It is time to un-elect Paul A. Camuso


1)Paul A. Camuso MUST resign in order for Medford to move forward!

2)U.S. District Judge Slaps Down a Council in New Mexico that CENSORED the citizens


Paul A. Camuso engaged in tactics on June 17 and June 10th that were blatant censorship of citizens and a city councilor.  How appropriate that six days later U.S. District Court Judge James O. Browning issued an injunction to stop a New Mexico village from doing the same thing that Camuso does on almost a weekly basis.  What Camuso does is wrong and a U.S. District Court judge has set the precedent.  Camuso is acting outside of the law when he bullies fellow councilors and residents. Note the ruling against the village in New Mexico, it is EXACTLY like TV3 Medford, which had a rule that you couldn’t criticize the board of directors or the staff of the station. Only someone who knows he or she is committing wrongdoing puts in such a censorship tactic.  And then Francis R. Pilleri, Jr., tightly aligned with Paul A. Camuso, would brag that TV3 Medford upholds First Amendment Rights.  If that were the case Pilleri wouldn’t have been forced to design in disgrace and take his group of unqualified and hideous board members with him.  Paul Camuso was aligned closely with all of them, and his closest friend at TV3 was and probably still is Gary Zappelli, the individual indicted by a Grand Jury for causing serious public alarm and arrested on a charge of a  false bomb threat.

People are known by who they associate with.  Based on information and belief, Mr. Camuso recently had a phone conversation with Zappelli. 

This does not benefit Medford.  When Zappelli was on the board of TV3 he engaged in prohibited speech, violations of the Internal Revenue Code where a board member of a non-profit promoted one city councilor, Camuso, while denigrating other city councilors.  It was prohibited speech that benefited Camuso and harmed his fellow councilors.

So when Camuso tells you he has “the votes” – he fails to be honest with you that he got the votes in a nefarious and underhanded way. He cheated. Paul Camuso cheated, and the individual who was Camuso’s enabler and accomplice in violating the Internal Revenue Code, in engaging in prohibited activities, was arrested for a false bomb threat.

Paul A. Camuso got votes via the conspiracy to commit what could be a fraudulent act: get airtime on TV3 while the host of the show praising Camuso was besmirching other candidates for elected office, a CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.   Zappelli, a failed council candidate himself, was seething with envy at two female councilors and two male councilors.  The viciousness with which Zappelli concocted his attacks, initiating attacks that were very personal, were done so with the blessing of Paul A. Camuso, who thwarted efforts by the City Solicitor and Budget Director Stephanie Burke (who was then a councilor) to bring information to the citizens of Medford.  Camuso thwarted the First Amendment right of the City Solicitor and the woman who is now Budget Director.  And he did so to aid and abet Zappelli and Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the entity that was embattled for over a decade and was forced to dissolve in disgrace. They couldn’t even do that properly and citizens are demanding to know where our monies are and how they were spent.  Camuso hasn’t lifted a finger to help out the residents, because his pals at the awful TV3 are counting on him to not rat them out. 

In any lawsuit we are quite confident that Camuso’s testimony under oath would incriminate Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. “executives” and would force Camuso’s resignation.   Don’t think that day isn’t coming. Camuso has hurt a lot of people and a lawsuit would be the logical step if Camuso doesn’t want to do the honorable thing and resign.

Camuso’s conduct outside of City Hall, two incidents reported to the police of the employee of the sheriff’s office, Camuso, behaving in a manner that is a threat to public safety.  ELECTED OFFICIALS NEED TO BE HELD TO HIGHER STANDARDS.  The bar Camuso has for residents is too high, and the bar he sets for himself is very low.  Camuso actually used a member of his own family in a very ugly way to try to bully a resident.  Camuso brought a family member up at the council when no speaker at the podium ever, EVER did.  But Camuso, abusing his authority and microphone, just made it up as he went along.  Now, with rumors gaining steam in the same fashion that forced Camuso’s uncle, Robert A. Maiocco, out of the presidency and off of the council, the optimal solution for Camuso is to step down.

The rumors about Maiocco had been circulating for months in regards to his position at Wells Fargo and about customers allegedly unhappy with Maiocco and leaving him in his role as “financial adviser.”   The rumors about Camuso are from numerous sources, not just one, and from very credible sources, one anonymous person saying “How did he get a job at the sheriff’s office…” (the rest of the sentence deleted until we collect more statements and other evidence to make the case.)  Another individual was much more clear about it, spelling out in no uncertain terms a situation that would make impeachment of Camuso a very real possibility – IF, and we stress IF – the accusations are true.  Given Camuso’s conduct at City Hall and behind City Hall in the parking lot, resignation is the only honorable way out, in our editorial opinion.  Given Mr. Camuso’s  absence record and his having discussions outside of the council when the council is in session, you have very clear evidence of a city councilor more interested in his paycheck than in the lives of the taxpayers expending his very expensive position at City Hall.

The fact that Camuso personally censored me when bringing up the idea of the council rescinding its ridiculous raise a good case in point.  Camuso doesn’t deserve a raise, he deserves to be dragged into a court of law to explain his behavior to a judge and jury.  It’s that bad.  Starting with the censorship and zeroing in on his wrongful bullying conduct at the council and outside of the Medford City Council.

Camuso’s Replacement would IMPROVE MEDFORD

If Paul A. Camuso resigns Republican Mark Crowley would become the new City Councilor, an individual with no ties that we know of to Mayor Michael J. McGlynn.   City Councilor Mark Crowley would provide some checks and balances that are missing at the City Council. 

If Mr. Camuso truly believes that “challenging times need accountable leadership” then Camuso, to improve Medford, will step down and allow Mark Crowley to be the city councilor that he deserves to be.  Mr. Camuso is not accountable and he is hardly a leader. He is a sick joke played on the residents of Medford and the taxpayers aren’t getting what they thought they had purchased.  Camuso is OBLIGATED to step down because he has failed to perform.  Every nickel he takes from here on out he steals because he has censored residents at the People’s Forum. Camuso’s censorship is poof that Camuso is a fraud, and a fraud Council President is not what the citizens want with the expensive pricetag that comes with this particular council.

Medford residents have been harassed and bullied by an unqualified City Councilor who believes because he thinks he “has the votes” he can break the rules that were put into place to safeguard the citizens.  What kind of jerk employs that kind of twisted logic?  One who benefits himself while hurting the residents of Medford.


Camuso is damn right when he says “Challenging Times Need Accountable Leadership” – and in these difficult times Camuso fails to provide leadership. Accountability is not even in his vocabulary.


mark crowley

Mark Crowley’s website notes that he came in 8th with more than 3,000 votes

 I came in eighth with more than 3,000 votes.

Thank you so much for believing in me, and showing that hard work and grassroots efforts can make a difference


Crowley is humble, is a professional, and will serve Medford.  Camuso has the most notorious record of absence at the Council, and his censorship tactics are not only immoral, they are just plain wrong.


On Monday, June 23, 2014, U.S. District Judge James O. Browning issued an injunction on Monday finding that the village of Ruidoso’s rule or policy barring speakers from being critical is “an unconstitutional burden on free speech,” the Albuquerque Journal reports (
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A federal judge came down hard on a New Mexico village after officials tried to ban residents from saying anything negative at Council meetings.
U.S. District Judge James O. Browning issued an injunction on Monday finding that the village of Ruidoso’s rule or policy barring speakers from being critical is “an unconstitutional burden on free speech,” the Albuquerque Journal reports (


Under the village rules, a speaker could praise personnel, staff or the village Council, or could make a neutral comment, but couldn’t voice criticism.

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