Next Medford City Council Meeting Tuesday July 15

“Summer vacation…is taking you away…”   The Happenings made “See You In September” famous in the 1960s but with the inmate running the asylum it’s more like Napolean XIV’s “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” at the Medford City Council!  City Council President Flipped His Lid now has three weeks off, maybe he can meet Nell Escobar Coakley for a chocolate fudge sundae at Colleen’s instead of earning that fat paycheck he used a “rule of necessity” to stuff his face with taxpayer dollars with.  Chomp chomp chomp.




With a City Council president behaving more like Napolean the XIVth than an elected official and the People’s Forum feeling more like a room at Bridgewater State Hospital than the Alden Chambers we thought we were buying, it is no wonder the citizens are looking to review and possibly amend the City Charter when some psycho has the gavel in his hand.

utterly mad 2

When it seemed like Mr. Paul A. Camuso weighed in at 450 pounds or so back in October of 2006 this writer found it odd that, rather than ask me pertinent questions about the public access station while I was at the podium, Camuso came running after me (???) in the darkened City Hall downstairs – while he was supposed to be with his fellow councilors working in the auditorium, and he was siding with the now eradicated TV3 and the imbeciles like Harvey Alberg that destroyed the station.  Alberg and Camuso were yelling at me to the point where I had to file a report on Camuso with the Medford Police Department.  Fast forward to seven or eight years later and the “mental moron” (which is what Camuso called himself AT the Council, on camera) drives up a one-way the wrong way in the dark of night – again as I’m going to my car – blasting his horn, pointing his finger in a threatening manner, attempting to scare me again as I’m going to my car.  That’s your newly minted “City Council President” and since this writer exposed Camuso’s uncle-by-marriage and that little Four Hundred and Two Thousand Dollar Payout at Wells Fargo, well, one has to ponder the insanity of it all and do a little investigative reporting to find out if the idiocy isn’t the symptom of something more dangerous afoot. Is the insanity due to laziness, greed or is there some serious mental illness being exacted on the Medford residents without their being fully apprised of an individual in such an important position of power; and caught on camera abusing that power.

utterly mad 4

If we vet the President of the United States shouldn’t the President of the City Council be required to give his own full background check to the residents who are footing the bill and who are at his mercy week after week after week? 

   Is there anything in Mr. Camuso’s background, say, when he was in high school, that we should know about?  Just asking because his bizarre conduct and irrational behavior, his fixation on me after Council meetings, real Jekyll and Hyde-ish, says to the logical mind that something isn’t quite right with Bob Maiocco’s nephew-by-marriage.

    It is all the more necessary when the fact is that the colleagues of Robert A. Maiocco on the City Council appeared dumbfounded to find out about his financial situations with clients at Wells Fargo.  This is the kind of information that needs to be front and center. We can’t have megalomaniacs sadly lacking in qualifications bullying the citizens and censoring residents so that those cowards in positions of power don’t have to fess up and be honest about their background and if they aren’t fit for the job they want, using sleight of hand to achieve their goals, to the detriment of our society. 

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