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The Magnitude of MCC’s crimes against the City Of Medford

Developing story.  The crimes perpetrated against the city of Medford go further than Ronald Delucia, Harvey Alberg, Art DeLuca and Frank Pilleri not complying with taxpayer funded auditors at Melanson Heath & Co PC.    Mayor McGlynn allowed the raping of the access TV station to happen on his watch, ultimately McGlynn needs to be held responsible for the alleged malfeasance committed by those individuals who kept pushing the goal posts back hoping the statute of limitations would run out.  Anti-Slapp violations, no classes for kids to learn computers, failing to play a hockey game on the air, violating the Agreement with the city, losing a lawsuit MCC filed against the city and that troublesome 50 grand that Pilleri told Melanson Heath & Co was the “missing monies.” Well, Pilleri and his cronies lost the case.
Lots more about this, tied up with a bow and sent to the States Attorney and the FBI.  Stay tuned for more.

Stoneham Ark Insurance President Ron DeLucia says he’s GUILTY OF SLOPPY BOOKKEEPING

Like, you want to put your money with an insurance company where the president of that company, Ronald DeLucia of 22 Coolidge Road, Medford, Massachusetts 02155 says to the Medford City Council that he’s “GUILTY OF SLOPPY BOOKKEEPING”    Isn’t that a betrayal of the public trust when those funds were not DeLucia’s?  Delucia was intentionally sloppy with money that was not his own, it came from Cable TV subscribers and Ronald DeLucia was nasty, vindictive, cruel, abusive and already had a black eye from being thrown out of Medford High School, allegedly.  And what teacher ever allegedly gets booted from a high school?  


Ron DeLucia at Ark Insurance, Stoneham BETRAYED THE PUBLIC TRUST at TV3 MEDFORD and must make RESTITUTION   

The untrustworthy Ronald DeLucia issued dirty language up at City Hall at a Mayoral candidate and a journalist.  Delucia’s foul mouth indicative of how unfairly he treated Medford residents, Delucia part of a conspiracy to hijack the access station so that he could proclaim himself “the Math Man” and a “Money Manager.”  Some money manager, the week of July 24, 2014 the Attorney General’s office DENIED the Money Managers (plural) request to dissolve the corporation they wrecked.  You know what that means!  The investigation is on.

Restitution, Part 1

Police Remove TV3 President Frank Pilleri from Medford City Hall


Pilleri and Komins allegedly ripped off the children



There’s not much difference between ripping off little league children and ripping off kids who want to take computer classes at the public access TV station.   Stanley Komins, charged with pilfering from Little League and Francis R. Pilleri, Jr., the Sr. Messaging Manager of Tufts Health Plan, now told by the AG’s office his dissolution papers aren’t acceptable, need to make restitution to the children of Medford that they ripped off.

breaking news


Report on Medford’s Lack of Public Access Television




As some surrounding communities are aware the “private access” facility in Medford, which took advantage of millions of dollars in cable TV subscriber franchise fees over the past 25 years or more, is now defunct. Frank Pilleri was forced out of his dictatorship at the non-profit when his nemesis, Budget Director Stephanie Muccini-Burke, held back the monies, allegedly for non-performance, and allegedly at the direction of the Issuing Authority, Michael J. McGlynn, the Mayor.
One of the biggest issues here is the Mayor’s failure to lead; the Mayor’s disastrous lack of leadership allowing a liar and thug to control access TV in Medford.  McGlynn should be ashamed of himself for persecuting the community by having an unqualified hack like Pilleri – a known liar – operating the access tv station in violation of the Internal Revenue Code, which is part of the complaint against Pilleri and his accomplices, Arthur Alan Deluca, Harvey Alberg, Ronald Delucia and others.  That they wrongfully used the non-profit in violation of the agreement signed with the city, the violation of the mission statement they concocted and promised to abide by, the violation of the rules prohibiting a 501c3 for participating in political speech.  It’s the proverbial “clean sweep” for Pilleri which helped sweep him and his entrenched cronies out the door.



Frank Pilleri lies on his linked in, lying on his “resume” – which isn’t is bad as committing perjury, which Mr. Pilleri, when grilled on the witness stand, couldn’t prove he didn’t commit.

The scandal-plagued career of “embattled” TV3 ex-president Frank Pilleri hit a brick wall in the 1990s when Pilleri’s absurd “barter bucks” fiasco and an alleged sexual harassment claim against the station manager by an employee were the talk of the town.

Pilleri was allegedly replaced by Uncle Gene McGillicuddy, called “uncle” because he is actually the uncle of the Issuing Authority, Michael J. McGlynn.  Allegedly Pilleri was so incensed that he was replaced by the Mayor’s uncle that he and  self-proclaimed “born again Christian” (and the term is used loosely) Steve Marra allegedly sabotaged McGillicuddy by pulling stunts to make the Mayor’s uncle look bad and allegedly attempt to force McGillicuddy out.

So if Pilleri WASN’T “president” for the time period in the 1990s when he was removed from the presidency over the alleged financial scandal, why does Pilleri brag that he was “president” for 25 years?   The bigger question being, of course, how the Mayor could allow some red-flagged jackass to get back into power and do far worse things to the community.

