Marian Ryan must re-file the false bomb threat charges against Gary Zappelli


Medford Police Department
100 Main Street, ”
Medford, Massachusetts USA 02155

Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.

Quality Policing Through Community Involvement”

RE: Request for Chief Sacco to approach Marian Ryan on Zappelli case

 Dear Police Chief Sacco:

With the Zappelli “false bomb threat” being considered by D.A. Marian Ryan’s office to be re-filed,  I implore you to contact D.A. Ryan and give support to pressing charges against Mr. Zappelli for his abuse of Comcast’s site which he allegedly harassed people with.

Mr. Zappelli was allegedly in a meeting or meetings with Mayor McGlynn and Comcast regarding the very site he allegedly used for his terror campaign.  If true, it means Zappelli, a former board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., (hereinafter “MCC”) should be held to a higher standard when it comes to publishing on the public access internet site.   The FCC demanded Comcast comply with its rules for what I call “enhanced access” (Video on demand, Made in Medford) as a requirement when Comcast purchased NBC.  They never envisioned that someone they were allegedly working with would use the online video channel to blow a digital building up.

According to the Attorney General’s office there is some type of law enforcement currently investigating MCC, if I’m reading a response to my public record’s request correctly.

The long history of abuses at MCC TV3 is extremely ugly when viewed in its proper context:

this journalist was attacked at a City Council meeting by Zappelli, MCC board member Matt Page Lieberman and the station manager, with your police department determining in the police report that I was the sole victim

April 27, 2010.

—The individual who warned me the night before (April 26) of an impending attack (though it was not known specifically when MCC would attack) – Sports host John Byers – was himself nearly arrested when Zappelli allegedly perpetrated the horrible “G Spot” incident at Stop & Shop, where Zappelli had the autistic man change the question from one about the Boston Red Sox to a sexually explicit question asking if the shoppers, all female, had a “G” spot.

Why Zappelli wasn’t prosecuted then for facilitating sexual harassment, and using an autistic person who didn’t understand the question, IS the question.

Another woman complained to City Solicitor Rumley about abuse by Gary Zappelli on TV3 over a decade ago, Solicitor Rumley allegedly reprimanded Zappelli.

And along with the Attorney General’s office investigating the finances (begging the question, did Zappelli utilize city co-owned equipment for his “false bomb threat” – cameras, computer programs and other resources) there’s Zappelli’s current arrest in Provincetown, July 8, 2014, after a sort of “Amber alert” for a 16 year old boy was issued, and after K-9, the Coast Guard and a State Police Helicopter were utilized, the teenager was found at the residence where Gary Zappelli was, with the teen telling police that Zappelli gave him at least 3 beers.  Giving alcohol to a minor.

That arrest is even more chilling in light of Zappelli having a convicted child rapist on his show, Zapp TV, on or about November 27, 2009. The convicted rapist – who admitted to having sex with a 14 year old and giving that child alcohol (sound familiar?) told the Medford Community that he was framed.

Zappelli told this writer at 40 Canal Street (around the year 2002) that the 14 year old victim was “a little hustler.”  Mr. Zappelli ignoring the fact that a 14 year old can’t consent.

What is troublesome is that Zappelli appears to be protected by Michael J. McGlynn, the Mayor, possibly because there is potential blow back on the Mayor if Zappelli goes to trial.  No one is above the law and that includes Michael J. McGlynn.

How did Gary Zappelli obtain the apartment at 75 Station Landing and now the very luxurious apartment at 21 Overlook Ridge Terrace, Revere?  He tells the judge he is on food stamps to obtain a public defender, yet he has lived in luxury while on food stamps.  There is something definitely wrong with the Zappelli picture, Chief Sacco.

An able-bodied man on food stamps when the elderly need those resources.

As you know I filed a public records request with your department as a detective allegedly phoned Gary Zappelli when I filed a police report, the detective allegedly tipping Zappelli off.   You never responded to that public record’s request, and it is my understanding that the detective later spoke to Mr. Byers about the “G” spot episode; that detective may now have a different opinion of Mr. Zappelli.

