Stephanie Muccini Burke and McGlynn’s Lies

Mayor McGlynn lies to the citizens of Medford.  The sleight of hand and deceptions have caught up to the ghastly charlatan who has ruled Medford, Massachusetts like a dictator over the better part of three decades.


The Mayor is cheating you out of access television for your campaign.

This is a deliberate and malicious ploy by McGlynn to keep “outsiders” from having a level playing field.

By keeping new voices and new faces off of the school committee, McGlynn retains control for his “shadow government.”
Mike R said on Saturday “We will have access tv” (for the election.) That is exactly what Fred Laskey said to me (he’s in the e mail above,) yet Mr. Laskey and his panel lacked experience, the experience that I have.
Mr. Laskey is not fighting for access TV, but I am.
The Mayor received my proposal, on time, on March 26, and the Mayor delayed access TV to keep YOU and your colleagues off of TV.
The Mayor is putting huge resources into attacking me, including a felonious assault on my person by Ed Finn, the City Clerk on June 18th. April 27, 2010 I was also assaulted at City Hall – possibly the first time in Medford’s history that a resident was assaulted at the council.

Because McGlynn is squelching free speech and I represent YOUR free speech.
United we stand. I have the experience and knowledge, and it terrifies the Mayor. In fact, McGlynn, Solicitor Rumley and Ed Finn are doing everything they can to “poison the well” and try to convince people not to work with me.
Why?  Because they know I can deliver.
If my skills and experience didn’t matter they would ignore me.  But they don’t ignore me – they go on the attack.
One person in Medford can deliver access TV.
Everyone else is giving lip service.

One man is on the front lines fighting for you.
Work with me so that we have access TV in Medford in the next two weeks

Mike, you never told me how you would deliver access TV.  I have a plan, do you?


Mrs. Burke, When McGlynn tells you this, it is actually smoke and mirrors – watch this video – CITY HALL –  to see the true face of Michael J McGlynn…it is chilling

City Hall with Al Pacino

link to the credits, not the video


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