Keep in mind, Pilleri is the fraud that the police had to remove from City Hall on or about August 13, 2013 for disorderly conduct.


Restitution, Part 1

Police Remove TV3 President Frank Pilleri from Medford City Hall


City Council President Robert A. Maiocco had reached his limit, and – to his credit – he showed tremendous patience on August 6, 2013.  But after Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. clerk Harvey Alberg harangued one of the councilors, the long-time TV3 president, Francis R. Pilleri, Jr., refused to abide by the council rules.  He was so unprofessional and obstinate that Pilleri was finally ejected from Alden Chambers by a member of the Medford Police Department.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
This was probably a first in Medford, Massachusetts history.  The president of a non-profit being removed by the police from City Hall. In retrospect, it seems even worse than when the shocking event actually took place.  We citizens have to abide by the rules and show respect, so why should the only real members of a tiny group of renegades be allowed to be boorish and disruptive?   When Councilor Robert M Penta asked Harvey Alberg a simple question: “Who is on the board of directors (of Medford Commnity Cablevision, Inc. – a publicly funded entity dependent upon cable TV subscriber monies to exist) Alberg got defensive, loud, angry and went on the attack.
* * * * *
Councilor Paul A. Camuso, seeing an opportunity to help his friends at TV3 out, asked for “unlimited speech” about TV3 – and then to invoke “Rule 21” to shut down all talk about TV3 for the next 90 days.  Not so coincidentally, this council meeting being discussed (Tuesday, August 6) was exactly 90 days to the election scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th — exactly three months from the date of this particular council meeting.
* * * * *
Council candidate James Morse, a frequent blogger on Patch, noted at the last council meeting in July that this is “the people’s forum” and, since we don’t have an access TV station, shutting down any speech before an election is not right.  The City Council is currently our only avenue to discuss issues important to Medford residents.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Council candidate Jeanne Martin noted to Councilor Camuso that he, Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Michael Marks are not subject to the harassment that Councilor Rick Caraviello, Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Councilor Robert Penta and Councilor Bob Maiocco face from TV3.  Candidate Martin – also a frequent Patch blogger – also noted how the Mayor benefits from having TV3 taking less money so that the General Fund can balloon an additional $500,000.00 plus every year from the franchise fee cable subscribers pay being turned into a second tax. Ms. Martin is being paraphrased here, of course, but you get the idea.
* * * * *
No non-profit operating with public monies should behave the way the three board members of MCC TV3 behaved at the City Council on Tuesday night, August 6th.  It was unprofessional.  It was offensive to the citizens of Medford, it was patently dishonest.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Harvey Alberg was befuddled in his attempts to keep changing the subject to the distractions the TV3 board had prepared.  Councilor Maiocco called it, rightfully, a “Dog and pony show” and TV3 did itself no favors bullying councilors who only want to know who is on the board of directors, where the meeting minutes are, what the financials are, and why they aren’t operating.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Alberg and Pilleri were outraged that the public funding the entity dare even ask where our money is.  But to see a police officer having to remove the self-appointed president of a non-profit public charity, on camera, for all of the residents of Medford to view, backs up what I’ve been telling this community for the past ten and a half years.  The kind of behavior I have witnessed and warned you about you saw on camera tonight.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Alberg and Delucia – who call themselves “money managers” while also claiming they engage in sloppy bookkeeping (figure that one out if you’ve ever phoned them looking for advice, which they’ve asked TV3 viewers to do in the past) brought up a Jeffrey Bradley from Indoor Doctor.  Mr. Bradley seemed nice enough, but started using vernacular that went over the heads of anyone listening – a TV3 tactic, for sure, but now they are using someone from out of town to play their game for them.

Restitution, Part 1

Check out the Indoor Doctor here: (Preview) (Preview) (Preview) (Preview) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Upset that their “president”, Frank Pilleri, was removed, the Vice President, Ron Delucia, approached this writer and displayed pure anger. I was definitely cautious when he came near.  Delucia blurted out a vicious expletive aimed at me, so I immediately reported him to the officer who had removed Pilleri.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
That the Indoor Doctor was being paid by TV3 to be there – and had to experience the invective hurled at me by the vice president, while watching the president of the corporation that hired him be removed by the police department, must have been a new experience, and not a good one.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
In 2013 we need an active TV station to have a discussion of the issues.  Patch is fantastic for Medford residents to read about potholes and empty storefronts and the Cradock bridge issue and the Medford Housing Authority and the swimming pool at the high school, but the television platform we pay for is as essential – if not more essential – for election 2013.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
But on August 6, 2013, four months after they went off the air on April first, the three-man “board of directors” (is that even a quorum?  Of course it’s not!) wanted to talk about mold.  When a Councilor asked if they were paying the Indoor Doctor to be there TV3 replied “yes.”
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
We pay a franchise fee to have a station that is fully operational. It is not  to use the money to bring in an expert on mold to try to pull the wool over the eyes of Medford residents as to why we don’t have the TV station that we pay for.  On January 19, 2008 there was supposed to be an election of a new board oF TV3.  Frank Pilleri shut down the election, as I told City Hall he would, as I had inside information.  Had the election happened, we would have a fully functional TV station today.  But the individual removed from City Hall last night by a member of the Medford Police department decided he didn’t want to let go of “his” access TV station.  News flash to Frank Pilleri…it is not your station.  You don’t fund it.  You yell at Council President Bob Maiocco about “Free Speech” when you have censored many, many, many Medford residents with impunity.
* * * * *
We need a new access tv station.  When the President of a non-profit is removed by the police from the podium of Alden Chambers, when an alleged business professional cannot behave at a public forum like the rest of us, that is when Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has to finally tell Mr. Pilleri that the party for him is over

