The Magnitude of MCC’s crimes against the City Of Medford

Developing story.  The crimes perpetrated against the city of Medford go further than Ronald Delucia, Harvey Alberg, Art DeLuca and Frank Pilleri not complying with taxpayer funded auditors at Melanson Heath & Co PC.    Mayor McGlynn allowed the raping of the access TV station to happen on his watch, ultimately McGlynn needs to be held responsible for the alleged malfeasance committed by those individuals who kept pushing the goal posts back hoping the statute of limitations would run out.  Anti-Slapp violations, no classes for kids to learn computers, failing to play a hockey game on the air, violating the Agreement with the city, losing a lawsuit MCC filed against the city and that troublesome 50 grand that Pilleri told Melanson Heath & Co was the “missing monies.” Well, Pilleri and his cronies lost the case.
Lots more about this, tied up with a bow and sent to the States Attorney and the FBI.  Stay tuned for more.

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