Robert Cappucci needs Public Access to have a Chance in the Senate Election

Robert Cappucci
71 Evans St
Medford, MA 02155

Dear Senate Candidate Cappucci:

There are only 106 days to Election 2014

You are being denied Channel 3 to discuss issues during this election cycle because it benefits Democratic candidate Pat Jehlen, who is of the same political party as the Issuing Authority, Michael J. McGlynn.

You should consider an immediate Injunction against the Issuing Authority in Woburn Superior Court as your rights are being denied you.  A restraining order on the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, will benefit you in a number of ways:

1)It will give you the opportunity to discuss with the judge the absolute necessity for you to have access to this platform

2)You will be helping the community being denied computer classes, cameras, other equipment and cable TV time that the embattled (and hopefully dissolving) 501c3, Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. used to promote candidates they liked while attacking candidates who were opposed to them. A clear violation of the Internal Revenue Code. The community wants access TV, and this will give you an issue that is vitally important, an issue standing in the way of every Republican up against Democratic incumbents.

3)The press and media should see you as a visionary and should give you wide exposure for helping out your community.  

4)Go a step further and call for an investigation into where the MCC TV3 monies went, and why those members of the MCC board of directors intentionally, willfully and maliciously made it a private MCC, according to the Honorable Marie O. Jackson-Thompson (retired.) 

This is the key issue that can prove to Medford that candidate Robert Cappucci gets things done for the community.  Take this issue and succeed with this issue.  Demand McGlynn give you the platform that you pay for with your cable TV bill, public access TV.    Without access TV you have less of a chance.  Pat Jehlen has the name recognition, she does not want you on access TV.  You are being denied a tool available to politicians in surrounding cities and towns.  This is a McGlynn conspiracy to keep you and your fellow members of the Republican party off of television during an election cycle. 

It IS censorship and there’s no excuse for a Mayor of 27 years to be unable to properly address access tv, not when he is caught utilizing the funds to pay Alliison Goldsberry who promotes the Mayor furiously on her Inside Medford while getting 45K a year of access TV monies that should be spent on ACCESS, not McGlynn’s personal Democrat Party promotional team of Jack Dempsey, Lisa Dunphy and Allison Goldsberry, all receiving a total of 200K a year so that we don’t have access television in this city. So that we don’t have transparency.    McGlynn is concealing informtion, just as he is concealing you from the public in an election cycle.

You have 106 days from the publication of this essay. What are you going to do about it?


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