Restitution, Part 1

Sr. Messaging Architect/EngineerTufts Health Plan
Nonprofit; 1001-5000 employees; Insurance industry
March 2001 – Present (13 years 3 months)

Medford Community Cablevision (TV3 Medford)
1988 – 2013 (25 years)

EngineerLotus Development
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; IBM; Computer Software industry
1996 – 2000 (4 years)


In Cambridge District Court on Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford on or about June 30 or July 1 2009, Frank Pilleri was found by the Honorable Judge Timothy Gailey to not be able to prove he didn’t commit perjury in a  fraudulent filing (allegedly one of many) to the Secretary of the Commonwealth in filing the corporate documents with Pilleri’s signature.  Gailey wrote: “This assertion of perjury was not proved to have been false.”

Restitution, Part 1

So disgraced Pilleri, who fumbled a non-profit in spectacular fashion, was dragged into the police station to “mediate” with a victim – only to violate the agreement made under police supervision; Pilleri, who filed an Agreement in Judge Sragow’s courtroom – only to rescind the bylaws or policies and procedures at TV3 to circumvent that agreement, the lying, two-timing, not-very-forthright “president” of a failed access TV station, brags about it on Linked in?

Isn’t that like John “Zip” Connolly bragging that he was an accomplice of Whitey Bulger’s?

Judge Jackson-Thompson noted to the Issuing Authority, Mayor McGlynn, that Pilleri was operating a private “MCC Access”, to the detriment of the community.  She reflected former board member Joseph Fortunato’s claim that Pilleri was operating “Private Public Access” or “Public Private Access”  prior to Mr. Fortunato being pushed out the door (or made uncomfortable enough to leave), as were Patrick Fiorello, Doreen Wade, Vincent Mase, Chrissy Barthelette, Allison Goldsberry, Matthew Haberstroh, Dr. William Wood and his wife Carolyn Rosen, John Costas, Robert DeNitale, City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley (a Mayoral appointee), Mayoral Appointee Phyllis Buccio-Notaro, Christopher Donovan, Anthony Giglio, John Byers and many, many others.*   (*please note that Haberstroh, Barthelette and Wood were allegedly “advisers to the board”, Byers and Rosen were not affiliated with the board whatsoever, to my knowledge)








the theme is

Frank Pilleri Must Make Restitution …this is part 1. Pilleri ripped off the children of Medford. Denied cablecast of a hockey game for his own personal vendetta and amusement. Now Frankie Pilleri must pay the check for his wrongful conduct.

How Paul Camuso and Frank Pilleri betrayed the public trust with TV3 Medford

bnewsTV3’s president says the station spent all of its savings — more than $130,000 — on operating costs before the now-defunct access station’s Board of Directors voted to dissolve the station last October.

But officials want proof, since Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (TV3’s legal name) is required to transfer all remaining assets to the city before it dissolves.

Now read this from the Transcript very carefully (we published similar information when the City Solicitor letter to Pilleri was published)

According to the 990-EZ tax form Pilleri filed with the Internal Revenue Service, MCC had $133,342 in cash, savings and investments on May 1, 2013.

According to Jacobson’s review conducted for MCC, the organization had only $95,555 in expenses for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2014, indicating a positive balance.

133,342.00 in cash, $95.555 allegedly in expenses (look at the monies spent on “station manager” when there was nothing to manage) and you have a discrepency, a BIT discrepency of over $37,000.00.  Where’s the money, Frank Pilleri?  Does Tufts Health even read all the situations Pilleri has gotten himself into?  Allegations of racism, the false bomb threat arrest of Pilleri’s good pal, a true Rogue’s Gallery with conflicting numbers and that moron, Ronald Delucia, telling the City Council he’s “Only guilty of sloppy bookkeeping.”  Sloppy Bookkeping with PUBLIC MONIES and a fiduciary responsibility that DeLucia was not honest enough to care about.


THE DVDs of the City Council meetings are going to reveal to the authorities how bad things were at MCC TV3

We’re also looking into how the Cable TV Committee came up with a whopping $500,000 for a “new” access station knowing the mismanagement and possibly worse that occurred at TV3.  Keep reading, because Allison Goldsberry has some serious questions to answer about conflict, why that half a million dollar number is out there (so the Mayor can say “NO” to it with a conflicted panel of novices that weren’t fully aware of how public access should operate.  IT WAS AN INTENTIONAL SCHEME BY MCGLYNN!  That story to follow!

