Taking over Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.


MEDFORD COMMUNITY CABLEVISION, INC. is an asset of the community.  Unlike the West Medford Hillside Little League which was a private corporation using the name of Medford and using Medford land resources, the unique Agreement with city hall that MCC TV3 signed has the city co-owning the equipment.

The conviction of Stanley Komins and Stephen Komins at the little league has angered residents, and the most visible case of abuse of cable TV subscriber funds is TV3 Medford.   Does the webmaster still have city-owned programs?  Where are the financial records?  Where are the meeting minutes?  These are all huge red flags, especially given Frank Pilleri’s tattoo that Judge Gailey handed Pilleri, a man with a reputation worth almost nothing.   How can anyone trust an individual who abused about one hundred thousand dollars in cable tv subscriber fees to sue people – as well as the city – to send a message to the public: do not enter TV3.

So where is the money?  Frank Pilleri with his accomplices, Arthur Alan Deluca, Harvey Alberg, Ron DeLucia et. al. have used sleight of hand to offer phony excuses but nothing tangible for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are not properly accounted for.


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