To State Rep Donato: Did City Official Attack his own mother with a Butcher Knife?

State Rep Paul Donato
Spring Street
Medford, MA 02155
Dear State Rep Donato:
About 8 years ago, 2006, there was a tip-off that a local politician had a restraining order or multiple restraining orders filed him, and the allegation is that his own parents had to file for protection against him.   A Public Records Request was filed with the office of Peter Koutoujian, Middlesex Sheriff, which resulted in more questions, not the answers that were sought.
You, Rep Donato, have been strangely silent about the arrests of Gary Zappelli, two arrests in the past year on the former board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.  But what about Zappelli’s good, good friend on the City Council, the friend that Zappelli promoted on ZAPP TV on Friday nights, in alleged violation of the Internal Revenue Code – an act that should have stripped MCC TV3 of its non-profit status?
Since you cloak yourself with the anit-bullying moniker on your blog, one wonders if this is mere lip service or if you are a strong enough State Rep to make a difference and have the offender removed from the City Council if the allegations are true.
Research shows that bullying and abuse are important causes of school violence. The studies of school assaults in the 1990’s established that fact. The good news is that bullying is one thing we can change – in any school, in any town, and in any community.

Together, we can all make a difference. Tomorrow call your local State Representative or Senator and send a message saying “PLEASE SUPPORT ANTI-BULLYING BILL HD842”. Together, we can send a message loudly enough to make a difference and to begin the journey towards understanding that school violence doesn’t just happen “somewhere else” – it can be prevented everywhere.


Rep. Paul J. Donato (D-Medford, Malden)
Committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling
Where do you stand, Rep Donato, on the allegation that a member of the Medford City Council allegedly committed a horrific act of domestic violence against his own mother, allegedly with a butcher knife or meat cleaver?
Where do you stand, Rep Donato? on Mayor McGlynn’s go-to guy on the Medford City Council IF this horrific act of violence against women occurred?   ARE YOU GOING TO BE ROGER GOODELL AND KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND?  OR WILL YOU BE PROACTIVE AND MAKE MEDFORD SAFE BY IDENTIFYING THE ISSUE?
With the recent calls for Roger Goodell of the NFL to step down because he failed to act when Ray Rice punched his wife, how can Mayor Michael J. McGlynn or even you,
Mr. Donato, remain in office if you turned a blind eye to a horrific act of domestic violence against a city official’s own mother?   Allegedly a meat cleaver used by a strong young man against his own mother.  A restraining order allegedly filed by both parents to protect the family from the alleged psychopath.
That individual approached me twice after City Council meetings, in the dark, and in a manner that wasn’t very pleasant.  There should be a police report on file – October 2006.
What are you going to do about this, State Rep Donato?

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