Unlike Stanley Komins and Steven Komins at West Medford Hillside Little League where there was no public outcry before charges were pressed against the father and son,  the complaints on Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. were voluminous, with Pilleri coming up with lip service and propaganda in an obnoxious and arrogant way.

Wonder what Tufts Health thinks of their perpetually embattled Senior Messaging manager now?

So what is the “betrayal of the public trust?”


This study presents a simple model of government reputation (in which government type cannot be directly observed by households) with the variation that government type, rather than being permanent, follows an exogenous Markov process. This formulation captures three characteristics of bad policy outcomes: governments which betray public trust do so erratically, public trust is regained only gradually after a betrayal, and governments with recent betrayals betray with higher probability than other governments.

The 64,000.00 question is, of course, where is the money?  Why did Paul A. Camuso allow the public to endure such betrayal (that’s easy, because it benefited Camuso and he never thought we would get this far along in the investigation of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.)

Poster boy for Public Trust Betrayal, Paul A. Camuso


Quiz Show Scandals

Robert Cappucci needs Public Access to have a Chance in the Senate Election

Robert Cappucci
71 Evans St
Medford, MA 02155

Dear Senate Candidate Cappucci:

There are only 106 days to Election 2014

You are being denied Channel 3 to discuss issues during this election cycle because it benefits Democratic candidate Pat Jehlen, who is of the same political party as the Issuing Authority, Michael J. McGlynn.

You should consider an immediate Injunction against the Issuing Authority in Woburn Superior Court as your rights are being denied you.  A restraining order on the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, will benefit you in a number of ways:

1)It will give you the opportunity to discuss with the judge the absolute necessity for you to have access to this platform

2)You will be helping the community being denied computer classes, cameras, other equipment and cable TV time that the embattled (and hopefully dissolving) 501c3, Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. used to promote candidates they liked while attacking candidates who were opposed to them. A clear violation of the Internal Revenue Code. The community wants access TV, and this will give you an issue that is vitally important, an issue standing in the way of every Republican up against Democratic incumbents.

3)The press and media should see you as a visionary and should give you wide exposure for helping out your community.  

4)Go a step further and call for an investigation into where the MCC TV3 monies went, and why those members of the MCC board of directors intentionally, willfully and maliciously made it a private MCC, according to the Honorable Marie O. Jackson-Thompson (retired.) 

This is the key issue that can prove to Medford that candidate Robert Cappucci gets things done for the community.  Take this issue and succeed with this issue.  Demand McGlynn give you the platform that you pay for with your cable TV bill, public access TV.    Without access TV you have less of a chance.  Pat Jehlen has the name recognition, she does not want you on access TV.  You are being denied a tool available to politicians in surrounding cities and towns.  This is a McGlynn conspiracy to keep you and your fellow members of the Republican party off of television during an election cycle. 

It IS censorship and there’s no excuse for a Mayor of 27 years to be unable to properly address access tv, not when he is caught utilizing the funds to pay Alliison Goldsberry who promotes the Mayor furiously on her Inside Medford while getting 45K a year of access TV monies that should be spent on ACCESS, not McGlynn’s personal Democrat Party promotional team of Jack Dempsey, Lisa Dunphy and Allison Goldsberry, all receiving a total of 200K a year so that we don’t have access television in this city. So that we don’t have transparency.    McGlynn is concealing informtion, just as he is concealing you from the public in an election cycle.

You have 106 days from the publication of this essay. What are you going to do about it?


The Failure of Medford’s Community Access TV Committe – Massachusetts Breaking News


Media definition


This Editorial is being sent to 60 Minutes  as well as other national and local news media, government oversight and interested/concerned citizens and public access stations and producers.

We are going to be demanding that the office of the Attorney General and the office off the District Attorney interrogate each and every board member and ex-board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. regarding an allegation allegedly from a former vice president of MCC who claims Frank Pilleri intentionally used former board members on the corporate papers, signed under the pains of perjury, to keep up the illusion that a real board existed.  The Rumley Report of 2-28-10 has information on that which was brought to the attention of Mark Rumley, City Solicitor, when former board member Brian Mahoney was approached with the document.  Mahoney told me he hadn’t been on the board “in years” since he had moved to Somerville.  He was shocked that his name was still being used by Pilleri, ostensibly to have the illusion of a board that didn’t truly exist.  Without proper voting, with that kind of sleight of hand, Pilleri ran roughshod over the citizens of Medford, suing people and being a belligerent bully who abused the station for his own personal use; the “private MCC access” that Judge Jackson-Thompson referenced in her recommendations. .



The goal is three-fold: establish a new Access TV Station in Medford, Massachusetts, fight to retrieve the assets the dishonest board of directors of TV3 Medford did not preserve for the community and to pressure the government to bring Frank Pilleri and his cronies into a court of law to give them their day in court.  Or bring them to justice if they turn out to be less trustworthy than they assured the community that they were.

(Alleged) Purpose of Cable TV Committee (the true purpose was to stall for time so that McGlynn could keep pushing the goal posts back towards April of 2015)

The Community Access TV Committee will develop the guiding principles for the future of community access television in the City of Medford.