As you know my car has been defaced, my reputation sullied, the Wikipedia page that was up about my career was molested and destroyed by Gary Zappelli and his alleged roommate. The threat to public safety posed by Zappelli’s misdeeds – which span two decades – is a clear and present danger.   If Zappelli walks from the false bomb threat charge he will be empowered to do even more damage to our community.

Yes, the statute of limitations has run out on some of the alleged Zappelli crimes, but, again, not bringing Zappelli to justice for the false bomb threat would just empower him to continue his harassment.

This website owned by Zappelli, “Gay Bostonians”  has a Hawaiian  shirt like the one I wear on my TV show or at the City Council hanging in a closet with the words:

“Future Home of Something Quite Cool”

The site also warns people under 18 not to enter.

I consider this a threat, psychological harassment by Zappelli.

Unbelievable that with Zappelli’s two arrests he continues to taunt and threaten.

I am requesting of you, Chief Sacco, to take this information as part of your “Quality policing through community involvement” and throw the book at Gary Zappelli.   For decades he has abused his position at the TV station to demean (the lascivious comment aimed at former soldier Jeanne Martin just one example,) Zappelli’s attacks on Doreen Wade, on Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn, on former councilor and now budget director Stephanie Burke, Zappelli’s attacks on Rick Caraviello and Robert Penta, attacks that were forbidden by the Internal Revenue Code, rules that Zappelli chose not to obey.

Zappelli’s intentional theft of copyrights (Regina Pizza – Food Network, Paramount Pictures’ Mommy Dearest”  etc. etc.) also show a pattern, all documented, all well-known, and all indicators of the serial terrorism exacted on this community by Gary Zappelli.

Chief Sacco, while Zappelli uses the cameras for vulgar, sophomoric and potentially criminal pranks (the attack on me April 27, 2010 just one glaring example) you witnessed this resident utilizing the camera to bring the public Medford Parking information re: the September 10, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting which you attended.

You have seen me tape events of community interest, and you know I am a frequent speaker at the City Council.  Were I to die tomorrow (which we hope is not the case) there is no doubt that I have made a positive contribution to life in Medford.

Your job is to allow citizens to make positive contributions by apprehending those who interfere in our ability to live free, free from fear of being stalked and harassed by Zappelli, his alleged roommate, and the TV3 gang, Doria and Harvey Alberg, Ronald Delucia, Frank Pilleri, Arthur Alan Deluca, Matt Page Lieberman, etc.

Please urge D.A. Marian Ryan to press charges against Mr. Zappelli.

I will keep the public apprised via my new Community Media Medford | The Only Real News from Medford Massachusetts TM website.

The public will have updates on TV3 at tomorrow’s City Council meeting – 9/23/14

Thank you



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City Council 9/23/14





14-645-Offered by Councillor Penta

Be It Resolved that the Mayor’s proposed city wide pay to park and enforcement program be held in abeyance until such time that all city business districts and location owners, citizens and elected officials have an opportunity to attend as many public meetings it takes to generate a consensus for any proposed pay to park and enforcement program or whatever new proposal may be considered and or determined as fair and equitable.


14-646-Offered by Councillor Penta

Be It Resolved that the council and assessor’s office meet to investigate an actual effect a residential exemption will have on our taxpayers pursuant to the real hard number of homes by volume, valuation and percentages for eligibility.

14-647- Offered by Councillor Penta

Be It Resolved that the Mayor’s refusal for providing public access television to all paying Comcast and Verizon cable TV subscribers be discussed


14-648-Offered by Councillor Lungo-Koehn

Be It Resolved that the Medford City Council wish Reed Cochran the best of luck in her future endeavors and thank her for all her hard work over the last several years with SCM and transporting Medford’s seniors.


14-649- Offered by Councillor Lungo-Koehn

Be It Resolved that the City of Medford look into why Tempony Manor is limited to Comcast only. Why are the residents at Tempony Manor not given the opportunity to choose Verizon as their provider?



Petition by Robert L. Cappucci, Jr. 71 Evans Street, Medford to address the council on TV3

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