn’t upfront about a Varsity coach no longer at the school as of June 30, 2015.   After all, the Director of Personnel, who fumbled the Stephen LeBert fiasco in majestic fashion (it was a colossal disaster with LeBert walking the streets today after threatening to blow a hole through a driver’s head,) is too busy singing The Tremeloes Silence Is Golden to do the job that the former Mayor, McGlynn, appointed her to do.



And the elephant in the room is the huge question, was Jenna Tarabelsi the only teacher allegedly having sex with students?  A confidential source claims there was more than two teachers allegedly taking liberties with your children, parents of Medford students.

Reportedly, Ms. Tarabelsi is in Italy attempting to avoid prosecution, but are there other mistakes made by Roy Belson, School Superintendent, and former Director of Personnal

GROSS MISCONDUCT BY A TRUSTED STAFFER! is what the TV announcer states boldly….Medford school counselor accused of having sex with students

Counselor on paid administrative leave

UPDATED 11:14 PM EDT May 08, 2015


MEDFORD, Mass. —A high school counselor in Medford is under investigation after two students say they had an inappropriate sexual relationship with her.

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Officials at Medford Vocational Technical High School said they were made aware of the allegations in early April.

“The allegation is that there was an inappropriate relationship. Now the nature of that relationship isn’t clear to me,” Superintendent Roy Belson said.


Now the rumors surrounding the baseball coach are ultra ugly, and Belson refuses to give the public answers that the public wants to know:

Assistant Varsity Coach: Ryan Burke

Junior Varsity Head Coach: TBA

Now think about this, and it really hits home for the Burke family:

1)Ryan Burke is the Assistant Varsity Coach

2)Stephanie Muccini-Burke was Director of Personnel

3)Middlsex Superior Court Assistant Clerk Brian Burke called this reporter a “motherfucker” on October 15, 2015 in front of seniors and woman, many witnesses.

You’ve got a court clerk, a director of personnel and a colleague of the alleged “missing teacher, missing Junior Varsity Head Coach, and anger exhibited from “Daddy Dearest,” Ryan’s old man, Brian Burke.

What the hell is going on, Roy Belson?  Why so silent, Roy?


noun: varsity; plural noun: varsities
  1. North American
    the principal team representing a high school or college in a sport or other competition.

Head Coach: Mike Petrides

Assistant Coach: Luigi Mirasola

Junior Varsity Coach: TBD

Freshmen Coach: John Prestgiovanni

word is that there is A LOT MORE TO THIS STORY



Ex-coach charged with raping boy
Boston Herald ^

Posted on 2/24/2005, 3:54:58 PM by bikepacker67

A former Malden wrestling coach who called his students “disciples in training” and instructed them to perform sexual acts to be a part of his team is facing charges of raping one of his students and more victims are likely to come forward, according to authorities.

Prosecutor Michelle Margolis said Everett Bower, 32, asked his wrestlers to perform sex acts as the culmination of their four-step indoctrination into his “family.” Everett Bower is arraigned at Somerville District Court.
(Staff photo by Michael Seamans)

Bower has coached boys wrestling at Savio Prep High School in East Boston, Malden High and Malden Catholic, though he’s currently unemployed. Margolis described in court how he would instruct his young charges to tell him a secret and show him some act of devotion before performing a sex act in order to be initiated into the club.

She said she expects more victims to surface now that one 17-year-old Malden boy has told police about the alleged abuse that began when he was studying judo with Bower at age 8.



Mark Berndt, a former LAUSD teacher accused of committing lewd acts against dozens of students, appears in court for a preliminary setting hearing on July 15, 2013.
After nearly a week with no response to our inquiries about allegations the Los Angeles Unified School District destroyed documents that may have held key evidence in child abuse cases within the district, a spokesman admits the documents no longer exist.
In an interview with KPCC, Sean Rossall of Cerrell Associates, the public relations representative hired by one of the law firms representing the district to exclusively handle media inquiries about the Miramonte child abuse scandal, says the documents were destroyed sometime in 2008.