The Community Access TV Committee failed the city of Medford.  The thin, 3 page document, is in direct conflict with the mission of the TV Committee   Let’s explore how the committee, positions accepted by Fred Laskey, George “Chip” Hines and Allison Goldsberry were obligated, owe it to the city and the cable TV subscribers, to press the Mayor to move forward with access tv.     Judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson (retired) took $3,900.00. By comparison, Judas Iscariot’s alleged 30 pieces of silver seem irrelevant by comparison:  “Another account was preserved by the early Christian leader, Papias: “Judas walked about in this world a sad example of impiety; for his body having swollen to such an extent that he could not pass where a chariot could pass easily, he was crushed by the chariot, so that his bowels gushed out.”[18]”   Yikes: file under: Toxic Mold Syndrome.


The Committee seeks to develop a plan for vibrant community access television in Medford that includes educational and community programming, locally produced content, broadcasts of public meetings and events, increased learning opportunities for students interested in media production, community classes, and enhanced online video capacity.


    The unspoken mandate would have been for Fred, Allison and Chip to work with the community members who supported them, who showed up, shared e mails and ideas and even videotaped the events.  But, sadly for the community, this is, yet again, McGlynn cronies kissing-the-behind of His Majesty, Michael J. McGlynn.   All this time I thought Jesus was the focus of Rev. Hines prayers but, alas, he seems to have chosen political mammon over God.  After abusing Judge Jackson-Thompson’s robe as well as Reverend George Hines’ collar, McGlynn threw them both in the recycling bin like useless old dish rags.

If we cooperate all this goes away

The above October 1, 2013 document from Frank Pilleri promising to “dissolve” the corporation “quickly” is something Pilleri, who used his e mail at the HMO Tufts Health to conduct MCC TV3 business, never thought the citizens would see.  Well see it they have, the document popular on the internet via a variety of different websites

      • TV3 officials speak out on hate speech probe, other allegations

  • Already reeling from the denial of a $39,000 quarterly payment, TV3 last week became the target of a police investigation after allegations of hate speech and racism were lodged against the access station.
  • By Nicholas Iovino/
    Posted Jul. 17, 2013 @ 12:01 am
    Updated Jul 17, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    Already reeling from the denial of a $39,000 quarterly payment, TV3 last week became the target of a police investigation after allegations of hate speech and racism were lodged against the access station.

    Former TV3 Board of Directors member Doreen Wade told the Medford City Council on July 9 that she was victimized by racist and threatening comments posted about her on the Internet by TV3 board members.


    scales of justic

An Open Letter to Allison Goldsberry re: Inside Medford

Allison C. Goldsberry
Inside Medford”
35 Dudley
Medford, MA 02155


Dear Allison:

I was shocked to hear at the City Council that you allegedly refused to sell advertising to Anthony D’Antonio,for Inside Medford and allegedly told City Councilor Robert M. Penta not to contact you.    You and I have maintained a professional relationship over the years since you voluntarily stepped down from the board of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.   And because you know what it is like to be shut out, as we were both shut out of TV3 for being reasonable, logical people, it is stunning that – like TV3 – you would allegedly refuse to give a Mayoral opponent space in your “Inside Medford” and then refuse to publish Councilor Penta’s letter in your publication and on the City website.  Let’s explore the P/E/G monies paid to you and see if you don’t have to follow the same rules as a 501c3 in regards to political speech and paid advertisements.

Adam Knight looked like a damn fool  in the Medford Transcript siding with the Mayor on the budget (we know which pocket Mr. Knight sleeps in) and again at the City Council on July 15 saying that Inside Medford is a “PRIVATE” publication.” The question arises, since you get monies from politicians from paid advertising, and a salary from P/E/G, even if it is legal, is it ethical?   It is absolutely double-dipping, and it is not how a young lady in her early thirties should begin her career, neglecting the needs of the citizens of Medford who pay a franchise fee that pays your salary, but you, Allison, sucking up to Mike McGlynn and possibly anyone who purchases an advertisement from you.

There are no advertisements on Community Media Medford dot. com. This is my opinion, my perspective on Medford, and having uncovered stories on Gene McGillicuddy at Medford Housing, Robert Maiocco at Wells Fargo, breaking a story on a variance issue as well as breaking the story on the letter Frank Pilleri received from the City Solicitor, it is safe to say this is the only news outlet in Medford not swayed by payments from City Hall, as the two major print papers  in this city appear to be, as the Globe North appears to be and as you definitely are.  

