Stoneham Ark Insurance President Ron DeLucia says he’s GUILTY OF SLOPPY BOOKKEEPING

Like, you want to put your money with an insurance company where the president of that company, Ronald DeLucia of 22 Coolidge Road, Medford, Massachusetts 02155 says to the Medford City Council that he’s “GUILTY OF SLOPPY BOOKKEEPING”    Isn’t that a betrayal of the public trust when those funds were not DeLucia’s?  Delucia was intentionally sloppy with money that was not his own, it came from Cable TV subscribers and Ronald DeLucia was nasty, vindictive, cruel, abusive and already had a black eye from being thrown out of Medford High School, allegedly.  And what teacher ever allegedly gets booted from a high school?  


Ron DeLucia at Ark Insurance, Stoneham BETRAYED THE PUBLIC TRUST at TV3 MEDFORD and must make RESTITUTION   

The untrustworthy Ronald DeLucia issued dirty language up at City Hall at a Mayoral candidate and a journalist.  Delucia’s foul mouth indicative of how unfairly he treated Medford residents, Delucia part of a conspiracy to hijack the access station so that he could proclaim himself “the Math Man” and a “Money Manager.”  Some money manager, the week of July 24, 2014 the Attorney General’s office DENIED the Money Managers (plural) request to dissolve the corporation they wrecked.  You know what that means!  The investigation is on.

Restitution, Part 1

Police Remove TV3 President Frank Pilleri from Medford City Hall


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