On a Friday at City Hall there was a press conference, yet two teachers receiving P/E/G monies, Allison Goldsberry and Jack Dempsey, were not teaching school. They were part of the Mayor’s entourage with Jack Dempsey appearing to use school equipment on school time, not teaching students, but videotaping the Mayor (with poor audio, it should be added.)  To see Hack Dempsey get 71,498.00 for 2013 is appalling as the broadcasts on the Educational channel have been hideous.   We are not getting our money’s worth.   But the concern in this letter right now is you accepting monies from some politicians and allegedly not from others, and you allegedly telling an elected official not to speak with you again.  It is outrageous.  It seems like you are double dipping.  Let’s explore this further…

The late Sheriff Jimmy DiPaola found a legal loophole, until he was caught.  Let’s revisit his tragic story:

On November 19, 2010, DiPaola was questioned by reporters from The Boston Globe for exploiting a state pension loophole which allowed him to file for retirement, then announce a run for re-election. This would allow him to serve his third full term while collecting both a salary and pension. He maintained that it was a legal maneuver, and he had no reason to decline the opportunity: “There is nothing evil about it. I don’t see it as grabbing something. I’m supposed to say no to it?”[4] The next day, however, he phoned the Globe after a “sleepless night” and confessed his own feelings of guilt, saying, “I’d always be remembered for this, for double-dipping, that that would be my legacy.”



The “public” part of P/E/G is prohibited from promoting or attacking candidates and politicians (because of the non-profit status,) shouldn’t the same hold for Inside Medford since you are working for a tax-exempt entity, Medford High School?   Now it is my understanding that a 501c4 can engage in some political speech, where a 501c3 cannot, but what is very clear is that by you promoting some politicians while being paid public monies from Comcast and Verizon’s respective franchise fees,  Like Jimmy DiPaola’s case you might be walking through a legal loophole, but it just isn’t right, it isn’t fair, and it is exactly how Michael J. McGlynn games the system.

When I obtained information that you receive our P/E/G monies for your salary there was no street number for you on Dudley St. (and there is another listing for an Allison C Goldsberry in for 94 Curtis Street, Apartment 101, Somerville, MA 02144) – since I give my name and address week after week at the City Council, shouldn’t someone receiving P/E/G monies as a school teacher and having a role with the City website and on the Community TV panel be as forthright as the citizens of Medford are and have to be speaking at the city council?  Why all the secrecy? 

How are public schools looked at since they don’t make a profit, and should you be accepting monies from school committee members when you get a salary from the school?

Public schools are state entities.

Public schools are state entities & are exempt from taxes.  Schools are not non-profit in the same style as non-profit NGOs.  They file special reports & follow different rules than schools.

Yes, schools should be tax exempt organizations.  They are schools & their main goal should be to educate, not raise money. 

You should not tell a City Councilor not to contact you, if you did send an e mail stating that (I have not seen it.)   You should be fair and not let Mike McGlynn manipulate you to hide the facts about the budget from the citizens of Medford.   And you have a moral obligation and duty to cable TV subscribers to push for access tv, which the Mayor is dragging his feet on again, for obvious reasons. We see the McGlynn pattern with residential parking, water and sewer, possible failure to alert people about the excise tax if they purchase two vehicles in one year, pay the excise tax twice, and not know they are entitled to a rebate.  Note I said “possible failure” as I am aware of this in another city and the investigation on if Medford has this policy as well is not in yet.  However, the residential parking, P/E/G access monies and water and sewer are evidence enough right now that citizens are being cheated out of their monies, and the lack of P/E/G access is just a slap in the face; the insufferable Paul Camuso claiming the Government channel is P/E/G as he censors you, me and the lamp post (along with Dr. Storella, Councilor Penta, Jeanne Martin, Robert Cappucci, the list goes on and on with the unethical Paul A. Camuso.) 

You are heading down a slippery slope, Allison, and once McGlynn is bounced, voted out, indicted or steps down, don’t think he won’t turn on you or anyone else if he needs to throw a few lieutenants under the bus.  Look what McGlynn failed to stop, your alleged cousin G.Z. attacking Stephanie Muccini Burke, Bob Penta, Rick Caraviello, you, me, and many others.   McGlynn could have shut that untalented and obnoxious individual up before he was arrested for the false bomb threat.  Instead McGlynn used taxpayers time at a School Committee meeting to PRAISE that person who attacked members of his own staff.  Now that was classless, clueless and exposed McGlynn as someone without decency, honor or understanding his obligation to the taxpayers, ratepayers and other members of our community.

We cable TV subscribers need to know how our P/E/G monies are being spent since there is no access TV station.  With you being paid from P/E/G monies, having access to the City website AND having been on the Community TV panel, despite the clear conflict, can you explain in your publication WHY we are being denied access TV ?    The Mayor having people on the TV board that have not been in the real world of access television was a huge red flag.

It is now July 18, the Comcast Agreement ends in April of 2015.  Nine months more to go, while the Mayor already stonewalled us from October 1, 2013 to this current date, 9 months previous, taking all his sweet time to move the goal posts back so that people won’t have a voice on Channel 3, just as they don’t have full access to Inside Medford, the Medford Transcript, Medford Patch, Globe/Yourtown/Medford, etc.   All these not-very-objective entities appear to be writing for the pleasure of the Mayor; serving at the pleasure of the Mayor, a Mayor whose armor has sustained quite a few dents in the past few weeks.  Here are some public records requests which can clarify the situation and, hopefully, bring you to your senses.  I like you, Allison, but you’ve been a naughty, naughty girl lately and that slippery slope you are on needs a course correction.



Sep 7, 2012
Mr, Viglione,
 I believe Mr Rumley responded to you for questions #1 & #2.
In response to #4:
    the salaries of Allison Goldsberry, John Demsey, and Lisa Dunphy were charged in Fy12, and will be charged again in FY13. This info was provided by Ann Giombetti , School finance director.
Ann baker

Date: Friday, April 5, 2013, 4:47 PM
Joe: here are the responses to your public records request:2010         2011      2012       2013John Dempsey         $64,893        $66,801      $68,786    $71,498
6 Charles St
Lexington, Ma 02421Lisa Dunphy          $69,677        $71,738     $73,861     $76,775
200 park terrace #225
Stoneham Ma 02180Allison Goldsberry    $40,409       $40,409     $41,621      $41,621
Dudley St
Medford, ma 02155I have no record of invoices to students or parents for video services.The MHS AV Club raises funds by videotapin school events such as concerts and provides them to the public for a five dollar donation All proceed go to the student activity fund for the benefit of the students.There is no contract nor has there been a contract between the schools and JD Video that I have found or am aware of for any services or products.There are no commissions for equipment rental that I have knowledge of.If you give me a fax number I will send you a list of purchased equipment supplies.I trust this complies with your request for information.  Roy Belson, Superintendent
Back in April I received this response from the high school
  We are currently compiling your request and will provide it to you as 
soon as we can.Ann Giombetti
Director of Finance & Administration
April 17, 2013Dear Mr. Belson,For your records, Allison Goldsberry’s address is 35 Dudley Street.

I like to see if media people who cover campaigns are actually voting and ask about them (if they are registered to vote; their legal address, etc.) at the Registrar of Voters office.

Can you believe a person at TV3 Medford who doesn’t even live in the city is NOT registered to vote yet has great influence on the election?   It amazes me.

Thank you, again, for your help with this.


Joe Viglione


For those of you interested in the Public Access TV Situation in Medford, Mass. read on:


“I’m here to make sure that this TV station is the best it can be for
ourselves and for our children,” said
the Honorable Judge Marie O.Jackson-

TV3 Equipment Article on

— On Fri, 4/5/13, rbelson wrote:

From: rbelson@
Subject: Public records request info
To: joeviglione@y
Date: Friday, April 5, 2013, 4:47 PM

Joe: here are the responses to your public records request:2010         2011      2012       2013John Dempsey         $64,893        $66,801      $68,786    $71,498
6 Charles St
Lexington, Ma 02421Lisa Dunphy          $69,677        $71,738     $73,861     $76,775
200 park terrace #225
Stoneham Ma 02180Allison Goldsberry    $40,409       $40,409     $41,621      $41,621
Dudley St
Medford, ma 02155I have no record of invoices to students or parents for video services.The MHS AV Club raises funds by videotapin school events such as concerts and provides them to the public for a five dollar donation All proceed go to the student activity fund for the benefit of the students.There is no contract nor has there been a contract between the schools and JD Video that I have found or am aware of for any services or products.There are no commissions for equipment rental that I have knowledge of.If you give me a fax number I will send you a list of purchased equipment supplies.I trust this complies with your request for information.  Roy Belson, Superintendent

Thank You City Solicitor Rumley and Councilor Penta

Councilor Penta and City Solicitor Rumley did such a fine job that I didn’t have to give my prepared speech.  

A serious letter to City Hall follows the side note coming up right now:

Thank you also to Medford Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. for showing up tonight with other fine members of the local constabulary.  That meant that the Dufus Council “President” – and the term “president” is used facetiously because we don’t recognize that individual as having any authority – had to behave himself.  Which he pretty much did, so flustered was he that he couldn’t get the microphones to work and couldn’t remember there was a councilor absent, not voting in the negative.

Those voices in Paul A. Camuso’s head!  He actually thought Rick Caraviello voted “no” when Caraviello was absent!  Dr. Hannibal Lecter could have a field day analyzing Camuso.  So could Sigmund Freud!!!


July 15, 2014
City Solicitor Mark Rumley
City Councilor Robert M. Penta
Medford City Hall
85 Geo. P Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155
RE: Frank Pilleri’s filings and Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.
Dear Solicitor Rumley and Councilor Penta:
Your discussion of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. was appropriate and right on the money.  And that’s the issue: the money.  Frank Pilleri, Arthur Deluca and alleged “money managers” Harvey Alberg and Ronald Delucia have been dishonest with the Medford cable subscribers – from failing to find appropriate management to failing to facilitate local access. 
The board of MCC TV 3 violated its agreement with the City of Medford long before the 2005 contract was signed.  Hindsight being 20/20 we now hear that Mr. Pilleri had disagreements allegedly with the landlords at 40 Canal St., 5 High Street, 32 Riverside Ave and certainly at 85 George P. Hassett Drive. 
Add to that the huge number of TV3 members who felt burned by Pilleri’s tactics and broken promises, the disgraceful board needs to be investigated fully and if found to be as deceptive and dishonest as embezzlers at other cable TV stations, punished to the full extent of the law.
One good example being Anthony Pope who took “only” $2,525 and was charged with grand theft by embezzlement and pleaded guilty. (Exhibit A, below). 
You are giving TV3 until July 24th.  You are a generous man given what they did to you personally.   I am not as forgiving as you, Solicitor Rumley, so I have already initiated complaints to government oversight and national news media to look at Frank Pilleri’s idea of public access TV.   You will find that it is not in line with proper access TV, as Judge Jackson-Thomas warned us back in 2009.     I’m very interested in what information you receive or do not receive from Mr. Pilleri and his alleged “board of directors.”   If my complaints get traction, which I am certain they will, I will be happy to share them with City Hall at the next Council meeting on August 12th.  Thank you again for your hard work on behalf of the cable subscribers Solicitor Rumley (and Councilor Penta.)
Sincerely,Joe Viglione



Ex-Public Access TV leader facing jail time

Former head of county cable station pleads no contest to grand theft


Read more here:

Anthony Pope, the former head of the San Luis Obispo County Public Access television station, faces up to a year in jail for embezzling $2,525 from the station.

Pope, 55, of Arroyo Grande, pleaded no contest to a felony charge of grand theft by embezzlement, said Deputy District Attorney Jerret Gran. In addition to the jail time, the plea agreement calls for Pope to be placed on probation.

He will be sentenced in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on May 9.

Gran said Pope obtained the $2,525 last year to purchase equipment for the station. He spent only $1,600 of that money and spent the rest on personal purchases.

The Star Chamber: Flashing Blue Lights for the Board Members

The film The Star Chamber with Michael Douglas is an interesting scenario.   9 Superior Court judges decide on the guilt or innocence (well, they always pick the ones they feel are guilty, so there is never any innocence) and they have a hit man execute the “guilty party or parties” – “machinery set in motion” where the hit man doesn’t know who hired him and the judges have no idea who the hit man is.


Frank Pilleri’s Kangaroo Court at TV3 Medford acted very much like a Star Chamber, everyone in the community funding the TV station could be tossed out with Pilleri’s libelous false charges and venomous attacks from the board of directors.  Sometimes, as in the case of saxophone sideman Deric Dyer, the insidious attacks were done in secret, only revealed after the victim filed a public records request with City Hall and obtained the evidence of vicious back-stabbing by screwballs like Deric Dyer or Ronald DeLucia, Dyer’s neighbor over where Pine Ridge Road meets Coolidge Road.   The unspeakable harm those individuals did to Medford life by wrecking the access station – now off the air for 15 months, no new programming in 18 months, is the responsibility of those unethical board members, who think nothing of fleecing the cable TV subscriber franchise fee and then putting the town jerk, Arthur Deluca, on the Medford Patch with nonsense about the ratepayers having no right to the materials Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. was required by contract, by Agreement, to give to the community.

To see Deric Dyer’s writings, done in secret, found via public records request, is chilling.  Arthur Alan Deluca sent numerous lies to the Medford Police Department, so why hasn’t Deluca been charged with lying to the police?

The Star Chamber at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. has been destroyed.  Board members, if recognized by landlords at 40 Canal Street, 5 High Street and/or 32 Riverside Ave., are no longer welcome.  Allegedly those landlords did not get paid by the publicly funded entity that had the contract with the city of Medford to provide access.  Daniel Ryan Mailhiot failed, Deric Dyer and Jay Ricci failed.  They were pompous and arrogant thinking they were part of something special, but they hurt people and they damaged Medford life.

The Star Chamber at TV3 has been vanquished.  Now Justice must be Served and the Pilleri gang must be held accountable for their alleged crimes.



 The court was set up to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against prominent people, those so powerful that ordinary courts would never convict them of their crimes.


The Star Chamber, an English court dating back to the middle ages, reportedly was named  for the stars on the ceiling of the courtroom, located at Westminster
Palace.  Over time, it grew increasingly powerful and corrupt.  By the
17th century, under Charles I, it had become a vehicle for  prosecuting political dissent.  The court’s procedures made it virtually impossible for defendants to get a fair hearing and served as a rubber  stamp for the monarchy.

The above image is of the Star Chamber. The Court of Star Chamber was an English court of law that sat in the Palace of Westminster until 1641. It was so called as the hearings were held in the Star Chamber. Court sessions were held in secret, with no indictments, no right of appeal, no juries, and no witnesses. Evidence was presented in writing. The function of the Court of Star Chamber was to act like a court of equity, which could impose punishment for actions which were deemed to be morally reprehensible,


The Star Chamber, an English court dating back to the middle ages, reportedly was named for the stars on the ceiling of the courtroom, located at Westminster Palace.  Over time, it grew increasingly powerful and corrupt.  By the 17th century, under Charles I, it had become a vehicle for prosecuting political dissent.  The court’s procedures made it virtually impossible for defendants to get a fair hearing and served as a rubber stamp for the monarchy.

– See more at:


The Star Chamber, an English court dating back to the middle ages, reportedly was named for the stars on the ceiling of the courtroom, located at Westminster Palace.  Over time, it grew increasingly powerful and corrupt.  By the 17th century, under Charles I, it had become a vehicle for prosecuting political dissent.  The court’s procedures made it virtually impossible for defendants to get a fair hearing and served as a rubber stamp for the monarchy.

– See more at: